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  1. Perfect example of a park getting a pass on something that would have enthusiasts lined up with torches and pitchforks if it happened elsewhere
  2. This sounds interesting. By floating, do you mean you're falling as fast as the rain is? Exactly. You would see the rain falling like normal as you went up the spike but it would slow down as you began to drop back down the spike since you were traveling at similar speeds/directions. It was a cool thing to see in person.
  3. Decided to take a flyer today and visit the park despite the crappy weather. All in all, it was a fun couple of hours and I got to get my coaster fix. Everything was a station wait and odds were you wouldn't have to vacate your seat after riding. There were maybe a couple of hundred people in the entire park. X-flight, Batman, and Goliath were single train ops. Not sure if that was weather related though. I was finally able to check out Justice League and this ride thoroughly impressed me. The story is easy to follow and the effects were top notch. The game was very fun to play and I can totally see friendly shit-talking regarding your score among friends. It really reminded me of "Machine Gun shooter" games from the 90's. I'm looking forward to returning to the ride. Probably won't wait more than 45min for it, but if the wait is short, it's a must do. Another cool thing was that I got to see "Floating Rain" on the back spike of V2. Really geeked out over that. Hooray science
  4. Money talks and probably can convince some smaller parks. I really doubt you'll see any "big" parks picked up. Their goal is to create added value to existing parks' tickets/passes - I wouldn't be shocked to see them pick up and gate some medium size FECs. Water parks will be easier - I think there is a lot of water parks out there on the smaller/mid size. And not sure what problems are rampant with SF? From a business perspective they are doing extremely well and have less than half of the debt CF has. There is a reason Wall Street loves SF. Problems are that most enthusiasts put SF on a different level from CF to begin with. Anything that hoes wrong at a SF park = a horrible experience but that same thing can occur at a CF park and they'll get a pass. It's also considered garbage that SF has gone the "clone" route for new additions for 5 years now. Enthusiasts hate that. Most enthusiasts are clueless to the business workings at play though. Just ignore their opinions for the most part.
  5. That's a copy/paste thing from Six Flags. SFGAm had that about Raging Bull in their newsletter. Just changed the stats.
  6. Everyone should know what you're getting into with concessions. Think it's too much, just take a pass and get food/beverage outside the park... Outrageous prices aren't a new revelation.
  7. Honestly, it's cause when someone is "kicked out" of a park, odds are they won't be coming back for a long, long time. They will view Six Flags in a very negative light and will share that opinion with others. Six Flags doesn't want to take the PR hit... It's no different then going into a retail store and basically being able to get away with murder if you threaten to call the "Corporate Office" and lodge a complaint. Same line of thought.
  8. I'd say FP is a must. You don't have to do Platinum, but that does force you to pick Goliath or JL or Joker for first ride at opening. You'll likely have to wait an hour or so for any later in the day. https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/store/flash-pass According to the website, Goliath and JL are available on all Flash Passes... Doesn't seem right, but it's what they published. So it's an extra $30-35 for double rides basically since Joker won't be open in early May.
  9. They can be manageable, but also run the chance of being pretty heavy if it's 75*F and sunny. Spring crowds are totally weather dependent. Flash Pass should be played by ear. You'd probably want to plan on a Gold since most rides are 15-20 min waits from the merge points. Just choose the next ride as soon as your pass is cleared. Also, Joker is the only Platinum ride listed, so it's a moot point at that time. SFGAm is always a crapshoot as far as crowds go however. The days where you're looking at constant lines are happening more and more. But it is Spring and the weather can be volatile, so that can be a benefit.
  10. There are enthusiasts that hate everything, so yes, there are plenty of bad coasters, depending on who you ask...
  11. Six flags over texas is closing earlier than usual at 6pm today maybe because of the severe weather heading our way tonight and safety. Idk. I wonder why though??.. Cause it did rain alot in the morning over here where I live and area surrounding it like six flags over texas. What does any of this have to do with what the weather will be in New England a week from now? Ever heard of the "butterfly effect"
  12. It's kinda scary that there are memes that are older than the kids that post them
  13. . I believe most Batman's are original... Don't believe I've heard mention of any major refurbs being done on any. The only change to the original here at SFGAm has been the wheel covers being removed...
  14. I doubt the trims being off will stay that way. Aren't trims computer controlled, and automatically adjusted depending on the speed of the train as it approaches them? DING! DING! DING! Say the trim is set to regulate the train to 40mph. If you come into the trim at 50mph, it's going to bite "hard" and have enthusiasts bitching and moaning. If you come in at 42 mph, the trim may barely grab... Now if an enthusiast is on a train that goes through at 38 mph, the trims won't come on at all. An enthusiast will then bust his/her nut over a "ZOMG! Best ride eva!" experience they had despite the ride running noticeably slower than normal.
  15. Cool thread Kinda ironic that this thread popped up. I recently had a nostalgic conversation with a friend in regards to arcade games and how much fun they were back in the day. Put plenty of quarters into Mortal Kombat, THE SIMPSONS, X-MEN (the 6-player version), NINJA TURTLES, NBA JAM, NFL BLITZ, and countless others. DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION was the biggest black hole for me though. Feeling nostalgic and wanting to play that is what spawned the nostalgia. Gonna have to check out one of the "Barcades" up in Chicago to scratch the itch soon
  16. All could happen but a Giga.. V2 and 1 of the flumes could go. In fact 1 of the flumes should go! Yea... Enthusiasts keep saying the same stuff year after year after year, they're bound to eventually guess something right...
  17. I have a feeling that V2 isn't going anywhere... But hey, let's all dream that we'll lose V2 then drop 1 or both flumes and replace them with a Giga.
  18. Part of me wants this to hold true just to watch enthusiasts lose their shit...
  19. Already done... Giant Drop is Platinum Flash Pass only. It's stupid as hell. VR needs a 3D environment to work and a drop tower is only 2D. Also you'll have 5-10 minute dispatches for a ride that is literally 30 seconds total.
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