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  1. This review sums up y feelings exactly. Lightning Rod is unreal! I think the only coaster I've ridden that has stronger airtime is Skyrush, so the airtime on Lightning Rod is pretty much as good as it gets imo! Best coaster I've ever ridden no question! So happy that we finally got on this coaster. It crushed all my massively high expectations
  2. So cool! This is making me want to go to Japan more than I already did. Excited to see more photos from your trip soon!
  3. Cedar Fair: Fury 325 Six Flags: New Texas Giant SeaWorld: Steel Eel Herschend: Outlaw Run Disney: California Screamin' Universal: Mummy [uSH] (I haven't been to any other Universal park so that is, unfortunately, my only option) Palace: Boulder Dash Independent: Skyrush This list will change drastically this summer though, so I'll have to come back in and post again. Cool topic!
  4. Out of the RMCs so far, I think Goliath is my least favorite. It's an amazing ride, but it just doesn't quite have the crazy RMC feel to it. The first drop is insane in the back, but the rest of the ride is better in the front. I was very impressed by the over-banks actually! Outlaw Run is definitely better, but I still really enjoyed Goliath. Even though I will be missing Medusa Steel Coaster, I am crazy excited to complete the US RMCs this year! It's gonna be a blast. And here are my RMC rankings so far. 1. Outlaw Run 2. New Texas Giant 3. Iron Rattler 4. Twisted Colossus 5. Goliath
  5. This has been so great to look at! Really really enjoyed this trip! The Texas RMC's are seriously phenomenal, and Outlaw Run is just as good if not better than either. I remember the first ride we had on Iron Rattler. I was really impressed. The 2nd ride, our first ride in the front, was unbelievable! Texas Giant blew me away also! For the time being, it's my #2 steel coaster. Can't wait to ride Storm Chaser, Lightning Rod, and Joker this summer! This TR will grow so much.
  6. Great idea to have a poll for this! I voted for Lightning Rod, Wildfire, and Flying Aces also. I think the 2 RMC's will be the best wooden coasters on earth and Flying Aces looks like Skyrush, Intimidator 305, and I don't even know what put together into one ride, so that is going to be something amazing for sure.
  7. I'm extremely surprised by the numerous mentions of Full Throttle. Out of the 214 roller coasters I've ridden, the smoothest is Iron Rattler. I honestly couldn't even believe how smooth it was! A close second to that is Skyrush, with Fury 325 following.
  8. I don't remember the full quote, but there was a guy at Fiesta Texas who was probably in his 40's, and I heard him say that the difference between Rattler and Iron Rattler is that Iron Rattler has brick over top of the wood. "They just put brick on it." I almost laughed out loud when he said that.
  9. I just read through the last few pages of the thread, and I have to say something about them getting an S&S 4D Free Spin. I went on Batman at SFFT last week and I can say that it was a HUGE disappointment. After hearing so many great things about it, I thought it would at least be okay for me. I had no idea that the coaster would be almost as uncomfortable as Green Lantern at SFMM. As soon as the car went off the lift I felt like I was dropped onto my balls and it really hurt. That happened a few times, and the plastic-like restraints also pressed into my collar bones (as Chickenbowl mentioned a couple pages back). This is, in my opinion, not something that SFGAdv should invest in. If it's a hit with GP...I guess it would be awesome for them.I just think that it's a really bad coaster that feels more like a flat ride.
  10. I went to media day and I was SO impressed by this ride. It is exactly what California needs. The airtime is fantastic! I honestly can't believe that there is a coaster so good in California.
  11. Here are a few I've heard that I really like. In the parking lot of SFMM: "El Loco has so much airtime. It'll have more than Twisted Colossus." In line for Lex Luthor: "Did you know Superman goes up into the atmosphere?!" At Lake Compounce's water park: "The Bizzaro at Six Flags is the most 'danger-est' ride in the world. Somebody flew out on there."
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