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  1. The s'mores making area is by the main plaza. S'mores kits and several fires.
  2. Friday Update: Joker: As mentioned, it opened about 12:15 running both trains. Purple was running empty after they opened the ride. They were exercising the restraints after each cycle. Wait time was about an hour most of the day. Dropped to about 45 minutes late in the afternoon. The ops are now only allowing enough riders on the platform to fill the train. They are assigning rows to fill the train and then hold riders at the top of the stairs. It seems you can "request" a row, and they will allow you to go to that row. This means that there are few, if any, riders left on the platform after the train departs. Eliminates the "don't touch the gates" issue they were having. Hammerhead: Open! Voodoo and V2: Still closed with no activity. Food News: Seaside Sandwiches: Open. Most items on the dining pass. JB's: Open. Most items on the dining pass. The place looked closed from the outside. Most people just walked by. Basically empty inside at 5:00. Different items from the old place. And they use steak fries. Multiple TVs and a bar. Johnny Rockets: The single meal is now included in the dining pass (previously was a $1 upcharge). Double meal is now a $1 upcharge (previously was $2).
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