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  1. Personally, I think we will see some other "themeing" elements over time, and that could certainly include tunnels, and possibly a few other surprise touches they wanted to save for people's first actual experience on the coaster. There is going to be a brief "show building" the queue goes through, so that's something, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are other minor things that will complement the coaster that didn't need to be mentioned at the announcement.


    Oh, that's cool! I hadn't heard about the show building, was it in one of the press releases that I missed? I think that would work out really well, actually. FoF's theming was in full effect yesterday, and that's pretty much all in the queue, so if its anything like that it will be awesome. And again, I can't stress enough how amazing these two rides are going to complement each other.


    And as with every announcement, I feel like there are more people complaining about the complainers than there are complainers in the first place. There are literally two people who haven’t said “Looks great! So excited!” And then two dozen people complaining about their ungratefulness. Oh, well. Looks great! So excited!


    I agree with you here. I've actually been surprised by how few negative Nelly's there have been in here since the announcement, but that's great! I think the complaining about the complainers after a major announcement has almost become a more cliche and predictable epidemic than the complaining, at least in these parts! But now we're starting a new trend... Complaining about the complainers about the complaining!


    I've definitely noticed this across the board, not just on TPR. But, like WolfBobs mentioned, pre-announcement negativity was rampant. I think we as a collective enthusiast/KI community got it out of our systems early, weeded out the haters, and helped people to see the bright sides of this announcement.


    I don't understand anybody saying KI doesn't have a standout attraction currently!

    Yeah, I didn't quite understand that either. Diamondback, Banshee, and Beast are all large scale standout attractions in my eyes. I think I can weigh in on that pretty heavily, since my home park is SFStl.


    Also, sorry. I don't think I replied to your TR, but I also enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!


    It's easy for an enthusiast from across the country to look at KI on RCDB and not see anything that they consider worth traveling for compared to, say, Cedar Point or SFGAdv. On the flip side, it's easy for locals (and others who know enough to actually make the trip) to love the coaster collection they have in their backyard. It's a kinda weird middle ground that Orion fits in perfectly. Pardon my strong bias, but I would absolutely recommend making the trip

  2. DIL mentioned in his prediction post about tunnels and theming and the like. We who went to the announcement were all a little surprised that Orion doesn’t appear to have that much theming. From a marketing standpoint, I think the ride itself is a big enough draw compared to a ride like Mystic, so I get why there isn’t more theming. I also get why KI might not spend the extra money to spice up Area 72 this year after spending so much on this beast of a coaster. But looking to the future, how likely do you think it is that they’ll add a tunnel like on Leviathan and some more theming in Area 72? I’m already impressed with how well Orion’s theme matches FoF, and I think the park could do a ton with the area. I personally would love to see a tunnel but looking from a practical standpoint I’m not sure how much of a draw it would have.

  3. DILinator, if that's your cliff-notes version then I don't think I want to know what the full version looks like



    I think this stuff is fascinating. I haven't been tracking media teasers or anything but I'm glad someone is haha!


    Some comments:


    Saying this ride will have a bigger drop than the Eiffel Tower isn't saying much; the observation floor is at 264 feet. We already know this is going to have a 300+ foot drop.


    In regards to CF doing more with theming: don't forget Copperhead Strike! We've been seeing this kind of thing with a lot of new additions. Yukon Striker introduced a whole new area to CW. Hangtime really spiced up the Boarkwalk area at Knott's. Heck, if you were to ask me I'd say Hangtime is the best themed coaster on the planet, although as an avid beach lover I may be slightly biased


    Your speculation about the impact crater is really interesting. I honestly think that would be an awesome theme! I definitely think we'll see tunnels. I mean, Leviathan has one, so why not this coaster? I'd love to see one or more of the elements fully enclosed in a tunnel or otherwise. That might fall into the more "out there" speculation, but it's something else to think about!

  4. Ya'll are crazy. Copperhead Strike is totally awesome and fits in Carowinds' lineup absolutely perfectly. It's smooth, it has some surprisingly strong airtime, great hang time, comfortable restraints, a very well-themed ride area and queue line, and great operations (when I was there in late June). I cannot imagine how somebody can complain about this ride and how it fits in at Carowinds.


