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  1. I'm glad SFMM has Goliath over not having a hyper at all. It's a unique ride and extremely smooth, but nothing to write home about. It fills a necessary spot in the park's lineup but that's about it. I much prefer hypers from B&M or Intamin, but California has a disappointing lack of any coasters of that type, which is probably why the GP loves it so much (it's always one of the longest waits at the park). It's a fun ride with some unique elements, my personal favorite of which is the camelback, which has such clean floater airtime that you really feel weightless for a solid 5-6 seconds. As has been mentioned the helix is also very intense. The drop is the real disappointment here, as that's the element I normally look forward to most in a hyper. Again, good ride, but not great. It's fun and I could literally ride it all day, but it's certainly not a standout among hyper coasters.

  2. I don’t know if I can say I’ll miss it but I’m not happy either... I got an enjoyable ride on it.... at some point? For those of you who never got to ride it, here’s my summary:


    Whoa this lift hill is super suspenseful, I’m actually a little scared

    Here we go! This is going to be insane!

    Gentle rocking

    This is it?

    More gentle rocking



    WHAT THE ... OW!

    Finally gets a full flip at the very end

    Actually doesn’t go all the way around, #trollololol

    Drops you on your head



    I will forever cherish these memories.


    Literally loling at how accurate this is.


    I rode it twice. It's been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I think the first time was sans weights. The lift hill is definitely the most thrilling element. The first time I rode it wasn't terrible but was really meh and we hardly flipped at all (until the end when we did a half-flip, like you said lol). The second time I could clearly feel the dampened spinning along with some very uncomfortable forces, and afterward I decided it's not worth riding again. Won't be missed by me.

  3. I'm considering going out to Carowinds this year. I think Copperhead strike really rounds out the lineup and makes the trip really worth it. I'm curious, though. Has anyone ridden CS and SWSD Manta that can compare the two? To be totally honest, I was expecting something more like Maverick when CS was announced, but to me it sounds more like Manta with inversions (not surprising since they're both Mack). I love both rides (I actually think Manta is severely underrated) but I'm wondering if anyone who has ridden both (or all three) can give a good comparison.

  4. What was the difference between this one and the spin ones at other parks (like the Joker at Great Adventure). I went on both and found them to be pretty similar


    They're built by different manufacturers. If you looked at pictures of them side by side you can see that they actually look virtually nothing alike, although I tend to agree with you that they give relatively similar ride experiences (unpopular opinion!). Neither are rides that I particularly enjoy, although I will say Joker was a little more refined and not AS painful as Green Lantern.

  5. Public transit in SLC definitely exists. The Trax rail system goes right into central SLC from the airport and there are plenty of literail and bus routes in place to get around town. There's a train that goes to the park, too. I'm not sure about the Trax but I know for sure the FrontRunner train (pseudo-high speed rail system) gets really close to the park. I believe there's a free shuttle bus that runs from Farmington station to Lagoon. Use google to figure out the best way to get there. Utah actually has decent public transit; it's very well kept and pleasant to ride in. My one complaint is they don't line up the train and bus schedules very well, so expect some waiting on layovers.


    I'm not sure about hotels, sorry!


    I plan on getting a season pass this year, so I'd be down to meet you at the park. I do have a meeting I need to be at on April 13th around lunchtime, but I'd love to meet up with you later in the day! DM me and we can work it out.


    That goes for others, too. I don't have any theme park crazy friends in Utah like I did in Ohio, so I'll pretty much always be down to meet up (whether I'm free is a totally different question though...lol). Just DM me!

  6. I've been to Fuji-Q and the biggest thing that stood out to me about the park is that the lines take FOREVER despite not having a ton of people in them--worst operations I've every seen. So it's not like you're going to be riding one ride after another, if that's something that bothers your head.


    I will say I agree with Elissa in that roughness is subjective, but I'll add my 2 cents just so you have some more data points


    Takabisha was pretty smooth. Honestly didn't really find anything special about it but that's just my opinion.


    I know some think that Fujiyama is rough but I personally had no problem with it.


