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  1. Hmm. Well, there people is our BRAND NEW ROLLER COASTER! Honestly, I don't think anyone can tell if its going to be amazing or just stupid.
  2. With SFSTL just buying all that land, could there be a possibility of a hyper, either RMC, Intamin or B&M(really don't care which), that would have a station where tidal wave is now? Then they could just send it out there into the big area, kinda like Great Adventure did with Nitro. Designers would have a TON of room to work with for different ride elements and ideas. Also, regarding the whole infrastructure improvements. At the beggining of season I drove by heading to Tulsa, and the first thing I noticed was a ton of new paint, and how nice it looked. Kudos to everyone at SFSTL for t
  3. I am going to loufest today, which reminds me of how sad it is at how SFSTL doesnt have any big concerts anymore
  4. HWHFan has pointed that out many times. But yeah, for sure boss over eagle. Boss over hyper? I kinda think that a new B&M hyper would draw more, being as there is not one of those for a long bit of lang (Does Mamba Count?) Hate to say it but people like bigger, event ho its not always better. And a hyper would def be that.
  5. I know a lot of the GP won't always notice, and sometimes not care, but infrastructure improvements in the park are greatly appreciated. Especially the bit about A/C, that will make a lot of people happy. Somehow I am feeling strangely optimistic about the parks direction. And I have a feeling I am not the only one.
  6. Yeah, looking at the park it would make sense that that would happen. They are looking to expand back in that area right (and are already adding rides and sprucing up that area) so it would be logically plausible.
  7. *Day after announcement* Random User: "Well, we are for sure getting a coaster next year right! I bet on an Iron Boss." -Next Year- SFSTL: "We are exited to announce our new HH expansion!" Random User: "NOW we are FOR SURE getting a coaster next year, RIGHT?!" Etc... ^ Sums up this forumn.
  8. I feel like a HH addition/upgrade is definitely going to be in the five year plan. I wouldn't be surprised nor sad if it went: Flat-HH-Roller Coaster.
  9. Exactly. Lets be realistic here, what type of ride did you think we were gonna get after an investment like JLBFM. Also, I hope this will be able to give them some extra time this off-season and early spring to improve the park even more, spruce it up, work on its infrastructure, and get everything that they may have had problems with this year in the best running condition possible.
  10. "Los Heat" Two "Heat" related Teases. So no HH addition this year? The only rides that SF has themed to fire or heat in the past few years has been the Super Loopers... So realistically I would look to that. Feel free to correct my if there are other Fire or Heat themed Rides at SF Parks. And I mean "Themed" Lightly.
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