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  1. I miss TDR so much! I don't think I'll be going back before Fantasy Springs opens but I really miss it right now. I loved hearing the songs in Japanese. It reminded me of the iconic Sinbad music! But yeah, I can see from the video that I saw that there could be some pacing issues, but those have probably more to do with them working out the flow seeing as it hasn't officially opened yet.
  2. I don't live in Sweden anymore but this was once my hometown park so I definitely have a soft spot for Liseberg. Does anyone know what the status is on the rumoured Flume Ride refurb?
  3. I think I was 7 when this came out, and It changed my world.
  4. This is the missing port mural at the Miracosta. The flag with the red cross against the white background is either the English flag or the Faroese flag, unless it's just supposed to represent the flag of a fictitious northern European country.
  5. Thanks Rob! Although I was kind of hoping for the whole movie.
  6. Hey everyone. So I'm looking for this old coaster video, it's from the deep eighties, kind of a cheesy silly movie. My investigation has revealed that it went under different titles, "Go For A Ride" and "Roller Coaster Thrills" being the most well known. A lot of you probably have seen it or owned it at some point. I got it for christmas one year but it was thrown out a long time ago. Lately I've been obsessed with finding it and watching it again. I know there's a few vhs copies on ebay, but the problem is that I haven't owned a vhs player in well over a decade, and even if I had one I don't think it would have very much in common with my tv which is of a newer model. Does anyone have a copy somewhere that they could perhaps upload, or does anyone know if there is a full version to be found somewhere online? I've found the Colossus and the Shockwave clips on youtube but not the rest of it. Thanks!
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