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  1. Can't believe they're down to 1 train ops ALREADY! Are you EFFIN KIDDING ME SFMM!?! The day after media day. That must be some kind of record!
  2. Hopefully SFMM sometime this summer. Gotta save up for my pass again!
  3. The only part of X2 that hurts sometimes is right before the final break run, sometimes makes me slam my head when it does that last little flip, I learned to keep my head pressed back into the seat.
  4. The restraints on X2 are pretty self explanitory if you just pay attention
  5. Okay, I've hheard a lot of people mention single rider lines at sfmm. I've never seen them there though? How does it work?
  6. Yeah, batman v superman looks.... meh.. at best
  7. New Star Wars the Force awakens trailer. Am I the only one who cried nerd tears of joy seeing it?
  8. Uggh watched Jersey Boys earlier, now I cant get Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons outta my head!
  9. It looks amazing! looks like they'll be able to start testing by the end of the month!
  10. Just saw somethingon the news about a "top secret" package being delivered into disneyland last night. Any ideas what it is?
  11. Hbo has been having marathons of the seasons the last couple sundays, pretty sure they're gonna be playing season 4 all day tomorrow leading up to showtime.
  12. Last october (Lex Luthor Drop of Doom) When's the last time you got whiplash on a coaster?
  13. Season 5 starts tomorrow! Who else is stoked!?
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