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  1. The main reason people are upset is because they're afraid this coaster won't break Fury's records. I personally have no problem with that as I'd be more than happy to have a giga at KI AND an excuse to still go to Carowinds. Fury's still relatively new so it doesn't make sense for KI to break the record anyway. BUT, I must add, we still don't know hardly anything about this coaster. It's all just speculation.

  2. I was curious about this project so I read through that thread on KIC. I must say that I'm glad TPR doesn't get nearly that crazy. Sheesh.


    Here are the rumoured leaks. Make what you want of them, but it looks to me this thing is a Leviathan 2.0.


    I'm not going to comment on those photos as the KIC mods keep taking them down. Apparently they're either fake or illegal (i.e. it sounds like someone accidentally broke an NDA and shared them for a few minutes before taking them down).


    Either the scale is wrong or that is not a giga.


    EDIT: I should point out I believe the issue is the scale is wrong


    You are correct, either the scale is wrong or it's not a giga. The scale has the lift at about 150ft long. Someone on KIC compared the scale to one of the footers and found that it was off by a factor of 2. Take that for what you will.


    I'm going to restrain myself and not regurgitate all the speculation from KIC because it really is just speculation. As a personal suggestion I would recommend not reading through 20+ pages of one-sentence posts and save yourself the time , but there are some interesting pics in there overlaying the rumored layout onto google maps etc. The entire thread is basically a bunch of people sharing their best guesses and

    nobody's really converged on anything other than the fact that this project is most likely a giga. Based on the blueprints several posts up from the Mason city hall, I think that we can be fairly confident about that.

  3. For those who were as confused as I was about what those pics are, compare the second pic to the supports on Fury's first drop.




    The blueprint is a bird's eye view and is taken so that the first drop is going toward the top of the picture. There are some faint pencil lines that show the track.


    Basically it shows that this coaster is 99.99999% a giga.


    The bottom picture shows the scale of the project and gives a better idea of the big picture.


    EDIT: There are now three pictures in the post above me...

  4. Not sure how big of a role this plays, but KI and CP are direct competitors in some markets, like where my family lives in Columbus. The B&M's at the two parks are vastly different; even Banshee is quite a bit different than Raptor. Add that to the fact that Raptor is an older ride and the addition of Banshee in 2015 comes as no surprise. I know that Valravn isn't the main attraction at CP by any means, but I'm hesitant to speculate about a dive coaster at KI since Valravn opened so recently (Plus the clearing is the wrong shape...). With Gatekeeper so close I strongly doubt it'll be a wing coaster. The only real possibility that I see is a giga, but part of me hopes for some record-breaking flyer, or something completely new.


    Although the clearing is getting pretty close to The Beast, it could be a good thing. Maybe they plan on doing a quick trip through the dark woods for a short portion of the ride. Whatever the case, the park recognizes the novelty of The Beast at night. I'm sure they won't ruin the experience. Regardless, this is going to be the best Log Flume we've seen so far.


    I wonder if they'll go for some sort of interaction with the Beast. I'm thinking back to the outpost 5 teasers from a while ago...

  5. Cool review. I pretty much agree with everything you said, minus Hangtime because it wasn't open yet. I've ridden Darien Lake'sTantrum and Knoebels' Impulse which I'm assuming is the same manufacturer, and agree that I came off a bit conflicted. The layouts are fine and graceful but for whatever reason I don't know if it's the train size or what but I always just feel they were OK when they look like great rides (granted I've only ridden each twice). I dunno.


    Tantrum is a Gerstlauer, but Impulse is actually Zeirer. They don’t have too many thrill rides but they did Wicked at Lagoon too and they do give a relatively similar ride experience.


    I can’t say I have enough data points to have a strong opinion, but I generally agree with your sentiment. I will say that Hangtime lived up a little more to how it looked than Takabisha(the other Gerstlauer I’ve ridden), but just about that.

