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  1. Do you honestly think that you will be skipping every other year on a SF pass?


    Cause that is what you are paying.   Even if you run a month or two extra before cancelling, you are only $50 or less over the yearly membership cost instead of double.  Over 5 years, you are paying an extra $500-1000.   That's an entire theme park vacation in many cases.

    It's your money, you can spend how you want.   But this is NOT solid financial advice for anyone who actually has to watch their income/spending, and can't just throw money away without thinking...

  2. 11 hours ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

    Has anyone ever Uber'd to Cedar Point from Cleveland airport (and back)? Is there a better/cheaper shuttle service that exists?

    Thinking about finally taking a solo trip to the park over a weekend in late August, I haven't been in 4 years. I plan on staying on-site at Breakers. Just wondering the best way to get to the park and back from the airport. Unless any rental car places will rent a car to a 22-year old for a decent price?

    The issue is going to be finding a ride back to Cleveland.   Sandusky isn't that big and the pool for Uber/Lift is fairly small.  Finding a driver who wants to do the 2.5 hour round trip could be difficult, especially if you need to travel at an off time.

  3. The weekend of Sept. 25 should be the first weekend of Freight Fest assuming that we are back on the "traditional" schedule.

    Fright Fest is just a single admission for the day, open to close.

    All major rides should normally operate except for water rides.

    Flash Pass would need to be either Gold or Platinum.  FF is the one time where having a Platinum can be a bit more efficient than a Gold.  You also will have Maxx Force on Platinum.

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  4. 54 minutes ago, Mike240SX said:

    Have you been to a park this year, 2021?  If no, then all of your experiences are invalid for this conversation.  It doesn't matter what day of the week it is...unless the weather is absolute shit, parks are packed.

    SFGAm and yes, it held true.  Because of the slow ops you were 20-40 minutes till you were exiting and yes, you were able to just walk right to your next ride and get through.

  5. Fair enough.   My reference is Great America, Great Adventure, and New England.  Platinum was absolutely a waste of money (save for PLATINUM ONLY rides) because of what I described.   We gained zero extra time on our days using the pass.


    I will admit that I am crowd savvy however and actively avoid obvious busy days (Holidays, Saturdays, etc).

  6. 2 hours ago, bert425 said:

    just want to point out that this is not necessarily true, and can really bite one in the ass.


    yes, you're in the Flash Pass line with Gold and Bronze members, even if you're Platinum - since it buzzes to go to the line once the time is up (be it 10 minutes for Platinum, 30 minutes for Gold, or 50 minutes for Bronze).

    *but*. . you can't book your next ride until the FP entrance operator scans you in. (and in MANY cases, that's at the station entrance - not at the Flash Pass entrance. . so yeah, you might be waiting in that flash pass entrance line, but they won't scan you in until you get to the operator at the entrance).

    so the moment you're scanned, and in the station, if you're Platinum, you can likely book your next ride - and head directly there after your current ride is done.

    HOWEVER - if you're Gold (or Bronze) and it's a busy day?  odds are that once they scan you in the station, you can book your next ride, but can't head there to get in the line until 30-50 minutes later (Condor and I had Gold level at a super busy day at SFFT last Nov - it's a year round park - and once we booked Iron Rattler?  we had a 55 minute wait before we could go to the FP line).   

    so yeah, it can really bite you and eat up a ton of time if you don't splurge and go for Platinum.

    - i can see some "not following the rules" and getting in the line before their time has pinged (which is really breaking the rules, as that's not following the intention of buying FlashPass). . .  but I also have seen that happen and the operator makes them leave the line, if they notice them letting others go in front of them to wait for their times.

    The TX parks must be different then.   Almost none of the rides that I have come across put you directly in the station and outside in less than 15 minutes.   Also I've never had it to where the person scanning/clearing your flash pass isn't well outside the station.    


    Unless you are stuck going on July 3rd or a Fright Fest Saturday, I have NEVER seen a gold wait time over 40 minutes.  That certainly ISN'T the norm by far.   Like I said, 90% of the time your next ride is ready by the time you are walking out the exit turnstile and another 7% of the time your ride is ready by the time you lazily walk to the next location.   If it's stupid busy, then yea, take a break.   But that is by far the minority exception to the FP use pattern that most of us will experience.

  7. Also point of note for those new to the system used by Six Flags:

    Realize that "Platinum" level is basically buying you access to an additional ride or two and not necessarily saving you time, per se, despite what the marketing material may say.

    In many cases after you go through the FP entrance, it will take you 15-30 minutes to complete your ride and reach the exit.  If you have "Platinum" FP, your next ride selection will start buzzing shortly after you select it.  With Gold, you may have to wait 20 minutes before the FP is buzzing saying it's ready.   Well, since it takes 20 minutes to complete your current ride, and another 10 minutes to walk to the next ride, both the "gold" and "platinum" FP people will have the exact same wait in reality.

  8. At $20/hour, you are probably looking at $1100-1300 for 80 hours per paycheck since there are no benefits taken out.    It's not bad.   But at the same time, turnover will still happen.   People won't want to be talked down to.   People will be sick of dealing with other people. It's also a job that has "full time" pay for only 3 months.  The other 4-5 months of employment are significantly less than that.

    It's a band-aid on a knife wound.

