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  1. 10 minutes ago, PKIDelirium said:

    Really getting down into the 50-year-old (factoring in the time period it was built) base structure and ledgers for the Racer trackwork, total ledger-up retrack in these parts for the first time ever.



    Glad to see KI giving Racer some much needed attention.  It's still a fun ride, but it was definitely on the rough side when I rode it a few months ago.

  2. 4 hours ago, KIEnthusiast said:

    People already want Mystic Timbers retracked? What is wrong with the world?????????

    Yeah, Mystic Timbers is running just as good as the day it opened.  Maybe he was referring to the Racer or the Beast?  However, I don't consider either of those rides overly rough or unrideable.  In fact, I'm pretty sure they have both had some re-tracking done in the past few years.   

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  3. 1 hour ago, coasterbill said:

    I guess my tastes in coasters aren't that refined.... it goes 91 miles per hour and has a 300 foot drop. That's cool as sh*t. It also has tons of airtime, it's butter smooth, it hauls ass the entire time. It does exactly what you would want a giga coaster to do. thrillseeker, I feel like based on your post you're going to love the thing.

    Haha, this is pretty much my take on Orion as well.  Rode it for the first time this weekend and absolutely loved it.  The first drop is incredible, I was out of my seat the entire way down.  The wave turn is a cool element and something I don't think we've seen on a hyper/giga.  The turnaround pulls some nice Gs and the speed hill has legitimate ejector air, followed by sustained floater air on the next hill.  If I do have a criticism of the ride, it's that it does feel a little short--but that's more because it's hauling ass the entire time and I didn't want the ride to end.  With FL+, we were able to ride it six times. We did 3 rides in the morning and 3 at night, and the night rides felt even faster.  It was the first giga my kids have ridden and all of them said it was their favorite coaster ever. 


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  4. These restrictions are frankly ridiculous and will prohibit CA parks from opening for a long time.  Parks around the country have shown they can operate safely in this environment.  At this point, I think it will take a lawsuit and court intervention to get the parks open.  Meanwhile, thousands of people will continue to be out of work and the surrounding economies will continue to suffer.

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  5. 15 hours ago, Domm said:

    My friend and I have platinums from CGA and went to KI this season as well. Prior to our visit we heard somewhere that we needed to turn back on auto payments (which were suspended by the park, not us) or pay the pass off before it working to get into KI. We both did just in case and had no issues. Not sure if it would have worked without doing that. Doesn't hurt giving it a shot and if any issues come up, just login to the Knotts site at the part entry and restart the payments or pay it off.

    Excellent on getting FL. Given the Bat doesn't have it, we hit that first on the days we went this year. The water park next door at Great Wolf was a blast as well

    Thanks for the tip, I logged into my Knotts payment account and paid off my passes just in case.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Dejavu1613 said:

    Hey guys! I’ll be visiting KI this weekend with my GF. Just a couple of questions. 

    We are visiting from Southern California. We both have KBF passes. However, mines a platinum pass paid in full already. And hers is a platinum pass being paid monthly. Due to KBF not being open, her pass payments have been temporarily on hold until our park re-opens. 

    I’m assuming she’ll need to purchase daily tickets for both days this weekend? And will mine still work for entry and parking? Thanks! 
    We also got FL for Saturday booked since I was reading it was highly recommended. But not for Sunday. 

    As long as she was current on her payment plan, her KBF platinum pass should work at KI.  I am in the same situation and will be visiting KI using my KBF Platinum Pass.  I called Knotts and they told me that it was still valid for all other CF parks even though Knotts is not open.  I was able to use my Knotts pass to buy KI discount bring a friend tickets for next week and I was able to add it to the KI app, so your GF should be able use her pass for admission. 

  7. 2 hours ago, grsupercity said:

    So glad to see this site back up and running! I am doing my first trip to Kings Island and I purchased a flash pass! Every time I have planned a trip to this park it always fell through. Fingers crossed! 

    I will also be visiting KI for the first time next week and I am beyond excited.  I've already purchased my Fast Lane passes and the weather looks decent, so I'm looking forward to a great visit!

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  8. I have to agree with you, it seems odd to open a fourth gate when Ferrari Land isn't a full day park, or a even a half day park. When we visited last year, we went straight to Red Force and then did the drop towers. Nothing else in the park really caught our eye, so we headed back to PA after those two rides. We did go back later in the day for more rides on Red Force (the line was only about 20 minutes around 5pm), but there really isn't any must-dos at the park besides Red Force. It would make more sense to have LaLiga be a land within Ferrari Land, as that would really help fill out the park.

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