    Eejanaika is bouncy like X2 but not bumpy; I don't really know what to compare it to. The bumps aren't like wooden coaster bumps but the seats bounce up and down a bit going through the elements. If you ride in the inner seat you won't feel it nearly as much, if at all. But the ride is overall just insane and disorienting, as has been said. It's in my personal top 5! But again, that kind of thing is subjective. I know many on here don't like it all that much.


    Do-dodonpa has since been changed but when I rode it the top hat actually hurt my back because of the weird trims. I can't speak for the loop unfortunately. That launch is also one of the most intense elements I've been on.


    But on the topic of roughness being subjective, there are so many factors that go into that. My home park is KI and I've ridden Diamondback hundreds of times and some rides are definitely rougher than others. Sitting in the back vs. front is one factor, but what actually influences me the most is hydration. If I haven't had food or water in a while I have significantly worse ride experiences than if I'm full. It's a B&M and generally a smooth ride, but sometimes mild jackhammering gets to me more than other times. Riding defensively is a huge factor as well. Vortex and Rougarou are two rides I've ridden that I used to hate because of headbanging but don't mind now that I know how to ride defensively (i.e. anticipating the layout and keeping my head forward out of the shoulder restraints). Vortex is an Arrow and is generally considered rough, but isn't bad if you know what's coming. Rougarou is a B&M and I'd venture to say is considered to be pretty smooth, but only by those who know how to ride it. A lot of woodies are significantly better in some seats than others, and when people say they love a certain ride (like the Beast), I'd venture to guess that a lot of them only like it in certain seats (non-wheel seats for that particular ride). At least, that's the case for me. The point is there are a lot of factors that go into how "smooth" a ride is, many of which don't even have to do anything with the ride itself.

  7. The train really puts it into perspective and that thing is even bigger than I thought it was! I also realized how big the other elements are, though, especially that stall. The train disappears behind the structure for the back half of the ride, so I can't speak for the whole thing, but the first half does actually look a lot "smoother" than a lot of other RMCs in the sense that it flows together more (no complaints here, just to be clear ). I've yet to ride Steel Vengeance but this looks to be a completely different ride experience and I want to ride both.

  8. I think the Japanese people are absolutely gonna love this ride. They lose their minds about rides in the US, and honestly this'll be just about as intense as most of them. I was with my cousin at SFMM this past summer and we found ourselves right behind two Japanese girls in line for TC. We both speak the language so we talked to them a bit and ended up sitting right in front of them on the ride. They LOVED IT! They didn't want it to be over, they kept saying they wanted it to go on a little longer. If they make it to Nagashima they won't be disappointed by this thing at all. RMC makes quality coasters and, especially compared to White Cyclone, this thing will definitely deliver. The longer elements will add to the presentation of quality and I'm sure Japanese news stations and youtube channels will be all over this once word gets out that it's a fun ride.

  9. ^ and nevermind the park has several other "destination worthy" attractions anyways (besides the fact that it's in Japan!!).


    I mean. . even without the White Cyclone RMC, this park has been on my bucket list for years for this sucker here:






    RMC White Cyclone is just icing on cake




    This park's been on my bucket list for the exact same reason. Being Japanese myself and having lived nearly 6 years of my life there I've been dying to get back to the country anyway. Like has been said, Hakugei is "icing on the cake," an extra credit, and a great addition to the park.


    Nagashima's my favorite park that I've yet to go to, and all the haters are just jealous because they'll never get to ride


    That layout looks insane, too. Looks to be one of the top RMCs. That outerbank on the first turnaround looks . The park did a relatively good job utilizing a lot of the existing support structure, unlike many of the six flags RMCs. No, they didn't go the extra mile and make the lift hill into some sort of record breaker like CP did (or like BGT will), but they did make it a bit taller and ultimately an excellent job with what they had in my opinion.

  10. Since it hasn't been posted yet here, a document used at a city council review in San Diego includes Mako's layout as well as renderings showing the impact on the skyline. You can find that document here:




    There are a couple of Nolimits renderings of this layout on youtube. I'll post the slide outlining the layout--looks to be a good dive coaster!




