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  1. One thing I've been wondering that hasn't really been answered by anyone yet is what the park's closure would mean for entertainment specifically this season if opening day was pushed back further than early April. Six Flags Over Texas already reportedly cancelled all entertainment through Fright Fest due to the closure, but their audition/rehearsal process isn't the same as SFSL's and our shows typically don't start until the end of May/early June these days anyways so maybe it'll work out? We'll have to just wait and see I suppose
  2. Did they get rid of the weird orange and black color scheme on Colossal Closeouts that's a holdover from the Harley-Davidson store from over a decade ago?
  3. ^ This. You're underestimating how much money it costs to do even what we would see as a relatively minor change. The park would much rather use that cash for other, more important things.
  4. The inflatable one? It usually just shows up in Spider Alley every year. I wish they'd put it on the side of American Thunder like they used to
  5. That definitely happens, because revenue is revenue, and SFSL is a low tier park. But I don't think that means the park should (or will) be sold to any other company, beyond some kind of ownership deal with Six Flags. I feel like the "we're so neglected, imagine if we were owned by Cedar Fair" argument comes up once every few moons and I don't think that any kind of new ownership, especially from a local company, would change much.
  6. There was a new survey sent out today about changes to employee appearance policy, more specifically about allowing more kinds of hairstyles for men with long hair. This seems to be in response to the teen who was denied a job at SFOT earlier this year because of his dreadlocks, which they deemed an "extreme hairstyle". I thought it was interesting that they actually listened to the outrage and are considering making changes to their appearance/dress code because of it, because Six Flags isn't exactly the most receptive company
  7. There are so many projects that get cancelled every year or just can't get off the ground for budgeting reasons. I know people at the park who are frustrated year after year because they feel like corporate doesn't give them enough money to do what they want.
  8. Here's a little bit of information/rumors about Fright Fest 2019 for those of you that are interested: 1. Blackout is gone, and it is rumored that there will be an all-new haunted house in a different location. The Slaughter House, Blind Fury, and Night Terrors will all return. Camp Killamore will also return, but it is rumored to be moved to the east of the park in the former location of the hayride instead of in Hurricane Harbor. The reason for this is unknown. 2. The Blood Bank Vampire Bar will be moved inside of Miss Kitty's Saloon this year, and the area in front of Miss Kitty's will become an all-new vampire zone like the one in Britannia last year. No word yet of any other new or returning scare zones, but it is assumed that all from 2018 will return. 3. Love at First Fright and Dead Man's Party are both back, as expected. Not sure if The Dead Beats will also be back, but it's safe to say it probably will be.
  9. Here's the band lineup for Flagstock. I'm not familiar with any of the bands (I'd assume they're all local), but seems like a fun event!
  10. Do you know which park Evel Knievel/American Thunder was originally designed for?
  11. I've heard the rumor that there was a third Mr. Freeze planned for Great America for 1999, but I don't believe that Raging Bull was ever planned for SFSL. Because at the time, Six Flags opened and was expanding SFGAM's Southwest Territory area in planned "phases", the first was Viper in '95, then the main area with the mission and the flat rides opened in '96, followed by Giant Drop in '97, and then Raging Bull in '99. But again, could be totally wrong. If we got screwed out of a hyper coaster twice, that'd be pretty sad
  12. That's long been speculated, and I'd have to assume it's probably true. From what I remember, the station was supposed to be located in the spot where American Thunder was later placed, in 1904 World's Fair near the moon cars? Could be wrong about that. The layout of Goliath was a tight fit for SFOG, so I'd imagine they probably had to change the design quite a bit when the decision was ultimately made for it to go to a different park. If the rumor is actually true I think it's pretty obvious that we all would have liked to have Goliath and it would have given us that "signature steel coaster" that we are still lacking.
  13. That area's definitely a little awkward. It never made sense to me why Spinsanity was listed as being part of Chouteau's Market, considering it's literally right next to Sound Stage #2. Makes me wonder if they originally were going to give it the Harley Quinn theme and DC disapproved of it?
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