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  1. Last year I noticed a longer cycle than 2014. Maybe we'll see new speakers as they were fuzzy last year.
  2. They actually got new restraints. It is the same one, but it looks as if there has been minor reshaping. No they aren't the most comfortable, but I don't feel as if they affect the ride too much.
  3. I'm so excited for Superman, don't get me wrong. I just don't understand why they even needed to add headrests in the first place. They're no ponder necessary as there is no on ride audio.
  4. Amateur editing job, but this is what the new Superman headrests will be like. Wish there were none, but whatever. They're better than Bizarros.
  5. The New Trains!!! So much better than SFNE. It has the newer style of t-bars and no ankle shackles!
  6. These trains are not new. They are the same as bizarro, but are getting different headrests and they repainted the restraints. Still the same old train with a row missing.
  7. Because it wouldn't be a Six Flags park if they weren't screwing with their best attraction.
  8. No, if you read a few posts above, you can see that I confirmed them fake.
  9. Seems at times SFMM likes to give out clues on what they have coming up in the future. Perhaps look no further than the app photo and that is being a huge ferris wheel. Please tell me you're kidding. So does the SFNE page. It's every park that has the same home page
  10. Lol, that post was a prank, he DMd me and told me that. Then he deleted the post.
  11. They are actually going to kill to Raven's with one Symoné. There will be nets, but they are going to be fish nets, so they can be considered theming as well. Is that a That's So Raven joke? I think it's a Cosby Show joke. Oh, my bad. Raven Symone is just more recognizable from ThatS So Raven for my age group
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