  9. On 2/16/2021 at 7:08 PM, DBru said:


    Six Flags Great America has 15 coasters, mostly clones, with a similar amount of standouts. And as fun as Raging Bull and Goliath are, they’re generally considered among the weakest of their types. At least they ended up keeping Whizzer!


    Mostly clones?


    V2, Joker, and Superman, sure.   But everything else is unique.   Batman is the ORIGINAL B&M Invert, so sure, that coaster is in 10 other parks, but this was the start of that.   That alone has to be worth something.

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  10. Did anyone else get a SF Membership email offering to pause their membership until "the park re-opens in the spring"? Not sure if it's a blanket email for all the closed parks (which I know are mostly seasonal) or a true indication that SFMM will be closed for several months more.



    I posted about it in the SF Corporate thread... It was company wide as I am a member at SFGAm...

  11. What exactly is a "Golden Friend Ticket"?


    That along with two additional skip the line passes are the incentive for me to keep paying into my Diamond Elite membership that has been unused since Dec. 2019.


    As I stated in this thread earlier, I kept paying during 2020 as I viewed it as an advanced payment for 2021.... At this point I really don't see the benefit for me to pay an additional $100 to keep my membership active until March 2021.


    As is, I am already getting 2021 free since SF owes me March-Sept. + 3 months "free" at the end of my membership.

  12. Well, here we are in Aug. and I've been paying into my Diamond Elite membership for a full season now without any use. I think it's time to pull the plug since I can essentially get 2021 for free now since SF has said that I will be comped for any months that I paid in, but was not able to use my pass at my home park (SFGAm)...


    This really kind of sucks and I really hope that they will stand by their offer, given that the overall picture looks bleak heading into 2021, 2022 and beyond.... I'm curious how many people they were able to convince to keep paying in....

  13. Easy enough to say to worry about the money later if you’re not the one who is now unemployed, two months of rent now past due, your industry is completely defunct and there is no end in sight. Seems like the attitude of “the economy can wait” is pretty prevalent among those who are cozy working at home and having all of their meals and groceries delivered. Then they can sit back and shame the less fortunate and unemployed for wanting things to go back to normal, because after all, LIVES ARE AT STAKE. Not that those who would like to just wait things out are completely in the wrong, but you have to see it from the side of those whose livelihoods have been completely put on hold because of this.


    Many of the jobs that are still working are jobs that most people wouldn't have given a glance at six months ago if they were offered the job. It's not as cut and dry as people want to make it seem.


    I agree except disagree strongly, and am a bit miffed at, the part about finances. I've seen your posts and I'm not sure you can conceive of how little some of us live on. Not every decision is perfectly prudent but they are hard decisions. Myself, I see that I'm getting older and, in a sense, can't afford to wait forever to do things I want to do. Currently I'm glad I splurged as much as I did last year and maybe should have gone further in hindsight.


    Season's passes are one of the best values out there, but have a high upfront cost. This is a barrier for families and anyone looking at going to parks as a substitute for other forms of entertainment. In addition, membership plans have other advantages, such as the 13-month pass.


    I don't think you can conceive how much most of the populace still has. Unemployment in the US is hovering around 13%, which yes sucks, but that still means there's 87% of the working population that is still working. Many industries haven't felt any hurt from this (and may actually be benefiting financially) and most major corporations are keeping their employees on the payroll. Yes, entertainment, food sector, and small business employees are hurting, but many, many are not. Let's not also discount the fact that people that are working (or otherwise being paid) are basically forced to have zero entertainment spending right now, and thus will have a large cache saved up when things are open again.


    I also think you're grossly overestimating the paranoia level of most "normal" people. Once this situation, which thus far isn't much worse than H1N1 was back in 2009 (60.8m infected, 13k dead compared to 466k infected, 16k dead so far for COVID-19), is under control and business start opening back up, I imagine you'll find most people eager to get back to their routine...going to bars, movies, and amusement parks. That is, if businesses return to normal at some point over the summer.


    If in fact this turns into a protracted thing, with this "stay-at-home" nonsense and all "non-essential" business closed for a year or more, then of course all bets are off. However, I don't see that happening...I predict that a certain "risk level" will have to be assumed and then life will return to normal, without any such special "social distancing," "virtual queue for everything," or everyone-wearing-a mask, in place.


    Here's the major problem with your assessment:


    Those are total numbers for H1N1. COVID numbers are still growing and will continue to do so for at least a month if not longer.


    This is not a situation that will fix itself by June 1. As it stands, we aren't that far away from Fall events starting to come into question (NFL/NCAA Football are the biggest entities with the spotlight on them). Within our hobby, we're quickly approaching a time where seasonal parks will have to ask themselves if it's worth it to even consider opening up in 2020.


    Many people seem to be quite reluctant to admit that this isn't some 6 week ordeal. We need to start playing the long game here, cause COVID isn't going away.

  15. You're probably looking at 8-10 weeks from now at a minimum. Best case scenario will be June 1. Worst case, the season is a total loss.


    Either scenario is a clusterfuck.


    How would the park (and quite frankly, any other park in the SF chain) recover from this?


    SF probably has insurance policies in place. It's not going to be pleasant, but this could be manageable. There are a number of factors that will play into this so it's hard to predict.

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