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  1. Nice pics, WildEagle2014! Thanks for the update!
  2. It may just be me, but it seemed like the Blazing Fury moves a lot faster now....especially in the first part leading up to the bridge. I barely had time to check out all of the scenes because it moves so fast now. Or maybe I'm just getting old... I like the additions/improvements, but I'm a little old school and miss the "You WILL get wet" warnings and coming off it completely drenched. Either way, I'm glad they've made the investment and proven they're keeping the Blazing Fury around for at least a little while longer...it opened the year I was born, so it's got a special place for me. "KISS?!?! It looks like you've been kissin' that STEAM train!"
  3. maverickpoint, you talking about the dippin dots FireChaser Cherrybomb Ice? That's what my son gets every time....he loves it cause it has pop rocks in it....but he's 7 and would love anything with pop rocks in it. haha
  4. Nice vid posted today of what goes on "behind the scenes" on Dollywood's coasters every morning before they open:
  5. coasterfreaky, the only thing we know from that Pigeon Forge Regional Planning Commission meeting on March 24 is that Guy Wantieze of Vision Engineering and Development Services presented the site plan for the new Dollywood attraction and received approval. Historically, the city does not make public the details of these proposals for new additions at Dollywood, but there have been no variations to any ordinances lately...but believe me, there would be a LOT of loose lips if the height ordinance was being considered to increase, and there's no buzz or even whisper about that.
  6. Let's talk height for just a minute. For decades, the height restriction in Pigeon Forge was 85 feet...my grandfather was mayor of Pigeon Forge when the height restriction was enforced so that the Great Smoky Mountains would remain visible without tall obstructions. Dollywood obviously had enough pull to get the zoning ordinance modified throughout the years to keep buildings restricted to 85 feet but to allow "amusement rides" to be up to "200 feet tall as measured from ground level at the Parkway" (referenced on pg 67 in the link below). Also in that ordinance it states "Any amusement over 85 feet in height must have a fall zone or setback area equal to its height or 200 feet, whichever is less. The fall zone means an area free and clear of any other amusement, land use or structure. The fall zone may be included in the developmentā€™s set back area; however, parking lots may not be located in the fall zone." So keep that in mind when considering a) how tall the new ride will be and b) the area around it that will need to be clear of anything else...and that is needs to be distanced from the nearby employee parking. I just wanted to help set some "boundaries" for expectations for anyone who gets a bit crazy with their predictions. LOL Here's the link to the most recent version of the Pigeon Forge zoning ordinance referenced above: http://www.cityofpigeonforge.com/uploadedFiles/Community_Development/Pigeon_Forge_Zoning_Ordinance_updated_June_2013.pdf
  7. I'm on the same page as neilnky with thinking it won't be a wooden coaster for a couple of reasons. First, yeah, there's the argument that wood and the 50's era wouldn't jive because when we think of "rods" we think of cold, hard steel and american muscle. But, for me, the biggest reason is the terrain and what's typically required to construct a wooden coaster. I don't see that hillside being ideal for all of the foundation work required for a wooden structure. If they leveled off a major chunk of the hillside then it may make more sense, but there are more signs of them simply clearing "lanes" instead of leveling the hill. I'm leaning more toward a steel coaster considering the surveying, stakes, and construction I saw while I was there last week.
  8. wow, they're not wasting time on the hill! Thanks for the new pics! Can you tell how far to the left on the hill they appear to be going? The surveyors were right in line with the water tower on Rockin' Roadway when I was there last week....that's as far over as I saw them go. Wondering if it'll extend all the way down to Country Fair.
  9. Also, we were at Rockin' Roadway this morning when it first opened and the very first people to ride didn't even make it around the track before it shut down. They started it back up about 10 minutes later and it shut down again for those people made it around. I really think this is the last year for Rockin' Roadway.
  10. Sorry for the multiple posts but there are surveyors on the hill right now planting the stakes. You can barely see a guy in Orange in this pic to the right of the water tower and a green stake down to the left of him. He is making a new line from around Cas walker's shooting up to the left.
  11. Here's another shot from where Cas Walker's was so you can see where those new green ribbons are lined up. There are 2 rows of stakes and to the far left is a handful of red ribbons that you can't really see in this photo...but the green ones are definitely in straight lines shooting directly back from Jukebox Junction. I also spoke to someone that confirmed this is where the "new addition" will be located that Dolly will announce in August.
  12. I'm here today and there are fresh stakes & ribbons going up the hill more prominently. In the pic below you can easily see the green ribbons on the right going up in a straight line. To the left are more flags forming a separate line. Definitely something getting started on the hill!
  13. The grading on the hill that you all are seeing behind Cas Walker's old location is just the bank beside the new trolley route. Here are some pics that show the new route. They aren't currently clearing anything up above this and the asphalt, landscaping, curbs, etc are new and too "permanent" looking for this to just be a temporary thing. There also isn't any clearing being done anywhere on the hill that stretches from the trolley pickup all the way down past Country Fair (kids area)...nothing. There is a lot of compiled info about the new roller coaster at: http://www.pigeonforgetnguide.com/things-to-do/new-dollywood-roller-coaster-in-2016/ Here are some pics to help show what everything looks like this week. The graded part of the hill that is seen behind where Cas Walker's use to be The new trolley route Take a look at the line to ride Rockin' Roadway on Wednesday, April 1! Here's another angle of where Cas Walker's was so you can see the hill behind it better. Nothing going on back there.
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