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  1. I was down in the Houston area a couple weeks ago for the first time and checked out the boardwalk. The Bullet was awesome, though a bit rough. The ride packs a lot into a small footprint.
  2. Am I the only one who finds it unfortunate that while Valleyfair owns a lot of land, a lot of it cannot be developed due to the river? I'm curious, was that land blocked from development when the park was originally being developed or weren't they expecting it to be the hindrance to growth that it is now?
  3. The RipTide was the only ride I went on that had water and I got wet. My shoes and socks remained wet the rest of the day. I was considering Thunder Canyon be decided against it. While on High Roller, they stopped the lift because someone was using a smart phone. As I promised, photos! Photos from Valleyfair trip
  4. Unless you're going to get a 2018 Platinum pass (which gets you 1 visit free this year) that's the best I saw, too. I think I'm going to use that VF Cares for Friday's visit. I'm lucky to make it up once a year, so a season pass wouldn't be worth it for me. But, I was there today and had a lot of fun. The crowds were small so I had very short waits on most rides. I was surprised to see people bothering to get Fast Lane passes. The only rides with a wait were my first ride on the Power Tower and first ride on Renegade. The Power Tower had a skeleton crew and they were adding the second train to Renegade. I did end up riding many rides twice. Renegade is by far my favorite now, it's built for constant speed. I use to really like Excalibur, but this time it was almost too rough. I think the High Roller's structure needs some maintenance. I know some movement and swaying is probably normal, but there seemed to be a lot. North Star was fun and provides an excellent view. I managed to ride it twice. It did briefly rain in the later afternoon which caused them to shut down Mad Mouse and water park slides, but nothing else. When I was on the High Roller I noticed a sign and props for Beserkers, I first thought it was maybe a sign of a new ride, but now that I think about it I believe it's related to Haunt. Everything appeared to be running, nothing down for maintenance. I have a few pictures to post, but I'll probably do that tomorrow when I'm less lazy.
  5. I'm planning on vising this Wednesday. I was originally gonna visit a couple weeks ago, but the weather and conflicting scheduled things caused me to put it off. What's the cheapest place to get tickets, the gate, their website, or someplace else?
  6. I'm thinking about coming up to Valleyfair one of these upcoming Thursdays. How busy is it usually on a Thursday and should I consider a Fast Lane?
  7. Here's an idea that I had. Make a new midway that goes into current back stage area behind Chickie's and Pete's. It would open some area for a few more rides. It also has a possibility of a pathway leading to the old picnic area behind High Roller, if that area is usable. I'm not familiar with back stage operations, but I assume the removed buildings could be moved elsewhere and I assume the remaining building I left is the Haunt structure. Behold my awesome image editing skills! I was also wondering if Excalibur could be moved to the Route 76 area directly north of Steel Venom with the station near the open space West of Steel Venom. Making an image of this, but my editing skills and Paint program abilities are lacking. But, it looks like it could fit.
  8. Okay, I knew there was a part in that area they didn't own, but that's above where you were talking about.
  9. Unfortunately, I think there was a map posted here a while back that showed who owned the land in the area and it showed that the park didn't own all the land in that area. So, I don't think they could build a ride there, though it would be an interesting idea to have the ride station in the park and have it go over the parking lot into that area.
  10. Wow, looks like they were going for a much more themed environment. A lot of that stuff looks very Disney-esque. I have a bit of a crazy thought. Maybe they're doing ground work near the dorms for some sort of on site resort hotel?
  11. Usually early June is warm enough for swimming and water rides, but the weather can vary quite a bit at times, though.
  12. Nice idea! If they did that though I would want them to make it like Fury325 or Gate Keeper and not like Scream. I have thought many times that chunk of the park could use a coaster. Also I guess Excalibur would work in MiA or WoF line up, but who wants to invest in a 26 year old arrow? I was actually implying moving it to another part of the park.
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