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  1. 65% off the "list price" is what they stated in the latest newsletter... Figure $0.25-$1.50 less per month than what they currently list at basically...
  2. Well, at least we're getting a Loop Coaster we can actually call a Loop Coaster It's not a giga, but should be a decent addition. I don't know the specifics on the differences between Premier's version and the S&S one... Do they differ in any significant way? They more or less seem to do the same three launches then send you through a secondary loop on top of the station before finishing....
  3. I am legitimately curious about the Emotional Support Armadillo now.... I want him to enjoy Steel Vengeance too!
  4. Since we are going down this route, why not use double sided lockers? Design things where the entrance and exit queues run parallel and have a wall of lockers between them with doors on both sides... You put your stuff in as you pass by just short of the station and then grab it on the way out... Also since it's a short duration and only open to people in the queue, you wouldn't need a huge number of lockers. Is there a system like this in place anywhere? Obviously this won't work everywhere since the queue locations can be quite different, but it was just a quick solution that popped into my head...
  5. The problem is that there is a physical limitation to lightning detection systems. The systems currently on the market have an upper limit of 6-7 miles under the best of conditions. The quoted "30 mile" radius goes from Racine, WI to Rosemont, IL. That is a hell of a lot of area and I can guarantee that storms pass through that area and do not effect SFGAm at all... Even going half that, the radius still covers a hell of a lot of ground and that simply can't be covered by any reliable commercial grade lightning detection system... Hell, todays weather is a perfect example of how ridiculous the quoted distances are... Look at a radar loop from this afternoon. Storms have been firing along the southern edge of the 15/30 mile radius all afternoon while Gurnee is clear. I'd bet that the park didn't close a single ride due to the cloud to cloud or cloud to ground lightning that has been present for most of the afternoon.
  6. If lightning is spotted within 30 miles of the park, most of the rides have to cease operation for atleast a half hour. It's really annoying but I guess it's still much better than other parks. *Cedar Point* Another seat recommendation - Ride Demon in the back car for a pop of airtime on the first drop Have fun! 30 miles isn't even close to the range used for lightning detection... It's significantly less than that depending on which system they use. Please don't talk out of your ass... THOR Guard, one of the most popular systems used, has a range of 15-25 square miles. This is at most about a 4-5 mile range with the park at the center... Other systems are very similar. But hey, enthusiasts know all
  7. Well yea, I would expect them to build something there... Must be a giga
  8. I'm so happy they have a second location in River North That's the original and flagship location actually.... Spend tons of time down there for soccer matches and general bar shenanigans And totally recommend either location....
  9. Dumb question regarding the the All-Day drink wristband/bottle: Does CP have Coke Freestyle machines that can be used with this or is it just fountain pop? Also can it be used at any location or is it limited? Don't see specific answers on CP's site regarding this....
  10. Yet lap belts prevented countless ejections in car accidents for 20+ years before shoulder belts became common (SPOILER: Those are way more violent than any roller coaster) I really wonder about enthusiasts sometimes
  11. It is not valid... And yes, expect things to stay quite busy... It's a case where there isn't much else open so people all end up on the coasters and it makes for a long night... Things will somewhat thin out as the event goes on, but it won't be walk-on's most likely...
  12. It's a complex issue... Wages are a big part of it. These jobs are low paying, seasonal work, so you eliminate a lot of folks with that right off the bat. Kids being involved in other stuff and not wanting to work is another part of it. Even college kids aren't filling the gap for summer work because they are taking formal internships, other volunteer type work, or something directly related to their degree to pad their resume. It's a complex issue that goes beyond theme parks. I work for a big box outdoor retailer in the Chicago area and the number of applications we see is down as a whole. And the simple answer of "Pay More" is just putting a band aid on the problem.
  13. I have a rock that keeps Tigers away... You've never seen a Tiger around my dwelling, so this rock must be great at keeping them away!
  14. For those of you that are rewards members, does CHOICE or any other hotel chain have anything going on right now? Going to Kings Island and Cedar Point at the end of July and it will be one of those 3 hotels in 3 nights kind of trips.... Looking at the Cincinnati area for Thur. July 26, Findlay, OH, Friday July 27th and then Breakers on July 28th. Just trying to milk what I can out of the 1st two nights since the 3rd night costs $TEXAS
  15. This kind of behavior being talked about isn't exclusive to coasters... If you are into Comic Books and/or Anime, you see the same type of behavior. Most people that are into the hobby are cool and socially "normal", but there are a select few that fit the extreme stereotypes (Think Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons)... Because they are swing so far against the accepted social norms most of us live by, they stand out like sore thumbs. It's that reason why I try and be quiet about my interest in the hobby. As bad as it is to use stereotypes, they become commonly accepted because they are somewhat based in truth. And I flat out don't want to be classified like that. It's a love/hate relationship I have with this hobby and it seems others share similar feelings towards it. We all want to geek out, but we also know our social limits. Again, you see this a lot with comics... People love them a ton but are very apprehensive about letting their nerd-flag fly because of the stigmas associated with such actions. And it's amazing how geeky those self-aware people can be once you get them out of their shell (full disclosure, I fit the above description )
  16. If this came up already, forgive me, but where is the FL+ merge point for Steel Vengeance? Are we in the station, well back ala Millennium, or somewhere in between?
  17. This is more than enough to get me pointed in the right direction guys and right up our alley! Thanks a bunch! Passed through the area several times driving from Chicago to Knoxville, TN, but never stopped for anything other than a few minutes at a fast food joint for food... Looking forward to checking out RhineGeist and some of these food options... Gonna be a fun 4-day jaunt between this and Cedar Point!
  18. People would bitch and moan about you stepping in front of them (despite aleady being there) when you return to the line. That's America in a nut shell
  19. So what's cool to do in the Cincinnati area? Going to drive down with a buddy from Chicago on July 26th before hitting the park on the 27th. Haven't booked a hotel yet, so wondering if staying in Cincinnati proper would be worth it? Any solid breweries or unique food options? Any retro arcades/barcades? Reds are playing the Phillies, so kinda meh on that, but it's the default option if there is nothing else...
  20. Questions regarding Breakers: Has anyone done a full day at the park on their arrival day when staying at Breakers? Website says you can pick up your park tickets starting at 8am. Any hassle picking up tickets then going in for Early Entry? Also, can we park back by the hotel on the arrival day or do we need to park up front then move the car back there after checking in? I'm assuming they have a normal 3-4pm check-in time, but I can't find it on the webpage. Basically trying to decide on how to attack a Kings Island/Cedar Point two day binge on Fri/Sat July 27/28. Gameplan is Kings Island Friday, CP Saturday. Probably looking at a hotel around Findlay, OH on Friday night. That should put us in the room by 1am for a quick nap before heading to CP. Breakers is steep ($250+/night) so thinking just Saturday there. That would get us Early Entry and just a short walk home after a late night (Midnight close on this date). Thinking this is worth the price for Saturday, but not worth the $150+ extra vs a hotel elsewhere for Friday. Also think we would benefit by crashing earlier on Friday night than gaining another hour in the room Saturday AM. Cost also comes into play since this needs to be on a Saturday so FL+ is non-negotiable. Any input from those that have done the double?
  21. I think we're forgetting to add Hookers and Blow to the equation... Hookers and Blow make everything better....
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