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  1. **Warning** I change topics a lot in this post. Kinda just saying what's going on in my mind right now, being a KD fanboy.


    I don't get why everyone is saying that CF treats CW and Cwnds better than KD. Just because they got two coasters while KD got one doesn't really mean they are being treated better, it is probably just KD being really late on adding a new coaster. It's parks like KI and CP that are being treated really good.

    It does annoy me how KI and CP have gotten so many things lately though. They have gotten either a coaster or a coaster modification every year since 2013... I get that they have high attendance, but dang... And there are still people that think that KI or CP are not treated well enough.

    (Okay so this is the part of the post where I figured I might as well start talking about my thoughts on what's happening with KD, because why not?)

    I honestly just want KD to get something big, it doesn't even have to be a coaster. Just something big enough to show people that it is not neglected and it is a perfectly legitimate alternative to BGW. Because right now KD is going lower and lower down in peoples' lists. I'm starting to lose hope in KD... And it makes me sad to see this happening because I literally just gave up on SFA (my home park) after the horrid 2015 addition... "And for one of our most neglected parks, a ride we stole from the local fair!"

    Anyways... I'm just kinda depressed about what is happening, and I just want to see something bigger added to KD soon, just so I can know that KD isn't going to turn into a lower tier park like WOF or DP. Heck I even have friends that are planning trips in the area that are just like: "Okay, so I'll spend half the day at SFA and the other half at KD to get the creds, then spend two full days at BGW and Carowinds." and I just kinda hear that and die a little bit inside. XD

    I just really want to see KD get recognized as the great park that it is, and not some credit park that you only spend 2 hours at... And I know that this post is kinda a mess and I probably look really stupid posting this, but I just wanted to express my opinions on this. Does anyone else feel the same way? Or is it just me?

  2. I could be wrong but i believe I saw a picture of a tree that had fallen on part of Volcano.

    Oh no! Watch out for falling trees!

    Jokes aside... Now that I think about it, I actually do believe I saw something going on out by Volcano's turnaround in between launches. I'm not completely sure though. I was over by flight of fear and I saw a glimpse of something back there, but I didn't think much of it at the time. Now I wish I had further investigated it, but whatever.




    Does anyone know what's going on with Volcano? It was closed the days I went last week as well.

    I have absolutely no idea. I would guess the answer is intamin though.


    Fun fact: Even without Volcano and Hurler, KD is still a much more well rounded park than Carowinds. Sorry if I just caused an argument...


    No argument needed. It's common knowledge that Carowinds has the better lineup and is pretty much superior in every way. You're free to disagree with that though. We can't force you to correct.

    If you are trolling you are REALLY good at it! I honestly can't tell if you are or not.

  4. I really hope KD gets something good. Even if we don't get a coaster, it would be really cool to see some old flats come back to Candy Apple Grove. Maybe we could get the enterprise from Valleyfair and bring back the apple turnover. And I'm pretty sure we had a flight commander ride, and a sky roller is basically an updated version of that, so that would be awesome too!

    Anyways, I know I've said this before, but I would absolutely LOVE if they connected the Hurler area to the waterpark. It's so inconvenient to walk all the way around half the park just to get from the waterpark to hurler. Especially when it is actually a really short distance away...

    But even if they don't do that, I am hoping they will do SOMETHING with the hurler area. It really needs work and it's an embarrassment to have as part of Candy Apple Grove...

  5. I'm not saying it is a hyper. I don't actually think it will be (I wish it was but ya know...) I'm just saying that saying there would be more hype is not good reasoning as KD rarely ever hypes anything up.


    Okay to anybody saying a hyper would have created more hype before the announcement... Look at Dominator and I305. Dominator was just randomly announced and we didn't know about I305 until track started showing up.


    no way. even before track started showing up, there were lots of rumors of a large coaster being added to KD. Also a lot of land clearing, and other signs. This is NOTHING like that.

    Well. There's land clearing near I305. And there definitely are a lot of rumors. As I said before, I don't even think a hyper is coming. But I'm just saying.

  6. Be careful! Or you will be criticized for your "Ridiculous speculation"!


    Trying to interpret actual hints when the park is openly teasing something is much different than spewing random crap just because you want the park to get something and it fit properly when you tried it in Rollercoaster Tycoon. Nobody is going to go after this post. If you get called out for ridiculous speculation it's because it's ridiculous.

    Relax, it's just a joke.

  7. There's the announcement of an announcement, Aug. 20. Looking it up, Delirium was announced the same day last year. There's one every year (although this is a Saturday this time ?!?). Can't conclude anything.


    Couldn't see any activity on Hurler yesterday but was getting dark already. Noticed Hurler's first turn doesn't look big at all from Ricochet... My thoughts are that their maintenance has not been consistent with a wood coaster they're planning to keep in operation. But, there are possible other reasons for this, such as thinking halfway measures won't work, or simply priorities.


    Putting two and two (and two) together, I think Hurler is getting RMC'd for 2017. In the video the guy gave three hints:


    1. GCI will not be coming up to Kings Dominion

    2. Mentioned red (a prominent color of RMC track)

    3. Said "maybe you'll ride its replacement" when asked about Hurler.


    Now of course I could be wrong but this is my prediction.

    Be careful! Or you will be criticized for your "Ridiculous speculation"!

  8. Ugh all this talk about RMCing hurler. I know this isn't going to happen, but all I really want KD to do is tear down hurler and add in a B&M hyper that will go over to Big Wave Bay and back. Along with planting a row or two of trees next to grizzly. The hurler/ricochet area is one of the worst sections of the park! It's so BAD!!! They could restore that area and (as Coaster Studios once said) also add in another entrance to soak city. Fixing 2 of the 3 major dead ends in the park. This is just a unrealistic dream of mine, but don't you guys think it would be a really good fit for the park? It wouldn't even interfere with Old Virginia! (Oh and also add another entrance to the grizzly/Dinos alive area that goes around Windseeker and the Skyflier. Please...)

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