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  1. Wow, that's crazy. All things considered I think Cedar fair has been the best owners of the park, for many of the reasons you stated. From a theming standpoint, I remember being a bit upset by how generic Cedar Fair with the big rides and the loss of the Nickelodeon theme in the kids area. The Italian Job suffered (suffers) the worst, but I have friends who, probably to this day, still refer to Invertigo and Drop Tower as Face/Off and Drop Zone. 13 years later I'm really impressed with what Cedar Fair has done. Generic rides are ok if they're good rides, and it's not like the park was anything like Disneyland or Universal before. While I still prefer the Nick themes for the kids rides, the park has done a pretty good job with the Peanuts rebrand and kept the rides in good working condition (although, wouldn't it be great to get the pre-Paramount name "Beastie" back on Woodstock Express). Most of all, though, I'm really happy with the coasters Cedar Fair has added. They bought a park that's a four hour drive from and a competitor to their flagship park and still added some awesome, world-class thrill rides. The addition of Diamondback in 2009 was what really sparked my enthusiasm for the hobby and quenched my thirst for an awesome first drop that was previously satisfied by Son of Beast, whose only good moment was the first drop. Banshee and Mystic aren't too bad, either. Now we're looking forward to a B&M giga next year, something I doubt Paramount would have built. I miss Son of Beast; I wish they could have smoothed it out and actually made it a good ride, but it looks like that simply wasn't possible. I miss the backwards racer. I miss Nick Universe. I'm sad that I never got a chance to ride Volcano. I regret that I never rode Tomb Raider. I think Backlot really doesn't live up to its potential. But all in all, I'm happy with where the park has come.
  2. I believe Lagoon doesn't allow single riders in the front or back rows
  3. I saw Dueling Dragons on youtube a couple weeks ago and decided I need to move to China. This park looks incredible! I just wish it were closer to home. Thanks for the report!
  4. Hoping to hit more parks later this year, so I'm guessing this will change. 1. Top Thrill Dragster/Kingda Ka - These things are insane and awesome. 2. Maverick 3. Eejanaika (X2 honorable mention; they're pretty similar so I didn't want to include them separately in my list) 4. Beast 5. Diamondback - For sentimental reasons 6. Cannibal 7. Twisted Colossus - The only RMC I've ridden so far 8. Tatsu 9. El Toro 10. Millennium Force - The only giga I've ridden so far I think about coasters more often than I ride them so the list is a little more subjective than I would like. I shuffle these around in my head all the time, but they're what I consider to be the 10 (technically 12) "great" coasters that I've ridden. The top 5 are pretty set, if I were to make my own theme park it would definitely have those rides. Of course Diamondback and, to an extent, Beast are on there for sentimental reasons. 6-10 are all excellent coasters, but subject to shuffling depending on my mood.. I try to keep variety in the list (hence, similar rides are ranked together), so exact ranking is hard. For instance, I'm sure there are days when I'd enjoy El Toro more than Twisted Colossus or even Maverick, but they're all very different rides and, generally speaking, I like the latter two a bit more.
  5. Don't get me started on this. The benefits of having spectacular animals that can easily be seen by millions of people, including kids, far outweigh both the logistical and moral challenges of keeping them in a cage. Are they ideal conditions? No. Are they bad? Absolutely not. The trainers and veterinary care specialists know what they're doing and have a deep love for the individual animals they work with. And what's the end result? Millions of people waking away awe-stricken and inspired to preserve the habitats that the animals are native to. So what do the activists fight for? They say the animals need to be free, that we don't have a right to keep them locked up. They say it's better to see the animals in the wild. I get it. I understand the moral argument. But traveling to a place where you can get up close and personal with wild animals like you can with the animals SeaWorld is 1)more expensive 2)so rare you can almost guarantee it won't happen to you and 3)1000x more environmentally destructive. So, naturally, less people are going to do it. Well, now where's the motivation to preserve the environment in which the animals live? People naturally aren't going to be nearly as worried about something they don't have a personal experience with. That personal experience is what SeaWorld provides. And they do one heck of a job at it. :endrant: If there are any doubters here, I hope you understand why SeaWorld is 100% morally justified in what they do. Luckily, here on TPR I'm mostly preaching to the choir.
  6. ^And Leviathan totally blew a lot of enthusiast's minds when it was announced. KI's giga is being hated on simply because of the fact that Fury 325 exists. I'm sure we'll all love it when we finally get a chance to ride. (I feel like this thread keeps going in circles)
  7. Absolutely ridiculous how much enthusiasts seem to have guessed correctly about this coaster.
  8. Oh please no... Ok, I can buy into this speculation now. Ironically I think I even saw the plans before, I either just didn't remember or never associated them with SWO for some reason.
  9. ^Agreed. This is my current home park technically, and I'd love to see them get another big roller coaster. Previous speculation pointed to a family dark coaster, but I'm ready to be surprised.