    I agree 100%


    As soon as you roll out of the station into the jojo roll you know you're in for a treat. The loops and the inverted top hat (really more of a stall) are absolutely nuts with the hangtime, and the Mack restraints certainly add to that experience.


    Don't go in expecting a good launch, because honestly you barely feel either of them. Do go in expecting some cool and wacky elements, especially if you've never ridden a Mack before.

  5. A little late but I was at the park yesterday and it was way more packed than I had anticipated. Needed the SV credit, though, so I braved the 2 hour wait. It's an awesome ride but not as amazing as I had anticipated, similar to my experience with Millennium Force. Maybe I caught it on a slow day (rode at about 3:30pm) or maybe it was the fact that I was tired and dehydrated by the time I got to the ride, but I didn't get off too impressed. I'm sure I'll grow to like it more as I ride it a couple more times. It's very relentless, I'll give it that, but the quality of airtime was not quite what I had hoped for. I've had similar mediocre rides on Twisted Colossus, though, and I absolutely love that ride, so I'll have to go back in the next couple of weeks and ride it again.


    But holy cow the operations were terrible on that thing. First off, they need to do something about the heat. It was super hot out and almost everyone I talked to was dehydrated by the time they got to the ride platform. I really like how Carowinds has water fountains in all their queue lines and I think other parks should follow suit. Second, the FL+ system is one of the worst; the FL+ line goes all the way to the ride platform and the sorter basically has to determine which line to pull from when filling a train. I think the lines should join at the metal detectors instead. Third, for who knows what reason, they were stacking 3 trains EVERY TIME!!! Guys, if Magic Mountain, a park known for sub-par operations, can consistently run their RMC as the most efficient ride in the park, CP should be able to as well. It's the most popular ride, treat it as such.


    Maverick, on the other hand, did not fail to impress, nor did the extremely underrated Wicked Twister. Didn't get on much else because of crowds, though :/

  6. According to KI's Instagram It's open to the public


    The time is coming when everything will be revealed and made known to all. After months of speculation as to what's behind the fence in Coney Mall, Kings Island will make a major announcement Thursday, August 15 at 10 p.m. All guests visiting the park that day are invited to attend. While Kings Island closes August 15 at 8 p.m., select rides, games and food locations will remain open in Coney Mall for guests to enjoy from 8-10 p.m. #TEOTWAWKI #KI2020 #KingsIsland


    I'm gonna try to be there as well.

  7. I don't know if subjectivity is always the issue, though. Sometimes rides run better than other times. Case in point: I rode Fury 5 times in the same day. 2 of those times there was a pretty bad rattle, the other 3 were remarkably smooth. I think perhaps one of the trains ran better than the other (they were only running two trains), but regardless it goes to show that it's not always the fault of the rider and their opinion.


    Plus, there are many more factors beyond the things already mentioned that go into coaster experiences. If you're not doing your best to stay hydrated, or if you jump on a ride right after a big greasy meal, or if a ride is your last in a long streak of back-to-back really intense rides, then you should expect to be a little less comfortable on it. I'm not trying to make any accusations, but I have observed that due to these exact factors, I've had "bad" rides on some of my favorite coasters. I'm sure age plays a part as well.

  8. Coasters can objectively be rough, and as I mentioned before, we coaster enthusiasts are not the ones to properly determine what that is, because we ride so many coasters we are desensitized to a lot of what IS rough, to the average everyday person.


    I'll give you that argument. I will, however, stand by my opinion that I enjoyed Vortex. Perhaps it should be given in the context that such a ride CAN be enjoyed if you're willing to brave a few bumps and jolts. It has its merits.


    With all the discussion on standups, that they're better if they're smaller, can I suggest Riddler's Revenge as a counterexample? That ride is hardly considered rough and engineered well enough to where it's not too forceful and actually has pretty good transitions. It's the tallest and fastest standup yet my GP friends all had good things to say about it.


