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  1. Well remember that we as guests will not see it with the decrease being as low as half of a percent. On a day that lets say Magic Kingdom is doing 70,000 people, half of a percent less than that is 69,650. We will not feel the 350 less people so of course it still seems busy to us.
  2. You aren't able to change the speed of the lift. It's programmed to slow down before it gets to the top so I think you were hallucinating lol
  3. I was just on Mako and Nitro in the same week and I will have to agree with the people who say it's not a top 10 coaster by any means but great for Orlando. The first half is incredible and then that trim ruins things and after the mcbr it's a snooze fest. But I think SeaWorld has a winner on their hands. But maybe it's just me but I think the theming is terrible. They did a fantastic job with rides like Manta and Journey to Atlantis but I feel like they missed a huge opportunity by not putting real sharks in the queue and the whole shipwreck thing is poorly executed. But hey that's just my opinion.
  4. Wow the ride seems to be coming along great! I am actually excited to try it especially after trying the death trap that is Green Lantern at SFMM. From the pictures it doesn't look as big as I thought it would from the fountain, especially when the trees begin to grow leaves it will kind of be hidden. It is disappointing that the ha ha ha centerpiece won't be there. And maybe it's just me but 3 million seems kind of unimpressive since other seasonal parks with shorter operating calenders get more than that without a holiday event. But either way this ride looks awesome and it looks like Great Adventure will have another great year!
  5. As someone who worked for the company before and knows about theoretical versus actual capacity. Even if they dispatched 1 train every minute which as we all know is a stretch that is 480 people an hour. And like someone said once you add flash pass the line will move at a snails pace. It is a very very low capacity coaster. Now with that being said do I think this is what Great Adventure should have gotten absolutely not. But on the flip side am I excited to ride it HELL YEAH! I am a coaster enthusiast so my ass will be on it as soon as the chance arises.
  6. I feel like Texas will have better capacity at maybe 6 or 700 an hour and with 3 less cars I see St. Louis doing 4 or 500 an hour.
  7. ^the St. Louis version is 200ft longer but only has 7 cars instead of 10? That makes no sense. I'm not saying you are wrong I'm just saying that thought process is backwards.
  8. This looks amazing. I really think six flags has a win with this one. I hope they bring this to more parks!
  9. ^I'd say do islands of adventure the first day. Universal the second day and the third day do the things you liked again. If you can buy express it's is a million percent worth it. And take as little with you in the park as possible because of the metal detectors at dragon challenge, the incredible hulk, and Hollywood rip ride rockit.
  10. And 720 an hour is theoretical meaning they will actually get 500 if they are lucky. And I agree with you that every ride doesn't need to be high capacity but what good is this great awesome coaster that gets world attention if when you go the lines are in upwards of 4 to 5 hours? I mean look at when they debuted the safari the lines were astronomical because of the low capacity.
  11. I heard it's just going to be a Fiesta Texas batman clone on the lake unfortunately. While the ride looks awesome a park like Great Adventure needs rides with capacity and they don't seem to add those as of late.
  12. Great photos! It looks like they did a great job with the ride and the media day. I've actually never ridden one of these so I can't wait to go check it out. And while I agree with you guys that red carpet events are sponsored by companies and what not how much do you want to bet that kia will remain there the entire season?
  13. I think everyone is thinking way too much into this. You guys are going to be really disappointed nothing is going into old country next year.
  14. ^^^There are 12 rides that you can't leave your articles in the station for just to clarify. And again while I do love Great Adventure looking at their competitors (Hershey and Dorney) if I am a family looking to spend a day at an amusement park I would probably go to Hershey or Dorney well before great adventure because there is much more to do at a much cheaper price. Cheaper and better food options, included water park, shows etc...
  15. ^That's exactly why. Even though it hasn't helped anything. And they will never open it because they are afraid that it will negatively affect the games in the boardwalk. I mean if opening two new rides in 2 years in the non connected areas doesn't make them open it I don't think anything will.
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