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  1. I too had to leave for work. I mean, I get it. This isn't Disney, or even Universal. But c'mon. You say you're going to have ride time for your Ap's, then get the ride going. I wasn't even mad that they took forever. I was more upset at the smug nature of the team members standing at the gate. Each one of them had a pretty poor attitude any time someone asked a question. Frankly, I'd be okay if Six Flags didn't get another coaster the next year or two, and took that money to funnel into training and operations to better what's already there for the guests. But, we all know that's a pipe dream..

  2. I am so excited for this ride. I'll be visiting SFMM on 27 May and I'm hoping TC will be open by then. I've been living in Australia for the last 9 years and have not only had a drought of airtime but of coasters in general. However, that is about to change as I'm heading home to the UK returning via the US and will be driving from SF to NYC over 6 weeks. SFMM is the first major park of the trip and of course TC is the BIG draw. I'll be queuing no matter what!

    Not to worry, it'll be open by then. It debuts next weekend. Welcome to the states, and I hope you have a good trip!

  3. Looks really good! Looking forward to seeing it in person soon. It does appear that 3D and projections are Uni's and Disney's 'crutch', albeit doing them really well. I guess it's a matter of time before the wall is broken again and we see some really fun new stuff. Apparently the ride tech for avatar should be cool, considering we're apparently supposed to be riding on the back of a banshee. Curious how that'll work out.

  4. I'm a little worried about how the GP will receive this ride. "IT ONLY GOES UPSIDE DOWN TWICE!???" or "WOW THATS SO SHORT AND ITS ONLY ONE SIDE" Although after people ride it, it may become the most popular.

    That means shorter lines for us


    What makes the Top Gun Stall different from a Zero G Stall? Is it just Six Flags trying to make it sound like a unique element?

    Top gun stall rolls up and in, hangs there for a bit, then rolls out either the same or opposite way. It's close to a zero g roll, but it's bigger. Anyone else feel free to correct me if I'm off on it.


    Edit: watch this, and you'll see: [youtu_be]

  5. Also a small note: Iger himself said this last year at the shareholder meeting that a third gate is not even on the radar right now for Anaheim. Given all the projects that the company is doing right now, I think it's safe to say they're going to heavily focus on the current parks and enhancing Disneyland, and maybe spots of Dca, while working with Anaheim to work on a better structure for parking, and possibly a redo for GardenWalk. But a third gate, if it'll ever happen, probably won't be even a possible reality for years.

  6. [vine]

    This is what I was talking about with Jew. They drop a vine of the first drop, not even racing, and then let the fan sites do the work tomorrow. Come on, this is Southern California. Hollywood is a few miles away, so how hard is it to strap a handful of cameras to the first train, and film it's first run?


    ...wait, that'd require money.



    ...and this is Six Flags.





  7. As far as I can tell, when you tag Six Flags Magic Mountain, it doesn't even show up on their page. So instead of just doing updates themselves and engaging their fans directly, they rely on other media outlets to do it, tag them, and then they have to share it.


    It's hard to completely fault them, since this is by far the most construction tours for any project they've ever offered. However, at the end of the day it really does come of as an old school marketing/PR person still trying to figure out how to use Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. They're missing a HUGE opportunity to better engage their fans online.

    I'm a marketing major, and from everything I have studied and watched (both in and out of class), there's A LOT of companies that are still floundering around with social media. Which sucks, because a fun thing like SFMM could really take advantage of all the social media platforms and run with it, especially since their guest demographic is primarily teens and young adults, and are the sole users of the platforms.

  8. Just saw somethingon the news about a "top secret" package being delivered into disneyland last night. Any ideas what it is?


    Any way you can find and post the video of the news cast?


    EDIT: Found it. Its definitely a unit for Paint the Night, but its really hard to tell which one.








    Could it be Mickey's unit and needs to be assembled?

    That's what it looks like to me.

  9. Kinda makes me wonder who handles parts and/or equipment for a ride like Goliath where the manufacturer is out of business. Do other manufacturers handle things like lift chains (ie B&M or Intamin) or are parts handled by third party people?

    I'm guessing manufacturer, but, and I know its a wiki page, that page said Giovanola fashioned steel for Intamin and B&M behind the scenes, so that makes me wonder if they manufactured their own stuff too. Which now means they've got to get it done by a third party.

  10. This is the correct concept for Shanghai, there is no outdoor section of this ride.


    Also, this image surfaced today:




    This bird eye view of Shanghai Disneyland construction looks insanely exciting.




    This is a view of their rapids ride. And some eagle-eyed people will notice some other attractions in this image as well.


    Here is a larger image

    So what all is in this shot? This park is going be massive from the photos surfacing, but I can't place what's what!

  11. Remember, the existence of brakes only means the train can stop there. Not that it will or even needs to on a general basis. And I'd rather loose the inertia in a set of magnetic brakes than by slamming onto the chain, causing unneeded stress to the chain, chain dogs, and motor. And if the extra seconds help operations get another train close enough to dual, then even better. (Painfully) loosing all your momentum due to gravity then inching up the hill waiting for the other train to catch up would be much worse.

    Pretty much this. Plus, if you watch this video (towards 2:26/2:30), that long green stretch of track is the brake run pre-station. And if you look at the photos in this thread, it's angled towards the station, not the lift. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWJY62lZ2rM

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