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  1. Glad to see TPM getting some recognition here as they are personal friends of mine! The pics look great! Can't wait until the track is complete!
  2. Sounds like a perfect way to start the day! I'm going to look into the differences between platform sites and regular sites, but it seems like the platform sites are a bit smaller. I'll try putting up a nice tent cover so hopefully it will save me in case of rain. Is the international food court in the park or the campsite? My friends and I will probably just eat at the restaurants (I'm the cook of the group usually but I want to keep things as simple as possible and I don't feel like packing much food). As for Centralia that sounds absolutely bizarre. I love exploring, especially unusual places so I do want to eventually check it out. For now, the park alone should easily take up all of my time. You guys are making me hungry every time I check this forum! I plan on eating at the Alamo a few times and Chicken and Waffles sounds right up my alley... question is, should I get that for breakfast or lunch?! Also, feel free to post as much as you want about Knoebels recommendations, I love hearing everyone's perspectives and I just want to take this time to thank everyone who commented and offered advice! It means a lot to me He is currently recovering and it sounds like he's definitely going to be alright! http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2015/03/worker_struck_roller_coaster.html
  3. First time I took it I took any medication it was an extra strength Bonine - I nearly fell asleep while in line for rides a couple times. But now I've switched to the standard over-the-counter Dramamine and don't have problems with it. And there are non-drowsy motion sickness options available as well. If you've ever felt a bit sick riding Batman I'd recommend it for Namtab if it's as bad as folks say. Keep in mind it usually takes about a half hour to kick in and you should eat some food before taking it. I've heard mixed things about Mr. Freeze RB but it looks very cool nonetheless. Since it was designed to run backwards either way it makes sense. But yeah Batman the Ride is already great as it is. If this was a permanent change I could see people being upset, but I don't mind it as a seasonal change. I only plan on riding it once or twice anyway
  4. Yum! That's the idea! And Centralia sounds really weird so next time I go I might check it out. That story about your wife is funny but got me thinking - I totally didn't account for rain (we plan on tenting up), so hopefully we don't get flooded if it does rain! That's exactly what I planned on doing. I only plan on riding the Haunted Mansion 2 or 3 times total so it won't really break the bank either way. Seems like everyone is vouching for Fascination! I'll try it out! As for the accident this morning, the person seems to be in stable condition, thank God.
  5. Night rides on Phoenix sound unforgettable, and that's why I have no problem possibly spending more on a wristband if it means I can keep hopping back in line to reride it! And i'll be camping so I plan on staying as late as possible! So excited!!! Also I heard Flying Turns and Black Diamond get the longest lines, so I guess if you go early in the morning before crowds come hit flying turns first? That's what I plan on doing
  6. Yeah I actually started taking Dramamine this past summer because it started getting to the point where I would need to take a half hour break after riding a coaster and if I went on something as intense as Batman I'd almost throw up or come off the ride really pale. Since I've used dramamine I've had no problems, but Backwards Batman is still something I'd only want to try once or twice.
  7. Darkastle will probably have the longest wait. And depending on how hot it is Escape From Pompeii will have the second longest line. But nothing should be over an hour wait except for Tempesto and maybe Verbolten. Every time I've gone I've waited no more than 20 minutes for a coaster (except one time where Loch Ness Monster broke down, but even that only made it a 45 minute wait).
  8. Why is backwards Batman (or Namtab, whatever it's called) a bad thing? I'm a bit nervous to ride it this year (at GAdv) because I'm worried it will make me nauseous, and Batman forwards already makes me a little sick. Is it nausea-inducing or just bad for some other reason?
  9. I've never played Fascination so I don't know much about it besides the fact that you roll a ball into holes that light up. Is it really that addictive? I don't want to waste too much time or money playing a game! It looks fun though and maybe I'll play a round just to experience it.