    Also, random question for Flying Dutchman fans, does anyone know why Nighthawk's lift hill is so much quieter than Firehawk's was? I must say, that was one of the things that Nighthawk did better.

  9. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up near Kings Island and considered Son of Beast to be my favorite coaster for at least three years, but I don't find Vortex or Nighthawk "rough" in the slightest, nor did I find Green Lantern rough when I rode it. Like people have been saying, ride it defensively and you'll be just fine. Vortex and Green Lantern are both awesome in my opinion; they're very forceful and feeling those kinds of G's while standing up is a very interesting experience. While I enjoy Riddler's Revenge and admit that it doesn't have to be ridden nearly as defensively, it's not nearly as intense as the other two standups that I've ridden.


    As for the Dutchman vs. B&M Flyer argument, I'll still hold out that B&M models are more fun. For one, I like starting by being lifted up into flying position rather than lowered onto my back. But beyond that, I feel like B&M captures the essence of "flight" better than Vekoma. I remember riding S:UF at SFGAdv and thinking that it rode like a much-improved Firehawk. Both rides are/were over boring grassy fields so I think it's a fair comparison as far as theming goes. Aside from the first overbank and the final helix on Firehawk, though, there aren't very many "flying" moments, whereas Superman makes you feel like you're flying for the entire ride.


    It really depends on your expectations for the rides, though. In the end they're very different. If you want to fly, B&M is the way to go. If you want a quirky ride that does weird stuff to your body, go Vekoma. Flying Dutchman's aren't bad rides. The lie to fly at the top of the lift is a very unique experience. The vertical loop on your back is undeniably intense. They have their moments.


    I love flying coasters. I get excited about both Vekomas and B&Ms. But, overall, B&M does it just a bit better than Vekoma.

  10. Just visited the park yesterday for the first time and had a great time! Crowds were super light and my friend and I didn't wait more than 20 minutes for any of the rides. Overall I got 26 rides in: 3x CS, 2x Afterburn, 2x Cobras, 1x Goldrusher, 5x Fury (great ride!), 1x Hurler, 1x Nighthawk, 2x Intimidator, 1x each per kiddie credit, 3x Cyclone, 1x Ricochet, 1x Vortex, and 1x Windseeker.


    I see now why Fury is in most people's top 5; that thing is relentless! The drop is HUGE, right after the drop the thing hauls through it's twisty section, and after the trim you have a few nice pops of awesome ejector air before hitting the station again. It's a real masterpiece and has become my new #1.


    Copperhead was awesome, too! It fits the park really nicely and has a few really cool moments. I take back what I said (a few dozen pages ago) about it looking like "Manta with inversions." They're completely different rides; Copperhead has less airtime but some AWESOME hangtime moments. I enjoyed Intimidator as well. The three B&M Hypers I've ridden (DB, Intimidator, Nitro) all have something special to offer, and in this case it's the turnaround. The twisty section on those long trains is a neat experience.


    Vortex, Nighthawk, Cyclone, and Flying Cobras neither exceeded nor fell short of my expectations. Nighthawk gets a + for having better scenery than Firehawk in the first half, but a - for having a (comparatively) terrible ending, so I'd rank it about the same as the late KI version. I like flyers, so it's a fun ride, but I'd take a B&M any day over a Vekoma. Vortex is a solid stand-up, it's essentially a smaller version of Green Lantern. Definitely an enjoyable ride that I'd probably marathon if I lived nearby. I got to do three consecutive rides on Cyclone since nobody was riding; there's nothing quite like a classic Arrow. I like 'em for what they are: quirky, but with some fun forces on the inversions. Flying Cobras was only my second traditional boomerang. I actually really enjoyed the version at Knott's years ago, but the trains on the Carowinds version are significantly better, making for an overall excellent ride (Yes, I like boomerangs. Sue me).


    And now the beef. The two rides that fell short of my expectations were Afterburn and Hurler. I'll start with Hurler. I was surprised by how smooth the ride was, especially the first turn was after the drop. The reason I didn't like it too much is simply that it doesn't do much. The hills don't have airtime, and there's nothing particularly forceful about any of the other turns or anything.


