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  1. Have any of you all ever tried to make a homemade roller coaster or other amusement park ride? If so, please post pictures! Also, if any of you know of any homemade roller coasters, log flumes, ect. that exist out there, please let me know! I am thinking of building a roller coaster or log flume in my backyard, and I wanted to see what anybody else out there might have done. Thanks!
  2. It's a Small World at Walt Disney World. The one at Disneyland actually isn't bad, but at the Magic Kingdom in WDW they run too many boats so they pile up at the end, the music doesn't change at all, and they didn't even make an attempt to hide the fact that the ride is in a generic show building. (ex: the tile ceiling is very well lit with holes punched through it to hang down props)
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