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  1. Some daylight as to the stagnant growth.


    Michigan bill would allow 16 year olds to operate amusement park rides


    If the bill passes, Michigan would join 37 other states that allow 16 year olds to operate amusement park rides.

    LANSING, Mich. — State Rep. Greg VanWoerkom, R-Norton Shores, is pushing forward a proposal in the Michigan legislature that would allow 16 year olds to operate amusement park rides. Currently in the state of Michigan, the law requires ride operators to be 18.


    The bill would lower the age, allowing 16 year olds to operate any amusement park ride in Michigan.


    VanWoerkom testified in the Michigan House Tuesday, saying that because the unemployment rate is so low, a main job provider in his district—Michigan's Adventure—is struggling to hire enough employees of age.


    “This is about giving our youth opportunities for employment and for their growth,” VanWoerkom said. “Carnivals and amusement parks are great seasonal employment opportunities for kids to gain work experience and start saving. We should be looking at qualifications beyond just age and ensure rides are operated in a safe manner.”


    RELATED: Michigan's Adventure closing vintage car ride


    The plan would require every ride operator to receive the necessary safety training before being able to operate ride.


    Camille Jourden-Mark, the vice president and general manager at Michigan's Adventure, also spoke in the Michigan House. She said the amusement park currently employees 1,300 seasonal workers from the West Michigan area.


    “This legislation will provide additional flexibility for staffing, while also continuing our priority of ride safety and in-depth training," said Jourden-Mark.


    RELATED: 'Camp Snoopy' at Michigan's Adventure adds new rides, playground


    If the bill passes, Michigan would join 37 other states that allow 16 year olds to operate amusement park rides. House Bill 5134 is still being considered by the House Regulatory Reform Committee.



  2. 2-4 parks normally receive a coaster each year. Kings Island and California's Great America appear to be all but confirmed. In the hunt are Kings Dominion and my dark horse Worlds of Fun. Maybe they will get one of Schlitterbahn Kansas City slides, although the selection seems small to pick from. More than likely a few lounge chairs and umbrellas.


    Any noticeable changes for those who have visited this year?

  3. While Cedar Fair parks will show their new additions for their parks in these next few weeks (besides Mi Ad, hope I'm wrong). I decided to come up with a list that I think would help make this park meet what most of us think it could be. Most of these have been brought up before, so I'm not coming up with anything out of the blue. Honestly 1-4 are interchangeable. I thought about adding something next to Shivering Timbers helix, but hiding any part of the pride of the park can't happen.


    1. Replace Hydroblaster for drop capsule slides

    2. Planet Snoopy (9 rides)

    • a. Coasters: Great Pumpkin Coaster and Woodstock Express
      b. Old: Be-Bop (Peanuts Turnpike), Splashers (Snoopy's Splash Dance),
      c. New: Woodstock Whirlybirds, Linus Launcher, Lucy's Tugboat, Flying Ace Aerial Chase
      d. Relocate: Airplanes ( Snoopy vs Red Baron)
      e. Remove: Elephants, Copters, Motorcycles, Kiddie cars

    3. Connect path from Thunderhawk to Shivering Timbers

    1. a. Zamperla Mini Discovery and Zierer Tower Speed Coaster

    4. Sit-down restaurant near Hawk and Rapids

    5. Arcade removed for water-park expansion (Bowl Slide)

    6. County Fair theme area from Scrambler to Farm

    7. Larson Loop next to bumper cars.

    8. Dark ride on expanded path near Rapids

  4. The sand thing is partly true, it's more of marshy type soil. It's one of the reasons, the sewage / water issues behind Wolverine took so long. I think it's also why Thunderhawk was built on a slab and not over the water. But with today's tech, the land type shouldn't be an excuse for the future. The food prices are always why I bring my own lunch. It's a lot easier and saves money.

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