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  1. Thanks guys. I think I will have to give it a miss, just too far out the way. But the Austria mine looks fun and I'm likely to be close to that at some point cheers
  2. I didn't post details as I was looking for people who would already know it. It looks great and it gets great reviews but I don't think it can be called a Theme Park. And I'd have to travel about 10 hours out my way to get there. So I don't think its worth it.
  3. Has anyone been here? It says its a theme park but it looks like underground table tennis with a Ferris wheel. Is it really a theme park? Is it worth visiting?
  4. BeligFreak, thank you for such a great reply. You clearly know your stuff. Fully agree with Effling, great park and the new rides looks excellent. Will use your guide when planning the trip
  5. Hi All, Planning a trip to Belgium and would like to know the best coaster park? Also, we wanted to travel around that part of Europe and wondered are there other good parks? Might travel up to Effling and also a visit to Parc Asterix (sp). Any other good parks? Thanks Alex
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