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  1. If you're referring to who I think you are-he's been pretty on the ball about the ride closures at the park in the past. King chaos, The orbit etc. So his rumor may actually have a slight amount of merit.
  2. End of summer change over to set up for fall Fright Fest... I believe the park is usually closed that weekend due to buy outs also. (It has been in previous years)
  3. It would be nice if they could rope off a sign or two a few hours at a time for photo opportunities. Like how the have the Kings Island sign at the entrance way roped off. Getting a good shot at the mystic timbers sign was like capturing a clear photo of Bigfoot.
  4. It was great running into you at Carowinds! I'm so jealous you got to ride Lightning Rod. We were going to visit dollywood but decided not to since it was down for the start of our vacation. Oh well, we'll eventually make our first visit there. Quick Carowinds question: did you interact with the "townsfolk"at all? We watched them a few times and found their routines to be funny. Too bad we didn't see the "Mayor" at all.
  5. We were at the park on Saturday too, decided to get FL+ as well. It was well worth it once the Soak City crowd decided to mosey over. We could have gotten away with purchasing the passes for our time in the park on Sunday or Monday, but we factored in the two extra hours. We decided to check out Jungle Jim's and that giant dead mall on Sunday for a change of pace. I found the crowds much more manageable than last labor day. Here's hoping cedar point's crowds this labor day weekend aren't as crazy!
  6. Yes, check or frontier inn! Totally loved the buffalo chicken strips and tater tots!
  7. It still has the Orange closed banner on my mobile browser
  8. Getting freezing rain and snow currently here in Madison. I can't wait to visit the park this weekend!
  9. Goliath is up and running (according to a reply I got from the social media team on their Twitter account)
  10. From what I've heard the blue train on American eagle will be double rides all season also
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