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  1. Great report! Haven't been to Universal in over a decade, but I'm glad to see that the Spiderman ride held up well (that was my favorite at the time). I see how the high attention to detail in Potterland can be completely lost on someone who isn't a fan. Hopefully that same craftsmanship will be carried into all future projects at the resort, and the park should look balanced again. Since I've never ridden Hulk, Dragons, Mummy, Rip Ride Rocket, Potter stuff, etc. It will probably feel like my first time at the park as well when I go in 2016. Can't wait to see the rest, and I hope you have fun here in the states!
  2. I don't understand indoor ski resorts, Mountain resorts already get easily overcrowded so I can't imagine something even more cramped. I just hope it turns out better than this disaster:
  3. Agreed! Corkscrew is far more painful than Mean Streak, it actually might be one of the worst rides I've been on.
  4. DisneySea is the most impressive theme park I've ever seen, and I've never even been there. Of the parks I've been to, I'd say Magic Kingdom, although Hollywood Studios has my favorite attraction (Tower Of Terror)
  5. I think Battle For Metropolis is definitely noteworthy. There aren't nearly enough dark rides outside of Disney and Universal resorts, so it's great to see a company like Six Flags, notorious for cheap or nonexistent theming, pumping out high quality animatronics. Good coasters are easier to find than good dark rides, so I'm really excited to see the results!
  6. This a million times over. Great Adventure has one of the best coaster line ups, but it's also the ugliest theme park I've ever seen. I'd much rather pay even more for season passes (which are already dirt cheap) provided they clean the place up and tone down the advertising just a bit.
  7. The cinematography in Breaking Bad was probably the best I've ever seen on television. Just watched the first two episodes and I'm already liking it. I honestly went into it with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It isn't trying to be Breaking Bad, even with the familiar faces and settings, the tone is completely different which makes it stand alone. It strikes a nice balance between a comedy and an engaging story.
  8. LOVE this song! I've been listening to "Not Your Kind of People" by Garbage all day.
  9. My puggle, Bailarina (Rina for short): Last year, I adopted a stray cat in my neighborhood and my mom named her Mishu, she's impossible to photograph: They hate each other Also here is one of my girlfriend's two dogs, Ellie, who is super adorable, she looks like a teddy bear ahh! :
  10. The Room. I wish I was joking or saying it ironically. No movie has ever made me laugh harder. I've met the director/producer/writer/star Tommy Wiseau three times at screenings, did a mini acting workshop with him, cosplayed as a character, and had him sign my blu-ray copy and a football. I also own officially licensed underwear. It's an unhealthy obsession to say the least.
  11. I just released my first song ever, and I'm super ecstatic!! I've been writing music for ten years, but never got a chance to record any until last year. Now I finally have something to show for my work!! It feels so amazing! Here's a link for anyone interested: https://p-sychiatrist.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-lips
  12. So I just released my first original song, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread to share my music, so i'll add to the discussion by mentioning that i've been listening to Panda Bear's new album nonstop. Here's my song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqlPyiAeEQ There's some other stuff on my bandcamp if you like it https://p-sychiatrist.bandcamp.com/
  13. I've been watching Parasyte (the maxim), and I think it's incredible. Every episode is a doozy with great action. Also, being on tpr I feel the need to mention Amagi Brilliant Park. It's very silly but it's a fun show about running a theme park. My only complaint would be there's too much fan service, but if you look past that there's a lot of laughs (especially in the last episode) i can't even imagine that!
  14. For most of the POV's I timed I found El Toro was about 50 seconds (starting from the drop, not including the turnaround beforehand), so I'm not going to count that. I would vote for Storm Runner or Top Thrill Dragster
  15. Regardless of whether the intentions are solely financial, this is an amazing step forward. Powering the entire park would be an incredible feat, but even if it only cuts down a portion of the park's energy consumption it would still be a great use of the land. Best of all this could encourage other parks to follow suit. I feel like a hippie getting so excited over this Think about it this way, if parks start saving money on energy, that's more funding that can go into new rides, infrastructure, and maintenance.
  16. Anyone else excited about the new attractions that just opened up here? As a big fan of Attack on Titan, I'm loving the sculptures they've made of the main characters. There is so much detail in them (although Armin is admittedly very creepy looking). Also the Evangelion 4D Experience sounds like an awesome attraction. From the perspective of an anime fan, both of these shows are huge but unfortunately not part of mainstream Western culture so I doubt anything similar will make it over to Florida or California (But I can dream...) (Pics and video from: www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/01/22/video-universal-studios-japan-opens-attack-on-titan-and-evangelion-attractions?src=animeplanetfb)
  17. Yeah Sunshine has the most unique world (just like Majora's Mask), it almost feels like it was designed for a new character instead of Mario. And Bowser Jr's relationship with Peach is much more interesting than the usual kidnapping storyline. I love Galaxy because it has my favorite soundtrack and is set in outer space which makes it feel like a massive adventure
  18. Not just Chiller, also the awesome Movietown Water Effects ride! I miss both so much. I also wish I got a chance to ride Wildcat, it looked like such a fun coaster!
  19. I'll definitely get Captain Toad once I have the time/money. I never heard of Cuphead until you posted that, looks like something straight out of Disney's Silly Symphonies. Absolutely beautiful graphics, I may have to check it out!
  20. This is so true. Meeting other Power Stone fans always makes me so happy!! Also, for my list I tried to keep it to one game per series, otherwise it would probably be entirely Mario, Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid games. Super Mario 64 is my favorite, but World, Galaxy, and now 3D World are definitely up there. I'm not a big fan of Sunshine, I just never liked the FLUDD mechanics. Also, Majora's Mask is also my second favorite Zelda to OOT. Best story and atmosphere, it was so unique!!
  21. ^^ Ryan that was the longest line in the park all day, I hope it was worth it My last credit was Talon @ Dorney
  22. It's all about balance. My favorite attractions and theme parks (with an emphasis on theme) have a blend of all of the qualities that provide a memorable experience. I prefer Top Thrill Dragster to Kingda Ka even though it isn't as tall because it has a decent theme with awesome trains and is situated in the center of the park instead of a remote corner of the parking lot. Also, when it comes to theming: quality over quantity. Compare Skull Mountain and the Dark Knight coasters at Great Adventure. Skull Mountain's exterior and queue are well themed as a pirate's cave but the ride itself is mostly set in darkness. The Dark Knight is filled with so many lights, billboards, sound effects, and statues that it becomes an incoherent mess. And not all coasters need theming, some are more beautiful without anything added, especially wooden coasters. I also think atmosphere is a huge part of a ride experience. A coaster that traverses through the woods (like Boulder Dash) will intrigue me more than a more intense coaster on a parking lot. When I go to a park I want to feel like I'm in another world. Some parks attain this with unbelievable theming and immersion (Disney), some find that perfect sweet spot in between theming and thrills (Universal and Busch Gardens), and others are coaster paradises (Cedar Point). No matter which setting there is a sense of magic and childlike wonder about in a well designed park. And as much as I love my airtime and launches, bewilderment and spectacle is what fascinates me the most and keeps me coming to a park.
  23. Wow I guess I must have gotten unlucky every time I rode it. I've only been to Cedar Point twice so I assumed this was the norm and didn't realize they were emergency brakes. That old control system from '89 sounds like a ride op's nightmare!
  24. Boulder Dash. Haven't actually ridden it yet, but it's one of the most beautiful coasters I've ever seen. I have a thing for scenic terrain coasters and any rides with great theming so I tend to watch videos with those elements.
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