    I think the whole document is an interesting read. It also mentions a "Maximum of 18 riders at once." Given the layout, I assume this means the trains will have 3 6-seat rows


    Fiesta Island Rendering


    Mission bay bridge rendering from document

  11. The other thing we should be excited about is what rides like this symbolize for the direction the SW parks are headed. It appears that rides and coasters will be a focus to get these parks...caught up let's say in the rides department. We already know 2019 and 2020 will be exciting years for the SW and BG properties, the next ten or so could be a very exciting period of growth.


    The implications of this are interesting for sure. SWSD has never really been on the map as far as rides go yet is one of my absolute favorite parks. It's a shame the animals don't carry the park anymore. With all these new rides the overall feel of the park will definitely change; it's already different than it was before. But ultimately it's for the better and I definitely don't see Seaworld getting rid of any animal exhibits, even in the long term (except for, of course, when all the Orcas die). If we see a couple more rides over the next 10 years then SW will definitely corner the market on the San Diego area, though, and I think the park will start seeing a lot more success.

  12. Trip Report 1/3/19


    Went with some friends to the park on Thursday. We had a great time! It wasn’t terribly crowded, but it wasn’t empty by any means either. I don't write TRs too often and there’s not a whole ton new at the park but I had a good time and I love this park so I figured I’d share some pictures and experiences real quick.


    I grew up going to this park whenever I visited my grandparents in San Diego, so it has a special place in my heart. I stopped going during middle school after I read some youtube comments from animal activists, but I’ve since come to my senses and realized that these parks do a lot more good for animals than they do bad, especially when it comes to education and conservation. This trip was my first time back in 4 years, before that I had a much longer hiatus from visiting, so a lot of the stuff was new to me.


    The first thing we hit up was the Orca Encounter show. Holy Cow! I loved it! They did such a good job designing and planning this show! It’s not as good as Believe was, but since they banned waterwork it never will be. It is much better than One Ocean, though, and I’m so glad they invested in the giant screen in the new backdrop for the stadium.


    We hit up Manta before going to Sea Lions Live. It was the same show as 4 years ago with some Fortnite jokes thrown in. A great show, for sure, but I do miss the walrus coming out in the middle! We then visited the freshwater aquarium and shark encounter before going to the dolphin show.


    I’m not sure if it was because of the new baby dolphin or the christmas show, but I was underwhelmed by this show. They did announce at the beginning that it was the baby’s first week of shows and that they’d be starting off a little slower. You can tell the little guy’s in training; he didn’t do much other than swim around, but he was admittedly cute to watch. I was sad to see that they only have one of their pilot whales left; I guess the other one died? They didn’t use the remaining one in the show, though, which was a little disappointing. They are truly beautiful animals, and last time I saw the show they did some impressive waterwork with them.


    The Dolphin Connections show at Dolphin Point is not one to miss. There’s usually only 1 per day and it’s not at a stadium, but if you came to Seaworld to touch a dolphin, get there early and ensure you have a spot near the water! The trainers explain a bit about how they train the dolphins and then have a couple of their friendlier ones swim by the edge for guests to reach out and pet. There’s no extra charge for going and is an experience I would highly recommend!


    This was my first time on Electric Eel, my 102nd credit. It’s nothing to go out of your way for, but it fits really well at the park and is a very fun ride. Of course, Atlantis was closed, but that was no surprise to me.


    After hitting up Wild Arctic and the penguin encounter, we headed back to Manta for a couple more rides before we left. Holy cow! That thing was hauling. When we rode it earlier in the day, it didn’t quite deliver the airtime I had remembered from my last trip, but at night it was running great! I rode twice, once in the back row and once in the 2nd to front row and I think I like the front better. You can see the door opening better and the transitions feel a little snappier. Overall it’s just a good ride, and one of my friends who I had visited SFMM with earlier this year commented that it was like Twisted Colossus: it’s very re-rideable and overall just fun. What a compliment! I personally love the ride in every way; it’s a fun layout that intertwines with the scenery beautifully. I had to explain to my friends that the tunnel isn’t normally just a few snowflakes and a Santa voiceover, though.


    Again, I don’t normally post TRs but this park has a special place in my heart and, while I’m happy with the addition of some great rides and the beautiful scenery of the park, I find it very depressing that they can’t do as much with the animals as they used to be able to. I’m glad most of the politics surrounding Seaworld parks has died down. Maybe one day they’ll swing back and start breeding Orcas again but until that happens I guess I’ll start saving money to take my kids to Norway to see these amazing creatures!


