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  1. That mosque is absolutely beautiful, and more interesting than any of the coasters on this trip in my opinion! Awesome report, it's cool to see something like this that doesn't come up often on TPR.
  2. I'd rather they clean up the park, add some nice landscaping, and maybe renovate some areas before they expand. Because even if they add a beautiful expansion (remember when The Golden Kingdom looked really nice?), if they neglect the rest of the park beforehand it will be for nothing.
  3. Thunderbird has had one of the greatest roll outs and continuing buildup of any coaster I've seen, Holiday World's social media game is on point!
  4. I liked The 2nd Law, but it definitely wasn't my favorite album they've done. Have any of you listened to Kendrick Lamar's new album "To Pimp A Butterfly"? If you liked "Good Kid, Maad City" definitely check this one out. Musically, thematically, and lyrically, it's the best album I've heard in years!
  5. Damn, they think of EVERYTHING! How does the theming at Tokyo DisneyLand compare to TDS? Is it closer to the bar set by TDS or more like WDW/Original DL?
  6. I don't think an RMC conversion will happen any time soon, but I'm looking forward to next year's attraction. I'd prefer an Egyptian themed dark ride to a Mack Spinner, but as long as the theming is good I'll take it!
  7. The theming is starting to look decent! At least a little more promising than when it was just the infamous "LOL". And even if the theming ends up as a complete disaster like Great Adventure's The Dark Knight, it will at least have a fun layout and be a good coaster for all ages.
  8. Wow. The more I look at this park (and Tokyo Disneyland), the more I want to go. Apart from the seemingly out-of-place Toy Story Mania, all of these immersive attractions and the otherworldly park as a whole blow my mind. Like it doesn't even seem like a real place. As for Islands Of Adventure, I haven't been there in 10 years and never got a chance to ride Hulk or Dragon Challenge, but I've always thought it had a perfect balance of theming and thrill rides. And as a huge Harry Potter fan, I'm absolutely ecstatic to check out Hogwarts and The Forbidden Journey. But TDS seems next level magical though! How much would a TPR trip there likely cost?
  9. Normally I'd be very bummed about the OTSR ruining the potentially awesome hang time this ride will offer. However, if that means more people can ride it I support that decision 100% and think it's a great idea. Besides, I'm sure it will still feel very cool regardless.
  10. This trip report was awesome! and now i'm dying to go back to Disney and visit the other Florida parks as well. Seven Dwarfs didn't impress me too much from the videos I watched back when it opened, but for some reason the pictures you took made it seem like a must ride now. I plan on going as soon as the Frozen attraction is built, ahhhhhh this TR has me so excited!!
  11. I think the problem most people have is that they expect Millennium Force to be this wild airtime machine because airtime is the best thing a coaster can have, right? So that HAS to be the reason it gets voted #1 by so many places. And don't get me wrong, I love me some crazy airtime (El Toro ), but G-forces aren't everything to me. I notoriously LOVE plenty of "forceless" B&M's. And I think what I love about MF so much is just the experience of soaring through the air at such a great speed (and I get great floater air on the 3 hills). I can totally understand MF being a let down and major disappointment to many based on it's hype and reputation alone, but it still surprises me when people say it's boring or mundane. To each their own I suppose.
  12. Looping Dragon! I mean... El Diablo... yeah... (Real answer: Maverick)
  13. True they've been at it for a while, but they had some crazy delays with the brutal weather. Every time I've seen updates I'm extremely impressed with how much they're able to build at a short rate of time. I wouldn't say it's taking forever, but I can see it feeling that way if you're as excited as I am to ride it this summer!
  14. If you get Robb and Elissa's consent I think that it would be a great idea. I used to love Reddit (I don't use it much anymore), but there really aren't any high quality or very active coaster/theme park related sub-reddits. If the Alvey's and other mods here got involved in creating a subreddit that could be a great way to attract more people to the site and also bring coasters to the "front page of the internet". Any social media outreach is usually beneficial. I don't think people would stop coming to the forums just because there's a subreddit
  15. Good luck! Legoland CA is one of my favorite parks and seems really fun to work at. Awesome! I'm correct in assuming this is the same Rare game that eventually became Starfox Adventures? Rare is my favorite company so I'd love to check out your project when it's complete! Congrats! I might do this next year and go on some of the tours if I can afford to haha
  16. Hope so. But the weather up there was a killer this year, I'm surprised they made as much progress as they have, but they got off to a relatively early start so it makes sense.
  17. This park was never on my radar until Cannibal, now I wanna make a trip out west! The theming is looking incredible, as if the layout wasn't already good enough!
  18. Awesome! The ride really looks like it flies through the whole course without losing much speed. Looks relentless, unlike the B&M hypers I'm used to. Good job on the editing, the webcam quality almost makes it look like an animation
  19. My bet is mid-to-late June. Just based off Six Flags' history of opening dates. Late May at the earliest.
  20. It should be open by mid-to-late June. Hopefully by the 6th if you're lucky. One thing about Six Flags parks - they almost never open rides at the beginning of the season. They wait until at least Memorial Day (at the earliest) or whenever the park starts getting big summer crowds. It's part of their marketing strategy - if you see a new ride being built while visiting the park in April/May, it's more likely that you'll come back a second time that year to ride it.
  21. This is my policy with most coasters, but when it comes to the insanely hyped ones (like Maverick, Bizarro (SFNE), I305, Expedition Ge Force, etc.) all logic goes out the window for me. If I went onto Bizarro with the same expectations I had for a coaster I'd never looked into I'd probably love it a lot more. For example, I knew nothing about Great Bear besides it being a B&M invert and it blew me away because I was so pleasantly surprised by the ride. The only coasters that have lived up to (or exceeded) my crazy hype is Maverick and Millennium Force. I'm trying to downplay my insanely high expectations for Wicked Cyclone, Boulder Dash, and Skyrush (which I'll be riding for the first time this year), but I hope they don't disappoint!
  22. Yessss! I also really love "Principe Real" from his new album. Listening to "Let It Happen" by Tame Impala tonight!
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