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  1. A dippin dots employee err merchandise employee AMA going on here. Thank god just about nobody is talking gp talk about RMC Hurler
  2. They want to try another launched coaster after Lightning Rod? I bet they must've learned from their mistakes.
  3. Not to be confused with others motto which is bust to El Toro Fixed that for you.
  4. Just saying, Disney should delay the Hall of Presidents again, and move the trump animatronic I couple hundred feet over to mark that ghost count to four digits .
  5. I remember hearing this on the news today when I woke, but it didn't about the fact she worked at a park I go every month! Oy vey!
  6. It's a good color scheme, but to be honest I don't want to see it used on a lot of a rides. It's unorthodox because nobody else has tried this, and seeing it everywhere would just make an eyesore.
  7. But . . . its kinda a ways from the Egypt section. With the whole "Pantopia" section with its magical allure, I think they cam come up with a good story line. Is it really falling apart? I wouldn't say falling apart, but the ride has damn better days. Just from looking at it you can see track decaying (sorry for no photos for evidence).
  8. Ok I take everything I said about tiers just let that conversation my lord.
  9. I wasn't trying to say that by no means, in fact I think they are NOT a low tier park. Instead, I was referring to the post above me.
  10. Has it gotten to the point where Kings Dominion has become one of the low tier parks in the cedar fair chain?
  11. Some of them will probably as asinine as half the "records" Valravn broke. But after Cedar Fair's 4 new coasters announcement, I'd like to bet that it was a scramble by the SF marketing team to appease the stockholders. I do find it interesting that both companies kinda went quiet for 2017 and are going extreme in 2018. I think everyone would've benefited if one went big in 2017 and the other in 2018. Maybe it's because the theme parks in Orlando (Disney, Universal) make huge investments this year, and those parks make a shit ton more than Cedar Fair and Six Flags. Edit: Not maybe, DEFINITELY
  12. NA, but I'll say 7/10 since I've never been on it Volcano Bay
  13. I'm going to volcano bay this Saturday, any advice for which slides to go to first (or put on the tapu tapu)?
  14. This might be one of if not THE best 2017 coaster! Which I know this is a slow year, but goddamn that hauling!
  15. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am that there isn't a Robbie Rotten meet and greet.
  16. Riding Air Grover just because I felt so.
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