  6. Finally visited the park again on Thursday after several years and had an amazing time! This park is really unique and I love it. The Boysenberry festival was going on and holy cow some of that food was great! Overall I was really impressed with the theming, especially in the Ghost Town and Boardwalk sections of the park. In addition to all the major roller coasters I did the log flume and the mystery lodge, and those two things alone gave me regret that I didn't take the time to do the other shows or themed rides. The coasters were great, of course, and I'll talk more about them below. But I left feeling that Knott's has so much more to offer than just rides, and that's what makes it so great. Especially during the festival, the rides almost felt secondary.


    I will say that none of the coasters really standout to me as top 10 material, but I have zero problem with that. I'd rather be on a coaster than not on a coaster, and all the coasters here are "good." Honestly, the fact that no ride here really rises too high above the rest makes the park feel very well rounded. Here are my thoughts from yesterday on what I consider to be the top 5 coasters at the park.


    5 - Silver Bullet. This used to be my favorite invert, and I actually still really liked it this time around. Among a sea of rides that seem to be squeezed into a small space, it was nice to have a decent sized, intense B&M. The ride is as smooth as I remembered and is definitely unique for a B&M invert. It's lost its place to Banshee as my favorite invert, but it's still a good ride. The only things I have going against it are the first drop (or lack thereof) and the fact that this was the only ride of my top 5 that I felt can essentially be experienced at a park other than Knott's. While it is a unique B&M invert, the ride type is a dime a dozen, so I hardly see Silver Bullet as the park's star attraction.


    4 - Xcelerator. The launch was fun. These kinds of launches are hard to find. The top hat was fun, and it's nice that the ride doesn't stop there. There was some rattle on the overbanks, but not too bad. I know it's hardly a fair comparison, but I've ridden TTD, KDK, and Do-Dodonpa so I think I went in with way too high of expectations for the launch. Xcelerator is fun and fits in well at the park, but since I've ridden some of the best launched coasters in the world, it doesn't do a whole ton for me. My friend loved the ride and at one point said it was his #1 favorite. I respect it. Just don't go in expecting TTD.


    3 - Hangtime. This was the only new credit of the trip so I have a few things to say about it. I had very mixed feelings after getting off, actually opposite of Xcelerator. I had heard a lot of really "meh" reviews for Hangtime, and after my first ride I was really conflicted. I got on almost wanting to hate it but ended up really enjoying it. As gimmicky as it is, I enjoyed the holding brake a lot more than I thought I would. The rest of the layout is actually pretty fun as well. This was only my 2nd Gerstlauer after Takabisha, but I really like the feel of their rides. They're not insanely forceful, but twisty enough to have fun. I rode in both the front and the back. Both were fun, but the front was something else. Hanging over that drop with nothing in front of you is an experience worth having if you visit.


    I adore the theming on this thing, too. I love the ocean and surfing and SoCal and, to be honest, this might be my favorite theming on any roller coaster I've ridden besides maybe Manta at SWSD. Maybe it doesn't stand out that much to others, but iit does to me. Overall, I think the ride is great. I wouldn't consider it to be in my top 10 by any means, but it's really not a bad ride. More than anything, it's another big thrill ride that really helps round out the layout at a park that's not necessarily focused on big thrill rides.


    2 - Montezooma's Revenge - Man, I wish these things were more common. These shuttle loops really have it all: a decent launch, a nice forceful loop, and a cool stall on both spikes. Rode this in both the front and the back and actually enjoyed the back more. The front starts intense with a ton of force through the loop and climbing almost all the way up the first spike, but isn't as intense going back through. As expected, the back is the opposite. It's not too intense the first time through, but then you get shoved backward through the loop and fly all the way up the back spike. And it was a walk-on! Completely underrated ride!


    1 - GhostRider - Yep. It's a good ride. It was one of my favorite woodies before the makeover, and it's even better now that it's smooth. As far as looks go, I can't say I prefer the Millennium Flyers to the old PTC trains, but they do ride well so I can't complain too much. The ride hauls all the way through the course. There are a couple of good airtime moments, but it's mostly the speed, the length, and the headchoppers that make this ride good. Obviously it fits in perfectly with the Ghost Town section of the park and if I had to pick a coaster as the defining coaster of Knott's it'd be Ghostrider. It (rightfully) had the longest line in the park all day. While it's not anything like a crazy new RMC, it really does everything you could ask for in a wooden coaster and is just a fun ride experience.