    But Afterburn. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but it's my least favorite B&M invert of the ones I've ridden (Banshee, Raptor, Silver Bullet, and two Batmans). I generally enjoy these rides quite a bit, so I don't know why but it just didn't do much for me. It's a weird middle ground where it's not as smooth as Banshee or Silver Bullet but also not as forceful as Raptor or the Batmans. I did have fun on the ride, but as an enthusiast who's been to several parks and ridden 119 different coasters, I'd say that there's nothing to really look forward to about this ride. It's fun, but it's not the best of its type and certainly not a standout coaster at Carowinds.

  11. Despite living about an hour away, I went to the park for the first time this season today. It was a fun day! I love this little park. Some thoughts on the rides:


    Cannibal: Great as ever. Still a top 10 for me, and possibly my favorite first drop on any roller coaster. The amount of insane ejector air on that drop is ridiculously satisfying. The Lagoon roll ain't half bad, either!


    Jet Star 2: "mini colossus" in my opinion. It's quite forceful and much more thrilling than it looks.


    Colossus: I can't help but love this ride. It's a people eater, meaning it never has a line. Rode in the front, back, and middle, and I like the back the best (although they don't always let you choose your row). The ride is really forceful and gets so close to the ground at the end that the advice "keep your hands in the car" becomes very, very important. Man, what a ride!


    Spider: Fun as always. Didn't spin too much this time around. I liked Sierra Sidewinder better.


    Roller Coaster: Honestly, not as good as I remembered. My GP friends were not fans, but I enjoyed the ride. You can get some mini-pops of air in the front and the back, but nothing too crazy. It's a little shaky, but what else can you expect from a 1920 roller coaster? It has a really nice classic feel.


    Bombora: Fun with good capacity; a great fit for the park. Surprisingly forceful on the helix.


    Puff: I caved and got the credit. My friends were super embarrassed; I made them ride with me


    Terror Ride: Surprisingly well done. A little morbid for my taste, but fun nonetheless.


    Wicked: Eh. The tower and the well-designed zero-g roll were the only redeeming qualities. I'm sorry, but this ride has not aged well. The bottom of the drop hurt my back a bit, and all the turns and curves were all too rough to enjoy. I'm praying that Cannibal does not end up like this in a few years!


    The park has an amazing collection of flats. A lot of flats make me sick, so I normally skip them. If you're into flat rides, though, you'll enjoy Lagoon.


    Took a look over toward Primordial as I rode Rocket, though. I didn't get a picture from up there for obvious reasons, but it looks pretty interesting. There's what looks to be the start of an irregular-shaped building. I wish I could tell you more, but despite living close I rarely find the time to actually visit the park.

  12. All I’m saying is that if everyone and their grandma (literally based on this thread) already knows exactly what is coming to Kings Island next year because all of the details were discovered (“snooping” or not), I wouldn’t be shocked or disappointed if they decide not to do your precious teaser campaign and focus that energy and money elsewhere.


    Apparently for Kings Island the best teaser is to start clearing land. Enthusiasts then go crazy over the stuff you were going to do anyway--file copyrights for names and blueprints with the government. They figure it out and suddenly the news and everyone is going crazy. In one sense, we could see this as the most cost-effective teaser the park has ever done!

  13. KI and CF and Don like to toy with enthusiasts but I'm not sure many people care about teasers outside of forums like this. As far as the GP is concerned, the news outlets and word of mouth have done plenty of "teasing" already. Why waste breath when you could just, you know, announce the thing?


    Also are these kinds of events normally open to the public? Sorry if it's a dumb question but I've never been to one and this time around I'll actually be in the area.

  14. You would be completely not in control if you were on a roller coaster during an earthquake. The fact that Steel Dragon 2000 cost twice as much as Millennium Force because the park wanted to ensure that it was earthquake-proof shows that most rides aren't necessary designed with earthquakes in mind. I would hope that SFMM takes some extra safety measures in their ride design since the LA area is very prone to earthquakes, but I agree with Elissa, I would rather not be on a ride when one hits. Better to be somewhere where you can run and take cover.

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