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  1. And this was confirmed by the park right? Oh wait it wasn't. Just you. I swear to God people love to keep stirring the pot. Stop making stuff up when you know just as much as the rest of us. Found it on Cedar Point's TPR page.
  2. What're you talking about? The logo was leaked and it says Cedar Point. The name is the ONE thing that you can be sure of! You think they would ditch the name last minute?? Haha no way! Snowball's chance in hell they'll use it for the dive coaster. Do you realize that their reputation could be tarnished if they decided to use a name associated with death just days after someone died at their park? It will be either Centurion or "Lake Erie Monster" or something of that sort.
  3. I think Valravn is going to be used in 2017 for Kings Dominion or Canada's Wonderland's new coaster.
  4. Cedar Point's not using Valravn anymore. Would love for it to be used on our 2017 coaster.
  5. Too small for that, yet too big for just a slingshot. I'm guessing a significant flat ride plus a slingshot.
  6. OMG!!!! It's an RMC hybrid winged inverted 4th dimension 15 inversion launched pentacoaster!!!!
  7. In 1998 I waited 4.5 hours for volcano, on a weekday. That was my second attempt. The first day I tried, we waited about 2 hours and just got to the covered quee before you go into the mountain before the ride went down for the rest of the day. Yes, but what you were saying is that a new ride would shorten the line at rides like volcano. Clearly that isn't true because they built 4 new crowd pleasers since then, and volcano still has long lines. Yes, any normal coaster relaplacing shockwave will have higher capacity than shockwave, but if they were going to make volcano have short lines, it would have happened with Dominator, or i305, or hyper sonic, and quite frankly, that didn't happen. Volcano is just a very popular ride with very crappy capacity. Or maybe Volcano needs a dual loading station.
  8. But a people eating B&M invert would sure make things easier vs. a mideval-device TOGO standup.
  9. ...or maybe because Volcano has poo-poo capacity and is a popular ride. And wait... how does having excess people queuing for Shockwave instead of riding other coasters make Volcano's line longer? "Ridiculously long lines at Intimidator." No I mean people would avoid Shockwave and populate the other rides in the park.
  10. Whatever Kings Dominion gets next, it needs to have high capacity, as in at least 64 instead of 48. Shockwave's horrible operations could have been the cause of those ridiculously long lines at Volcano and Intimidator. Would love to see up to 3x32 in the next coaster, especially if it's a B&M.
  11. I find it hilarious how many people are complaining on YouTube about Colossus being turned into Twisted Colossus. They keep crying about how they wanted a brutally rough, outdated, boring ride instead of something new and improved. Talk about hipsters!
  12. I really gotta say, Kings Dominion has some of the best theming out of any Cedar Fair park. Every ride except Dominator, Hurler, and Ricochet has some amount of theming, whether it's loosely or it's prominent. Example being Volcano, Intimidator 305, and Backlot: Stunt Coaster.
  13. Although I like Fury 325's as well. "Thank you. And enjoy, FURY 325!!!! *hornet sounds*"
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