    Well it appears I've gotten long winded again but I hope these reviews are helpful to someone. They are just my opinions and I wanted to get them out there. I read a lot on here and watch a lot of coaster videos on youtube but don't actually get out to parks much. Thus, when I finally get to ride the rides I've been watching on the internet, I have a lot to say. If I were to say one thing about this park, it would be this: go for the coasters and stay for everything else. This park has a lot to offer in both with rides and with the rest of the theming.

  7. If you do not mind spoilers, the county requires that concrete foundations which includes coaster footers be filed with the county. These documents are public records and coaster fans will know very quickly after the park files the blueprints. With Mystic Timbers several individuals went to the county offices and requested to see the documents and posted pictures of them online. They were filed June 16th and appeared online on the 17th.


    This is required before the park can pour any concrete. So before we see a single footer we should already know the layout, and model for certain and since we already know most B&M coasters feature a 45 degree lift hill we will be able to calculate height pretty accurately.


    Well, I stand corrected then. To be fair, I wasn't around for Mystic's announcement. I look forward to seeing more about this project!


    I am losing count of the number of regular people (completely outside our little hobby) who have asked me about the new giga coaster coming to Kings Island next year -- asking me the question as if it's a sure thing, asking me what a "giga" coaster is, and asking me if it's going to look like the videos they've watched on the internet.


    It's been a few years but I lived in Mason pretty much my entire life and this sounds about right


    Considering it's Ohio and there's not much else to do in the area, it comes as no surprise that the GP gets hyped about all things KI very easily. Incidentally, the area also seems to be a breeding ground for enthusiasts on some level. I had my fair share of coaster nerd friends in middle and high school, and I've even met some enthusiasts online by happenstance who are alums of my same high school. Heck, even on here KI has one of the longest discussion threads.

  8. ^^^^^^^While I'm kind of surprised about these pictures popping up, I stand by what I said earlier, that we're not going to know what's happening until August. I think KI and CF in general have proven that they know how to mess with enthusiasts. While it's not a bad guess that this track is going to KI, they're not going to give us any REAL leads until the announcement except possibly a "leak" a day or two beforehand. You can think what you want, but even if this track is going to KI I'm sure they'll find a way to make at least some people believe that it's not.

  9. Really interested in this project but I'm sure it'll be til August before we know anything more about it. I think what can be speculated has been speculated, which is not surprising considering how many coaster enthusiasts are from Cincinnati. A lot of people seem to think this actually will be a B&M giga and I wouldn't be surprised if it was. I'd love to see something completely new and I'm wondering just what KI and B&M can pull out of their sleeve. My guess is that, if it's not a giga, it'll be something completely unexpected.

  10. It's not forceful, that's true,
    ...4.5 Gs isn't forceful. Got it! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]


    Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk






    It's forceful, but it doesn't throw you around like Maverick or anything.




    I guess forceful is the wrong word. It's not...intense? Again the wrong word because this ride will scare the living crap out of you if you're afraid of heights or hanging upside down with a lapbar. I think enthusiasts have been trying too hard to judge how good a ride is based on how crazy it moves and how much you'll get thrown around, hence the hype of RMC. Yes, those rides are good, because they're good at what they do. But different rides are good for different reasons. Among my personal top 10 are Beast, Diamondback, TTD, and Eejanaika and they are all COMPLETELY different rides. Cannibal does some weird crap, but instead of its gimmicks being outerbank turns and stengel dives, they're lagoon rolls and gigantic loops. It provides an insane amount of quality hangtime and that's why you'll fall in love with it when you ride.


    Bottom line: Cannibal is a good ride. Throw out the typical enthusiast's "best coaster ever" and expect something completely new.

  11. Cannibal is an excellent coaster. I wouldn't say it's "top 10 in the country" or anything of the like, but it does what it's supposed to very well and has some unique elements you really can't find on other coasters. I like it mostly for its originality and weirdness.


