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  1. The overbanked turn after the non-inverting loop on shock is to die for!
  2. www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2016/7/1/park_guests_report_o.html An Orangutan escapes it's enclosure Sorry for not being professional on this one.
  3. A B&M dive coaster THROUGH the Pittsburgh valley in Kenneywood would be a a perfect fit. Even if that'll probably never ever happen.
  4. That just shows you what the over-sensitive world we live in is like.
  5. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/search.php?author_id=112&sr=posts
  6. Themonerd


    ^^ Heh, that does make me sound obnoxious.
  7. Because it lacks a single coaster, EPCOT doesn't have a RCDB page.
  8. Themonerd


    Is this message just for me?
  9. Could the green slide on the southwest corner be Brain Wash from Wet'n Wild?
  10. Miracles down happen, and a miracle it is that Lightning Rod opened.
  11. If it counts, Pirates of the Caribbean. If not, then escape from Pompeii at BGW because of it's nice theming.
  12. Any coaster that relies heavily on airtime on gives no other g-forces.
  13. As much I appreciate the effort Universal is making with the queue, people like me who can stand rides but will never go to HHn won't go on this ride anytime soon.
  14. What metropolitan areas of regions you think need a high-caliber park?
  15. Oh mystical and wonderful title fairy, oh may receive a blessing of yours to have a custom title? And if I do, make it ''Founder Of the Dargon Fire Grill Clan''
  16. Ok this one might be a bit of a stretch however, Tarpon Springs has some PHENOMENAL greek food. But might be a bit of a drive.
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