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  1. I can't wait- just printed the boarding passes, and we'll be at SFoT Tuesday and Wednesday. Guess I'll have to hop on Texas Chute Out to say goodbye.
  2. It's not as simple as "just putting a dark ride" in that building. Much of the old KoD building is crisscrossed with the ventilation system for the Johnny Rocket's restaurant.
  3. Heading back to Six Flags over Texas, mainly so my wife can ride New Texas Giant (which I haven't shut up about since riding last year at Texas Giant Bash). Visting Tuesday and Wednesday of the second week of August- wish us luck!
  4. While all the big (deserved) praise is going to Radiator Springs Racers, I wouldn't knock Mater's Junkyard Jamboree until you've tried it - absolutely fun flat ride, with enough cool stuff to see in the queue, and silly songs by Mater to make the wait go by ok.
  5. Thanks Erik, it was fun hanging out with you, and thanks for sharing our first ride on RSR, too.
  6. I had a blast in Cars Land, and despite the crazy crowds, I still wanna go back. Now all I need to do is figure out how to hack the "Glow with The Show" ears so they'll react to my home theater light show.
  7. So I guess now it's less "Mean", but still needs more "Streak"
  8. Very nice trip report and photos. I went there last year for Texas Giant Bash, and loved it. I'm taking my wife there in August; she's had to put up with me blabbing about the place for the past year.
  9. I had a blast last year at New Texas Giant Bash, but because of schedules, I had to go solo. I just booked a trip with my wife to visit SFoT in August.
  10. Magic Mountain will always revert to a dump as long as people like Tim Burkhart are in place- people who have a real disdain for their customers and their own employees.
  11. Magic Mountain was getting warnings from state and federal authorities when I was working there in the 90s - they had a real problem with improperly storing/disposing of paint/oil/other chemicals. This really doesn't surprise me.
  12. It was nice to see you guys, if only for a short time at Universal. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  13. ^I think they missed the part about the spinning steering wheel only happening after you drank a yard of water from the Rhine River.
  14. Lemme guess, this coaster is gonna be sponsored by Western Union?
  15. I got 3 rides in this morning, after initially waiting for the ride to shutdown and restart. Amazingly long interior queue, with a lot of great detail. The motion seemed very smooth, not jarring- but very effective. The screens are incredible, especially with how they blend with the physical sets. I've never seen the Transformers movies (I loved the animated series/toys as a kid, just don't like the look of the new ones) and it didn't matter at all. It's a spectacular ride, and really puts USH on a different level. Speaking of levels- the transition from ground floor to second floor and back is amazingly well integrated to everything else. The pacing on this ride is just about perfect imo. I'm so happy to have such a killer ride so close to home now.
  16. The ride I don't think I'm gonna be all that impressed with (despite it being put in an absolutely gorgeous looking setting), is Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventure. I'm hoping to be proven wrong. Could that be the top of your list Robb?
  17. I only want this expansion if they can get rid of Larry Kurzweil first...
  18. Has it been confirmed by the park that it's not coming back? A bunch of foamtards swore up and down that Goldie's Place was gone too, and the park did an excellent job rebuilding it.
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