    I actually disagree about the top 10 thing. I may be the black sheep here but I REALLY like Cannibal. It's in my personal top 10. Granted, I haven't been around the block nearly as much as a lot of the other people on the site, but I think Cannibal is just a fun coaster. It's super re-ride-able. It's not forceful, that's true, but it has a ton of hangtime and the first drop is absolutely amazing.


    Take that for what you will. I hope I'm not alone in this, I think this ride deserves more credit than it gets.

  12. I know this is supposed to be hyperbole, but it really goes to show that this is hardly a 2019 coaster if you ask me.

    Oh, I didn't realize it had been pushed back to 2020! (The last estimate I saw was Summer 2019 ‚ so I figured it'd be June / July-ish) That is unfortunate! I wonder what caused the problems?


    I was just joking with my Fright Fest comment, but I would guess no sooner than 4th of July at their current pace.


    I know haha. My point is that, since it's (most likely) not going to be open during most of the summer when more people are going to the park, it's not going to be open for much of what seasonal parks would consider the 2019 season. Of course, SFMM is year-round, which is why they can pull it off, but the first season it will be open during spring-summer months is 2020.

  13. It's a common refrain for this thread because somehow there is always what appears to be delays on their construction projects. It was announced in late August of last year and they are just now receiving track and pouring footers. Summer season kicks into full gear about a month from now when all the local school districts are out. Erecting the ride is only one small piece of the puzzle---then there is programming, testing, state inspections, the area redevelopment itself...lots left to do.


    Compare this ride to Copperhead Strike, which was announced at roughly the same time and is arguably a more intricate ride, and it's clear why people forget about SFMM's "new for 20XX" rides in this thread.


    So we’ll see it open by fright fest.


    I know this is supposed to be hyperbole, but it really goes to show that this is hardly a 2019 coaster if you ask me.


    But don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the new coaster. It's going to be awesome when it opens!

  14. Or at least, thats my 2cents on Mill Force...


    Not sure why MF is a big part of the discussion now...


    But I get your point. Every ride is unique. The short version of everything I'm trying to say is that Goliath is a good ride. It's unique. It's fun. If you want to ride it, more power to you. I'm a sucker for unique rides as well.


    My personal opinion is that it's by no means SFMM's marquee attraction, but it's very re-rideable except that it has one of the longest lines in the park. SFMM has one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) lineups of any park in the world and is definitely worth visiting. I think if you visited you'd be more impressed with Tatsu, X2, Full Throttle, Twisted Colossus, Lex Luthor, and Riddler's rather than Goliath, but you'd definitely still enjoy the ride. It's a great ride.

  15. I live about 8 hours from SFMM and Goliath is the only real hyper anywhere close (yes, Cannibal is 200ft tall and a great ride but not really a hyper stylistically). Hopefully Mako will round out the area more when it opens. It's not a hyper but should have a great first drop!


    No love for Desperado? Way closer than Cannibal.


    Should've clarified that I live closer to Cannibal. My bad.


    The irony is that I have to drive past Desperado every time I go to Southern California, and have yet to ride it (which is probably why I totally forgot it existed). I always check to see if it's open before I pass through Primm and every single time it's been closed. So yeah, it's technically closer to me than Goliath, blah, blah, I messed up, whatever. I'd probably like it since I'm a fan of Magnum, it's just not worth the trip to the middle of nowhere for me since I'm hardly ever traveling with other coaster nerds. Maybe one day I'll make a Vegas trip and tag it on.


    but only if the winds aren't too bad...in Primm NV...

  16. Even so, with the exception of Superman (which many view as a one trick pony, not a true coaster), it's still the tallest coaster on the West Coast to this day. I believe you have to get to Texas for Titan before you get anything taller.




    I live about 8 hours from SFMM and Goliath is the only real hyper anywhere close (yes, Cannibal is 200ft tall and a great ride but not really a hyper stylistically). Hopefully Mako will round out the area more when it opens. It's not a hyper but should have a great first drop!


    Scream rides like absolute trash while Bizarro is an absolute joy.


    This is so true. I was totally expecting Scream and was very pleasantly surprised. But I digress...

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