  10. One guy from TPR rides it and says it doesn't have good airtime. Now everyone is freaking out hahaha You guys are cray sometimes. Anyway, I plan on eventually riding this and then deciding whether it's awesome or boring. In the meantime, I just wanna take this time to say I LOVE Gatekeeper and Millennium Force. Haters can hate all they want
  11. I'm not trying to rush through just to hit every ride. I'm doing a two day trip so I can relax and take it all in and appreciate it more. No I probably won't go on every flat or do everything there is to see. And I'm sure I'll wish I had more time there when I have to leave. But depending on how much I like it I might try to go again later in the summer, and if not then definitely next year! One of my friends can't make it on this trip so I told him we can do another smaller trip later if it's worth it (which it seems it will be). I was thinking of doing the Ride All-Day pass instead of paying per ride since I'll be staying there all day and camping at night, so even if I don't spend $46 in ride tickets, it's such a great value that I wouldn't feel like I wasted any money. Plus I don't want to worry about limiting my ride count to fit a budget. And wow, I love all those parks you listed too. And I'm a total sucker for the elaborate multi-million dollar theming of Disney and Universal, and the giant coasters of Cedar Point. But I also love the magic of a classic, old-fashioned amusement park. And the love and personality put into a park always outweighs the millions of corporate dollars from investors poured into it. Which is why even parks with billion dollar budgets like Disney can still feel like a second home. The people there love what they do and it shows, that's what makes Disney, Cedar Point, and Universal triumph in areas where lesser parks fail. There's no way I'm missing the Flume or Haunted Mansion, but I've always liked those 4-D movie rides so I was thinking of checking the XD theater depending on what they're showing. That all sounds delicious I've heard the Alamo is the best sit down restaurant there. Is it more expensive than the rest of the park food? I don't really mind considering how affordable everything else seems to be, I'm just curious to know for budgeting purposes. That old fashioned joy and friendly environment is exactly what I'm excited for. Possibly even more so than riding the Phoenix itself!
  12. I'll be camping overnight too! I actually was wondering how close the campsite is to the park, and also how quickly sites sell out? I want to reserve a spot in advance but it says there's a two-night minimum (and I can only stay one night). Also, night rides on Phoenix and Twister are what I'm looking forward to the most! Added to the list! Thanks for the suggestion, I would have walked right past it thinking it was a kiddie ride! The train sounds like a nice break from all the other more intense rides, kinda like the Chair Lift, so I'll check that out too. And yeah I was a bit confused about the beer policy considering that it is a family park. I just read about the "white birch beer" and thought it'd be a cool first drink since i'm turning 21. Didn't realize it was non alcoholic haha and that's definitely a good thing that they don't let crazy drunk people ruin the fun for all the other campers! And I'm not expecting a flashy park, that's exactly why it appeals to me so much. It just looks like a park straight out of the 1920's with a lot of love and care put into it. Yeah all the museums and Eagle sanctuary look really interesting so I'd like to check them out if I have time. Knoebels does seem magical... I can't wait to finally experience it. As for the food suggestions, unfortunately I'm on a dairy free diet (I'm lactose intolerant), but I may have to make an exception and try some if it's that good! I like Whips a lot so I'll probably still check it out, if only for the historical aspect and most of my friends have never ridden one. The Cosmotron looks like a classic Musik Express and I haven't ridden one in years so I might have to add that to my list! And of course I'm going on Kozmo's Kurves. I'm not a credit whore and usually skip kiddie coasters, but that ride actually looks fun and possibly has some airtime in the front row! As for the birch beer, I read about it and thought it was a hard drink sounds delicious either way at least!
  13. That sounds awesome, and I've added the Carousel to my list, how could I forget that?! Hopefully Flying Turns gets a slightly shorter wait now that Impulse is the newest coaster in the park, but 15-20 minutes for everything else sounds great. Impulse looks fantastic and I think the helix will pack a punch, but I'm more interested in getting a bunch of rides on Phoenix! I'm so excited now!
