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  1. I completely forgot about launched wing coasters, that would kill two birds with one stone for WOF. It would be a great fit
  2. I was at worlds of fun and we were telling my cousin from Texas about the mamba. He asked if it was a short ride and before I could say anything some kid said it was the longest coaster in the world and it lasts about 6 minutes!
  3. It would make sense but I'm pretty sure that is a track for a wing coaster and I doubt that cedar fair would give that to us. Also it wouldn't fit our park that well.
  4. You didn't think it would be THAT easy to get a hint, did you? I wish it was that easy, we basically have no hints
  5. I think for sure a coaster is counted out but getting a dark ride seems likely with all the work being done at the buildings near Timberwolf. I really don't know much about haunt so I can't help you there.
  6. I love how our marketing team is embracing Pokemon go unlike many other parks!
  7. On Monday its dead I went last week and every ride was a walk on. Since your staying to closing it might pick up a little bit once OOF closes. But it should still not be that busy.
  8. Did you guys see the leaked layout to KIs new coaster? It looks a lot like the prowler.
  9. Do you think the two flat rides and a dark ride like iorn reef, are both possible this year?
  10. Did you guys hear RMC are planning on working at cedar point? I saw a Facebook post by them, and I want to make sure it is confirmed.
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