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  1. Hey now, let the people that aspire to be Comic Book Guy go about their business in peace
  2. I feel this is a trend among enthusiasts as well. While Six Flags is farrrrr from perfect when it comes to operations, enthusiasts definitely exaggerate a bit when it comes to critiquing the chain. Agreed. It's to the point where you almost have to ask people why they subject themselves to such horrors if they truly are as bad as they are made out to be. Not giving a free pass here, as you can probably objectively say operations are in the 6 to 8 out of 10 range. But enthusiasts make it seem like it's a 2 or 3 Trend seems to be especially noteworthy for this park. A local SFGAm message board is always bitching about any little nitpick
  3. Since people brought up the $15 meals from a "normal" concession stand, how is the pricing at Dave's? I assume there is some markup, but it's not a $30+ meal, is it?
  4. The CP marina isn't a marina that caters to fishermen... Also it's explicitly stated in the Marina rules that fishing isn't allowed in the Marina... Best bet would to be to stop ahead of time. There are many access points around Sandusky to fish but it's not welcomed on the Marina property itself. Can't recall if fishing is explicitly prohibited on the beaches or not, but I'd lean towards not...
  5. With how Six Flags runs their system, Platinum may NOT be worth it in SOME cases, but your milage may vary... Considerations: - SF's setup usually allows you 10-30 minutes between the time where you reach the FP merge point and they clear your current ride, and when you walkup to your next ride. With Platinum, your wait is usually under 5 minutes, so it's constantly buzzing saying your next ride is ready while you're on the current ride. IMO, it's kind of annoying. Since you have a built in "wait" until you get to your next ride, why pay to eliminate that? Many times, Gold's wait time lines up with this. With a $25-40 difference between Gold and Platinum, I've considered it a waste at times in the past. - Platinum will grant you access to new and/or massively slow rides. This is based on what's offered (not sure for SFGAdv off hand). Again, base the extra $$$ on your perceptions of these attractions.
  6. Are we at a point to where many rides built in the 90s or later aren't reaching "iconic" status like their predecessors would have achieved? I'm sure that is a driving factor in how a park formulates a ride's "value" (Does it bring people through the gate?). We have more variation in coaster types now than ever before, so unless you have a "1st" or a "record breaker" that stands out, why would you want to invest in a ride as the upkeep bill increases?
  7. There was a lot of discussion on that back in the Schlitterbahn thread here on TPR....
  8. But he can't claim the "1st train of the day on _______" credit that he needs to climb to the next level of the Enthusiast bragging chain!
  9. Yay! Now here comes the endless speculation on when opening day will be!
  10. Look back in this thread. This question has been answered a ton... Basics include waiting on Raptor and Gate Keeper until later in the day. Use Early Entry for Steel Vengeance, Maverick and Millennium Force. TTD is inconsistent in running so get on it ASAP if it's running.
  11. Maybe you get a break for the 1st hour or so of operations, but most parks need some outside factor to be in your favor (weather or random, dumb luck). It can happen, yes, but I wouldn't bet the farm on this in general. At SFGAm, I wouldn't put more than $20 on that bet. If you are coming to this park, you will most likely have lines.... No way around it.
  12. The Vegas Cirque shows all have extremely high production costs. They wouldn't see a return on investment for at least 5 years, since the theaters are all custom built to the show. Hence why Broadway shows and residencies are easier...they're just touring acts easy to move in and out. Ah, ok... I didn't realize that there was a custom made venue commitment for some these shows. I was just thinking the musical acts would only be slightly more elaborate than a high end touring act.
  13. For that type of show, can't they rotate the act out every 3-5 years? That should cover both ends: You cater to the vacationer to Vegas that wants to go "All Out", but still can rotate the act to not become stale. I got to think that the "All out" type of visitor isn't the same guy thats in town 3-5 times/year....
  14. I've looked into Vegas a couple of times in the past couple of years, but each time it came down to the actual cost being significantly higher than expected cost. As mentioned, resort fees play a large role here. The first time I was shocked to be looking at a "$49/night" room and seeing that it would be $100+/night after all was said and done. And this was already in places I wouldn't call "luxurious". Add in that flights from Chicago never really seemed to drop compared to other cities out West, and I faced sticker shock. As others have commented on, my total cost ended up about double the number I had going in. That's a tough pill to swallow when I have to save up and "play the game" to make a trip of this nature feasible for me. Also, Vegas is a tourist trap where you have to "play the game" your entire time there. It seems like you should never pay list price for ANYTHING. But if you have to do a bunch of legwork to get the affordable price, it becomes a cost/benefit analysis that isn't favorable... I don't mind spending my hard earned cash on a getaway. This was all about the aftertaste that was left by how the cash was being spent. Ultimately I've passed each time I've had the option to go to Vegas.
  15. Being a weekend, you might want to consider getting a Flash Pass. Since you're Diamond, use the free FP upgrade. Most rides will be 10-20 minutes after the FP merge point, so a good chunk, if not all, of your "wait" will be done while riding. As always, weather is a variable. Make the call at the park. Food at this park is horrible. Plan on eating outside the park. It's obviously cheaper, and in many cases, actually quicker. There are your common chains within a mile or so on Grand Ave. Tim O'Toole's pub is a local place just west of the park that I'd recommend if you don't want chain fare. American Eagle has no FP line, so plan on doing that somewhat early. If you head back to that neck of the woods to start the day, you stand a decent chance of being able to marathon that and X-Flight. Goliath and Raging Bull are the two main destinations for the rope drop crowd.
  16. This thread is why you don't ask the internets to name things
  17. but it's the other kids that are wrong.... Not our special snowflake
  18. Whizzer is still alive and kickin' at SFGAm.... Great ride for kids/mild thrill seekers! The bobsled coaster you are thinking of there was Rolling Thunder and that was pulled out in the mid-90s.
  19. 2nd the suggestion on waiting on Fast Lane... It takes 5-10 minutes at most to walk up and buy a FL+. Start your day and make a judgment by 1p or so. If lines aren't >20-30 min (or whatever your threshold is) by that point odds are they won't be for the remainder of the day. This early in the year, there is no incentive to plunk down cash ahead of time. (This is assuming there is NOT a price break for advance purchase)
  20. What's the precedent for rides being SBNO for an extended period of time, then reopening? Not saying a reopening can't happen... Just if it's starting to walk like a duck and quack like a duck....
  21. I don't do any mobile ordering, so bear with the noobie question: Is it more of a demand gage instead of dealing with specific orders? Like realizing we'll have 70 orders over the next 30 minutes instead of just 20...
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