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  1. I just went this past Sunday for the 1st time this year. I actually felt way safer than at Walmart (where I work). We wore masks to get in the park, inside buildings. We also put them on when we had a 20 minute downpour the hour before it closed for the night (was at the game stations across from Firecracker). It wasn't crowded which I was pleased about. It made wait times very short and I loved the Inline System! I hope they keep the concept. Although Voyage had a wait for 45 minutes and to only see 3 people on 1 train was strange because I'm used to full trains. Wish I could be at Holiwood Nights but we will make it there sometime!

    No complaints about anything, employees were friendly and polite as ever. I noticed the whole cleanest park in the world means a lot more now than ever.

    Can't wait for 2021!

  2. My husband also has a heights issue, but doesn't usually have a problem with water slides. We did get him to go down summit plummet at Blizzard Beach but he had to rest in the shade with multiple adult beverages to recover


    He isn't a huge theme park guy but has ridden quite a few coasters even though there is a lot of "AAAAHHHHH" at the top of lift hills. God's little joke, I love coasters but have to work around motion sickness and he is lukewarm but never gets sick....just has to conquer his own fear. We did both ride one flying coaster, Superman at SFGAdv, don't know if either of us ever will again. He completely freaked out looking straight down at the top of the lift and I got sick despite having a patch on. He absolutely puts his foot down with the B&M clamshell restraint. No way will he go with the "whole side open" as he puts it, lol.


    My hubby hasn't ridden a roller coaster ever I don't believe. Raven was 1st one i ever rode.

    Those Orion and Diamondback restraints freak me out too much to ride them. I know I'm safe but just can't do those.

  3. Oh, gotcha, so he actually has not been on one yet. Makes more sense that way to have that opinion. I guess you can keep him.


    I got him on Wildebeest the year it opened. He acted like he enjoyed it but he says he didn't like the "airtime" feeling. It's been awhile since I rode them but are the straps anywhere behind us or are they in front? I have gotten an all clear to ride but my right shoulder doesn't move like it used to anymore.

  4. How can you hate a water coaster? Especially at Holiday World?


    Find a new husband?


    ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


    I'd say heights. I struggled getting him on Frightful Falls. I was impressed he went up the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island but I couldn't get him to walk over to look down.

    On the other hand, I told my friends we're going next summer so they can ride them with me. Wildebeest has been my #1 ride since it opened.

  5. I had no idea where to post but the Fireball accident at the Ohio State Fair in 2017 has claimed another victim. My local news is reporting it as we speak.

    I know rides can be dangerous at a fair or amusement park but as a park visitor I have trust that the secured locks/restrains will work. I know when I was at Kings Island a few weeks ago there was a kid let on a ride that he was obviously to short to ride. I don't remember which rode but O was shocked they let him on.



  6. Well my friends and I went to Kings Island but didn't get there until 1:30-2pm. We spent the majority of our time in the waterpark since it was hot and sunny. We ended up doing both wave pools, the family raft ride, sand volleyball court and the lazy river, which we did 6 laps. One thing though, the waterslide with the whole family is a bit rough of a landing when you bounce in the air. I'll take Holiday World's version 10x over Kings Island's. The tornado waterslide we didn't ride cause I've done it quite a bit at Splashin Safari.

    Then it was to the dry park. Only coasters we got on was The Beast and Flight of Fear. The Beast at 7pm was a 5 minute wait. I rode in the middle as I can't do front row. It was rough and my friend and I got bruises on our arms. Flight of Fear said it was a 45 minute wait according to the app but felt shorter. My friends loved it but me, not so much. First time riding it but don't think i'll be riding it. We went back to the Beast to get a night ride on it but we didn't want to wait until after 10 cause we wanted to see the fireworks from the top of the Eiffel Tower, which was an incredible view! We also rode Shake, Rattle and Roll, which was fun, bumper cars, swings, scrambler. We wanted to ride Windseeker (but it got stuck at the end of the night), Drop Tower (which was stuck when we got there), Delierium (app said closed so we didn't go up that way). The app even said Banshee was closed for awhile so no idea what was going on there. We are thinking of going to Haunt so hopefully we can finish those. After the water park closed the dry park was so packed. We didn't even get a ride on Mystic Timbers cause at one point the line was in the midway and we was walking back to the water park to get stuff out of our lockers. Some security lady at the railroad tracks was rude and said we were to take it before 7. I talked to the security guy by the lockers and told him the ordeal (security told us earlier we could do this). He said oh i'm her boss, I'll talk to her.


    So pretty lit up at night!


    So high up there but oh the view!


    Best firework photo I got

  7. Will anybody be at Kings Island on Wednesday or next Sunday? Hopefully it doesn't rain again. We've only been able to go 3 times this year so far and it's kind of disappointing that every time I have a day off it tends to rain/storm. I'm needing some more rides in and a couple more waterpark visits before the season is over.

    I've stated before that I think it would be nice to have some sort of water coaster in the waterpark even though it wouldn't compare to Wildebeest and Mammoth at HW. The dry park needs a tilt a whirl at some point. Those are my favorite flat rides at a theme park.

  8. What have the lines been like for SV? I currently have a Friday thru Monday off next month and possibly thinking of going to Cedar Point for the first time. I know the park gets crazy busy and I'm pretty sure a fast lane/plus would be needed as well. I know if we end up going we're looking into staying at HB and getting the early entry as well.

    Our other option is to go back to Holiday World for that Saturday and Sunday and I know their Saturdays are beyond busy as well!

  9. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary when I was there on Saturday but then again I wasn't really trying to look. It was packed even though it was overcast. I see why they say to avoid Saturdays in July.


    If they wanna add amything, I think one of those boat rides that they used to have at Dollywood. I think it's a splash battle and it would be a great fit for the waterpark. For the dry park, I'd love to see another couple of classic rides, a gravitron or a whip.


    I know it's now for a stunt show but what ride do you wanna see there?

  10. Anybody at the park today and know why Delerium (sp?)was closed? Wes and I wemt about 6-7 hours and when we got there it was not packed. It could've been the fact that they were calling for rain but I liked no long waits for rides that I rode anyway. I got to talking to my cousin and she loves Mystic Timbers as well so next time I go she can ride with me as I don't like riding by myself. We did ride the rapids ride once and that water was so cold and I got freaking drenched but we was headed to water park afterwards so it didn't matter. Out of the flats they have I love the scrambler, windseeker and the swings. Best coasters that I personally like is Banshee, Mystic Timbers and BSC.


    They have a nice waterpark but I much prefer Splashin' Safari a million times. I do wish they would get a water coaster at least but according to my husband said it would have long waits as well.


    Food wise, I had a bacon cheeseburger from Festhaus and it wasn't good. The fries are amazing though. Best place to eat is the new bbq place though. The pulled pork is amazing.


    Don't know if we'll be back next Monday or not. If so, does anybody wanna meet up?

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