    Love the new Orca Stadium!


    The ride was a little more sluggish but more photogenic during the day


    Lots of great moments on this ride. I would love to see more Mack's in the US!


    You can't really see baby in this photo. He didn't make any jumps and stayed by mom when she wasn't doing something acrobatic.


    The entrance to Electric Eel was arguably one of its best features.


    It's a good ride with some fun hangtime! A little less thrilling than I expected, though. If it were up to me I'd replace the non-inverting loop with just a normal vertical loop.


    Manta's trains looking sexy at night


    The whole area of the park is enhanced by this ride and I absolutely love it


    The giant screen is impressive but not too distracting


    How could you not love these animals!


    Beautiful animals in beautiful scenery


    The stadium is very underused without divers and other effects

  13. Having lived in Utah for a couple of years now, I can attest that there's actually quite a bit to do as long as you're down to drive a few hours. Driving south toward St. George will get you to Zion, Snow Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and a ton of less well-known state parks. Going in a kind of southeast direction from Salt Lake out toward Moab will get you to Arches (highly recommend), Canyonlands, and, again, a number of really good yet kind of off-the-map state parks (Dead Horse Point was a fun one). It's the opposite direction of Yellowstone but definitely worth the trip.


    For those debating making the trip, though, I will say that I had been anticipating Cannibal for over three years (it opened right after I moved to Japan) and it did not disappoint in the slightest. One of my favorite roller coasters and definitely top 5 material (my credit count is 101). It's got a much better drop than Takabisha and the Lagoon roll gives some intense hangtime with just a lapbar! Like I said, it does feel a little out of place, but with Colossus, Roller Coaster, and Jet Star there as well I would hardly say Lagoon has a weak line up. The park feels small but has a solid collection of rides.

  14. Very cool! Even I'm feeling nostalgic after reading that, haha! I grew up near Kings Island and started really getting into roller coasters during middle school. My friend who got me into the hobby told me about Cedar Point, and from then on I could not stop watching videos of Millennium Force and the other rides there. I told my dad I wanted to go, and after a while he took my family and me up to northern Ohio to hit up CP and visit some family friends. It was a dream come true! While I was unfortunately a bit let down by MF, I was absolutely starstruck when I finally got to ride. I guess I had too high of expectations, as I guess is common with that ride. TTD blew me away, though, and to this day is my favorite roller coaster!


    Anyway, excuse my reminiscing. Great article! It's cool to see the park through the eyes of a longtime manager.

  15. Curiosity and a little bit of obsession led me to read way too much of the LIF Primordial thread than is good for me. Considering this is being done in-house, it's super hard to speculate anything about. Some people want a multi-launch, some want an invert, but the general consensus is that it'll end up being more like a dark-ride-Bombara-hybrid. Logistically speaking, a launcher doesn't seem too plausible, but we can dream, right


    Speaking of dreaming, I came up with a list of what it might be/what I'd like to see

    1. F.L.Y.-type flyer. Designed in-house, mixed with a dark ride, and intense!

    2. Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain because who wouldn't love a dark ride woodie!

    3. Journey to Atlantis-like water coaster. Maybe throw in a loop or two just for fun.


    Again, just daydreaming. I'll be happy with whatever!

  16. Interesting. I'm pretty new to this whole speculation thing but I looked up the trademark and https://trademarks.justia.com/875/53/primordial-87553502.html boom


    I found a thing.


    For those that don't follow the link, this is listed under "Statements"

    "Entertainment in the nature of an amusement park ride; Entertainment services, namely, providing an amusement park ride in the nature of a roller coaster"


    So I guess they really are building a roller coaster called Primordial.


    I'm excited for anything new at Lagoon, but the fact that Primordial is on a much bigger plot of land than Cannibal is exciting. Personally I'd love to see another really big coaster. I feel like Cannibal is kinda a black sheep in Lagoon's lineup since it's so much bigger than everything else (except Rocket). I'm not sure that's where this is going, but I'd like it to! It would really balance things out.

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