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  1. Cleverly managed social media (twitter. Change.org) by the mouse to timely boost this 2019-origin project. With no remaining prospect for cashflow from the IP a win-win for corporate.


    I'm happy as long as the original ride stays at Tokyo. My daughter's childhood is connected to it and we love Japan...and will return when we're allowed. Like everyone under 25, her knowledge of the songs is not from a movie she's never seen but from the Sing-Along Songs animation excerpts that used to be on the Disney channel.

  2. ^Exactly. I've thought a lot about my Disneyland Flex Passports...bought as upgrades to a SoCal 3 day pass. Developing the Flex infrastructure last year was prescient to say the least.


    I hesitated at the time, concerned about capacity limits. Who decides when I can make a reservation?


    As it turned out we luckily got on ROTR (the most amazing park attraction yet IMO) on two different days, which made it feel worthwhile.


    But now, in the new world, "democratic" access to super-headliners may be replaced with resort guest ride reservations. Disneyland Resort rooms were $800/night with tax for their proposed reopening.


    If you were them, in this financial situation, how could you, uh, resist making those guests happy?


    Social distancing looks marginal...but face coverings look OK

  3. Dollywood brings up the issue of value for money in the current operating environment.


    One day tickets are $79, with minimal discounts available...interesting they've put up $10 off online this (Father's Day) weekend. Parking is $15.


    Last visit to the area we considered spending that on the local alpine coasters. The shows made us go back to Dollywood.


    With few shows and other limitations that calculation changes.


    The higher end (DreamMore) guests are the wild card...how many will choose a resort stay with limited operations?


    If the answer isn't great Dollywood will, I suspect, have to push short-term local discounts before long. We shall see.

  4. When CF introduced the multi-park aspect of their better pass years ago, I traveled the country with my daughter and had to hassle with each and every guest services office at the other parks to use it...system not compatible. That pass is sold explicitly as valid at Schlitterbahn. If they don't respond to your polite email requesting a reservation I would politely email corporate.

  5. We were both wearing thin, disposable medical masks. They were comfortable and not invasive or annoying at all.


    I do think a lot of folks don't have these...I often see thick cloth and polypropylene N95 derivatives...both are a lot hotter (though the latter is unquestionably more effective at reducing viral load on exposure). I think this is key to happily adjusting to these visits. I understand, though, that the park legally can't advise on your choice of PPE.

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