  10. My "quick google" yielded nothing reliable. The only thing I can trust is from a powerpoint SeaWorld made about their future plans that shows a generic picture of a launch coaster that looks to be from premier with all stats "TBD." Everything else was enthusiast speculation.
  11. I expressed my doubt at the last predicted layout but having studied the leaked blueprints I think this is ridiculously close to what we'll be seeing next year. I personally love the colors they chose for this render. The space theme fits really well with FoF as well. Hope the park chooses something similar! That first element is intriguing, though. It's not really a turn, but it does curve a few degrees off to the left. I wonder if we'll be seeing a cool lateral-airtime element like the treble clef on Fury.
  12. The video on Instagram uses the phrases "Plunging Thrills" and "Predatory Heights" and also shows a bird diving down a cliff. SheiKra part II?
  13. And here it is at its new location in Jakarta: Had a GP that thought the cobra roll on Hangtime was kept from Boomerang. She didn't believe me when I told her Boomerang was on top of a hotel in Indonesia. I promise I'm not crazy!
  14. That's a good point with the taller elements. This ride will have a totally different feel to it than Fury because of location alone. I was thinking the theme will match that aesthetic, but I never considered it playing a role in the layout.
  15. We already know that the setting for this coaster is much different than Fury as it's located in the back of the park. I think many of the elements will be really similar, but, just like Fury, I think we'll see some innovative things. Look at the helix on the blueprints (Not posted here yet but someone from KIC scanned these high-resolution images: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSj3IBP1_GI9h7JhU7217zdiO-LQbNU9/view) The spot labeled "top #6" is an a really interesting position. Also, the fact that the drop is 300ft and the second "top" only 183ft above the low point of the drop tells me something funny might be happening there. KI and Carowinds are hardly competitors. I think they'll try to keep this coaster as different from Millennium Force as they can, but also different from Diamondback. I don't think Fury will play into the equation that much at all.
  16. It's at the front of the park, looks awesome, and has its fun moments. Even I'm guilty of hitting it first (noob move, 0/10 would not recommend doing that) because my friends and I walk up to the gate and think "let's ride that one!" People that only go to the park once a year for their family vacation aren't going to think to run to Maverick or SV first, they're going to show up and do what looks fun. It's not a BAD ride, either. Definitely not one I'd skip when I visit.
  17. Interesting prediction. More power to them for consulting engineers and creating an intricate model, but I have a hard time taking this seriously. Obviously there will be things that are drastically different about this coaster, but it's good to have an idea about the potential of this thing.
  18. Carowinds has an Intamin single-level gyro tower. The Seaworld San Diego one comes to mind for me. Don't all the Seaworld parks have one?
  19. They've posted a video of Tidal Twister testing on their instagram for those who haven't seen https://www.instagram.com/p/BxLIrBbBgNs/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  20. I personally am a fan of more out-there themes. Think what you want about the name but I cannot wait to see the zero car on this thing!
  21. I'm not sure that everyone's so sure about the drop being bigger than the lift. The pictures I've seen of the land clearing make it look pretty flat to me, and I recall someone on KIC pointing out that there's actually a 10ft elevation gain between the station and where the bottom of the first drop is thought to be. I'm not going to say they're NOT going to break records; they certainly could (adding a tunnel, a big 2nd drop, etc), but I wouldn't get my hopes up. We're not going to know that kind of thing until announcement time anyway.
  22. I think also based on my understanding of those plans the scale is way off, showing a station that's like 25 feet long or something. So it's most likely still going to be a Giga and the armchair math is just wrong. However, the general concern is that if the layout leak is legit, it's won't be as long or complex as people are hoping. I still think a lot of this could be complete red herrings. We know absolutely nothing about those "leaks." Plus, as others have said, those top-down images don't do justice to what the ride will actually be like. I think that discrepancy has already been accounted for. The lift according to the scale used on the sheet shouldn't even be 200ft tall and in fact maybe pushes 150. Someone measured a footer and found it to be off by a factor of 2, putting the lift right about where people think it is now at 285-300ft. The drawings with just the footers on them are from the Mason city hall and are 100% real, but apparently flawed as I just mentioned above. The layout drawings were "accidentally" leaked by some guy on KIC who supposedly violated an NDA and ended up causing a lot of drama on there. I had personally bought into the idea that they were a fake leak, but given the level of detail in the drawing I have to agree with you. I highly doubt they're faked. They'll certainly notice and will definitely think it's weird at first. Give the GP some credit. Will they hate the old hyper because of the new giga? No. Will they skip out on the giga because they've already ridden the hyper? No. They'll like both of them still because they're both good rides. They'll end up picking their favorite of the two because they're very different rides. Of course it'll work, but you can bet your bottom dollar a good percentage of them will think its weird.
  23. Plus we know nothing about the theme at this point. It sounds like Copperhead Strike has good reviews, and I'm fairly impressed with Mystic Timbers. Maybe that's what'll make this ride, but again, we know virtually nothing at this point. I'm still decently skeptical about the leaked layout prints.
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