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  1. I have a question for all you regulars -


    Tidal Wave is down. I was only there on a day trip while visiting my grandpa in the area (and I had a ride to SFMM). What I'm wondering - does anyone know if it's down for some kind of maintenance issue? I was thinking perhaps it was due to drought issues since it looked bone dry from Riddler's, but then again HH is open. Any insight?

  2. [Thread necro since last posting in 2005]


    It depends where I'm at/how long I have to spend at a given park (ie. am I only there for the day, or on a multi day trip), and where I'm at in line. If I'm on a multi day trip and in close proximity to the station, I'll usually sit on the ground and scroll Facebook on my phone, or text, etc., and wait for about 45 minutes before I decide I've had a long enough sit down break. A bad ankle after a crazy leg break a few years back often makes standing for extended periods of time painful, so sitting and resting is always a welcome break.

    If I'm on a more rushed/day trip, then I might wait 10-20 minutes top, again, depending how far back in line I am. If i'm in the last 50% of the line, I probably bail after a few minutes.

  3. ^^^^ clever.


    It's sad James Young died, blah blah blah. He trespassed in a posted no entry area and ultimately lost his life on account of a poor decision. CP PR staff has done a great respectful job with regards this incident. Still, I find myself upset at the bad decision he made.


    I do *NOT* know how reliable the source is or not ,but heard or read somewhere that the family is planning to sue. REALLY?!? I hope that's just a case of an unreliable source and rumor on that one. I also read somewhere that he was supposed to be a special education instructor, yet with his serious lack of judgement, he probably was not entirely capable of such a job. Ok, i'm ranting, and I've made plenty of mistakes in my life. Had he made an error outside of the park and rolled his vehicle as a rough example, it's not like we would have been hearing about it. It's just the location he was at I'm hearing it all over the news.


    What I'm wondering - what part of the train hit him? Had a rider been physically injured by him, I'm guessing we would have heard about it? I would be concerned for the emotional toll this may have had on anyone in the train that struck him.


    On an unrelated note, the next morning, coworkers asked me if I had heard about the incident. From there, I started to talk about how enjoy Raptor and most B&M rides.

  4. Spin Cycle is very relaxing and smooth. I'm thinking you wouldn't get too sick riding it. Timber Terror (still hard for the life of me not to call it by its original name, The Grizzly) has great airtime. And if you're evert back for the Scarywood event, riding Timber Terror backwards is even MORE FUN!! I prefer backwards on that ride.


    The Cd'A resort is a beautiful one and one of the more upscale in the area. Staying at Holiday Inn by Triple Play can be a good bet too though if you have kids along. Hope you have an awesome day at Silverwood. I look forward to enjoying pics from your TR.

  5. Pleasant surprises:

    The first time I was at Cedar Point, I figured that since I was there, I was going to ride everything. I had no idea what most of the rides were, and just wandered up to one, then the next. I thought of all things, Maverick was a kid type of coaster - what an amazing surprise on such an awesome ride! Definitely not a ride for the faint of heart.


    Gemini - very smooth and very fun. I was dreading going on it (again, the whole not knowing what to expect thing), figuring I would hate it to death due to the fact it's a woodie (generally woodies are not my favorite, but they do have their place in the theme park world). I think Gemini is one of my favorite woodies. The high fives from people in the other train certainly make it an extra enjoyable factor!




    Unpleasant surprise:

    Also at Cedar Point - Corkscrew. I spent half the day looking for the station (yeah, I know, stupid that I would be so slow as to not be able to find it). I may have loved rides like it 20 years ago, but I certainly don't like it now. I swear I had been beaten all to heck. The fact I enjoyed Gemini, yet hated Corkscrew was just a surprise both ways that I never would have expected.


    Also, Iron Dragon is too tame and boring for my taste.

  6. This is coaster related randomness....


    I've been making a spreadsheet all evening tallying up the coasters I remember being on.


    ETA: Currently, the list of definite coasters is 83. I know there are some misc. ones such as one at the Mall of America several years ago, a couple more at the fair in southern California, and probably a couple more I just haven't thought of from misc. parks.


    I'm almost feeling inferior to some of the counts here.


    To answer your question though, it depends on what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I want a huge drop, fast drawn out turns, and airtime hills... Something more relaxing... So I would pick Millennium Force... Then there are times I want snappy transitions, extreme ejector time, and a forceful launch... So I would pick Maverick.


    Personally I of those two I can not pick which one is better, because they are both polar opposites.


    Can we add an option to the poll of "Neither is better than the other, they are both unique in their own way, and both provide an amazing ride experience?" Because that's the one I would pick.


    You just said exactly what I was going to - depends on my mood, but both are opposites. I somewhat lean towards Millenium Force as my favorite, and Maverick is a solid second... then again, there are those times that Maverick will win depending on my mood. Last week I rode Maverick 7 times in a row (I had to go through exit, then back through the FP+ lane). Other days, I've ridden MF just as many times in a row.

  8. I may get out there and perhaps put together a trip report for you guys to enjoy.. I mean, it's only 16 miles from my house. It's a beautiful place. I usually take my nephews in Sept. since the gate price goes down in half after Boulder Beach is closed for the season.


    Am I joking that I'd love to see Cedar Fair buy the park? No, but ONLY if it become built up and an amazing place like CP, and not wind up neglected like it sounds KBF has been. There is already a destination campground on site. If there was an (decent) onsite hotel and I lived out of the area, I would come stay and ride.

  9. your ticket will include a free return visit in May when it usually is open.


    Wha? Awesome! I did not know this. Is this new for 2015 or have they always done that for Scarywood?


    I don't know how well they market that part or not, but over the years, they always give a ticket good to return in May. Aftershock isn't run when it is, (I think) below 65ºF, and often the temps during scarywood in a normal year will run in the 30's-low 50's. Sometimes in the 30's /below freezing by end of Oct.


    It's better every year, and in fat, i just applied to by one the part time show actresses for Scarywood this year.

  10. The last 3 years or so, Aftershock (usually) has run pretty smooth.


    Riding Timber Terror backwards - that's actually more enjoyable than forward. If you get a chance to go to Scarywood, I'd recommend it. Although Aftershock will not be running during the Scarywood event, your ticket will include a free return visit in May when it usually is open.

  11. Agreeing with everyone who likes dive coasters. Sheikra is a really great ride and Cedar Point will obviously just make one better.


    On a side note, I finally got home from my impromptu CP trip Saturday and bought the Nanocoaster from the Pagoda Gift Shop. It looks really great on a desktop! [attachment=0]image.jpeg[/attachment]


    Im definitely buying Gatekeeper and Dragster!



    That is awesome! Makes me wish I had found that one in the shop to buy for me.

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