  14. Now planning my trip to Orlando so that I visit Magic Kingdom on a Tuesday and can tweet a pic of me pooping with the hashtag #tangledtoiletstuesday All the great Disney movies that never got rides should at least get fancy bathrooms like this! I'd love to pee in San Fransokyo!
  15. TDS is the world's greatest in theming without a doubt, and I've never given much thought to distinguishing amusement parks from theme parks. Cedar Point (and all the Cedar Fair parks) do have some theming on their rides and keep the pathways clean, but there are no lands and the theming rarely extends past the entrance of a ride. Still, the park looks beautiful and certainly provides a sense of wonder from the thrill and scope of the rides alone. And (although it may have been unintentional) the one theming quality that Cedar Point brilliantly executes is amusement park history. Gemini's queue and station felt like I traveled back in time to the 70's, Magnum's trains and station (and the architectural design of the coaster) felt like a blast thru the 80's, and Blue Streak has a wonderfully maintained classic feel. But then there are parks like Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens which I think provide a great balance of thrills and theming. If any of the Disney parks could get one big B&M or Intamin coaster that would make them unrivaled. However it wouldn't be ideal for their market, and very difficult to theme something so massive while matching the quality and detail of their other rides. Especially TDS.
  16. Hahaha well I guess that's out of the question then. Knoebels should update their website in that case! I've added the chairlift, bumper cars, Flyers, Paratrooper, Whipper, Looper, and Downdraft to my to-do list! Thanks for all the info!
  17. Thanks for the suggestions! Downdraft looks really cool so now i gotta check it out! And Looper looks absolutely bonkers haha Does the chair lift offer a nice view of the park or just the mountain side? I go snowboarding so seeing the chairlift as an attraction kind of baffled me, but it seems like it could be a nice relaxing cool down ride. Also, I've heard the bumper cars are great, but how are the bumper boats?
  18. Impulse is looking great! I've just planned a 2 day trip to Knoebel's at the beginning of July (Tues July 7th and Wed. July 8th). I've never been there before and I'm extremely excited, I just have a couple questions (sorry if they've been asked or answered before). 1. What are crowds like on weekdays (specifically Tuesdays) in early July? Is it easy to get multiple rides in on Phoenix, Flying Turns, and Twister? 2. I know all about the coasters, the Haunted Mansion, Black Diamond, the two Flume rides, and Stratosfear. I'm not super into flats, but I've heard too many great things about them here, so are there any must ride flats? The type I wouldn't find at a typical Cedar Fair or Six Flags park... 3. Do they sell beer or any alcoholic beverages in the park? I'm going for my 21st birthday, I'd love to drink my first beer at Knoebels Anyway, I'm unbelievably hyped!!!!!
  19. Any woodie, RMC or otherwise should be the next coaster here. I have a feeling Tempesto's capacity will only be this "nightmare" we all fear during this season. And who knows? Maybe the low capacity is the reason the ride was never hyped up in the media like most new attractions are.
  20. To back up what some people were saying earlier, El Diablo will be a good addition if only for the fact that the wasteland left in Rolling Thunder's wake will be cleaned up. I agree with just about all of these glaring points you made (especially the disgusting ads plastered on El Toro and other attractions), but I heard somewhere that the parking lot is going to be fixed up, so there's at least something to look forward to! Also as much as I'd love the Golden Kingdom shortcut to reopen, I'm 99% certain it isn't that one
  21. This trip report makes me want to go back to Cedar Point so bad! And I'm so glad whenever I see someone on this site that actually likes Gatekeeper! It's not the intense forceful coaster enthusiasts tend to demand, but it is pure bliss flying around on it. Although I agree that the vests are uncomfortable and the one thing I don't like about it. And I like Gatekeeper more than Raptor too.
  22. Wow I never knew any of that. And yeah it seems like the New Fantasyland at WDW and other new attractions at DL have all been a step up in theming, maybe TDS is rubbing off on all the resorts in a way
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