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  1. "But Mom I want it!" We're the whiny kid in the toy store, just because we have so many options around doesn't mean we don't want more. We want Valleyfair to be awesome, and we want to see them survive.
  2. I've been expecting since 2013 to see a new coaster for 2016, so I'm quite disappointing. I'm normally guilty of reckless positivity, but as a Vikings/Twins/Wild/Timberwoves/Gophers fan saying "maybe next year" is getting real old. I really hope they announce something big next year, Valleyfair is getting increasingly irrelevant in the Twin Cities market, and needs a big move as soon as possible to keep the crowds coming. I trust the men in charge, but it gets more difficult with every disappointing year that passes.
  3. A few pages back I posted my mediocre gimp job of Raptor tucked into Dinos & the former picnic area: Dang Dinos are wrecking all of the easy solutions. But recent talk has given me a radical idea- the current admin building is too small. Tear it out, and relocated it. Put in a coaster and a few flat rides, and maybe fit in a new first aid/security building. Build a new admin building with more offices, bigger locker rooms, better classrooms, better haunt staging area, and more storage. Here's a visual I drew up in Paint: It's totally insane, and will probably never ha
  4. Man I really want to see the real memo. I'm going to shoot the author ofthis article an email and see if I can get a copy of that memo. A dive machine fits all of Valleyfair's needs- compact, novel, inverting, cheap. Admittedly it'd be the second vertical drop coaster in the market (Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge has an beyond-vertical drop), but I can totally see it happening. B&M hasn't built a dive coaster in a few years, but they proved with Banshee that they can pick up old designs and make them awesome.
  5. Cedar Fair recently released their Q3 profits, and had a conference call that they allowed the media to listen into. Yesterday I found the notes from that meeting here, and although Valleyfair isn't directly mentioned, there are two points in there that interest me: "The changes made at Knott's, mainly investing in atmosphere, refurbishments and improving the guest experience has been a home run success. Cedar Fair feels there is room to replicate this type of investment patterns at other parks to achieve the same results. I can't wait to see this!" Next year the company will s
  6. For a few days at the end of the 2013 season Venom was running without the hold brake. Maintenance turned it off because for an unknown reason it caused the ride to "crash" (in the computer sense of the word) and activate the emergency brakes during the start of the next cycle. I think I'm remembering that right. Venom get's struck by lightning occasionally and it always messes things up, that"s one of the reasons why it was down so much in 2012 and 2013.
  7. Yes, they were breaking the rules, however, if a Rides Supervisor allows, they can do rerides. I don't remember the day, but on at least one extremely quiet day our Sup sat in the Ripcord hut and called the other Area 1 rides to let them know that they could do rerides. So it can happen, and is total OK within the rules, but it almost never will.
  8. Man you guys get up in arms fast. Take a chill pill. You have no right to panic about an amusement park unless you have undeniable signs that the management is making poor decisions- and having met Dave Frasier I know that the management has a plan, and is on the right track. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- we can trust Dave Frasier, and we can trust Matt Ouimet. Unfortunately poor money-first management in the past has dug them quite the hole to pull the park out of, so rebuilding around a guest-first model will take a few years. It is Dave's goal to make 2016, Valleyfair's 40th a
  9. I never worked MEA Thursday, but my theory it that they're forced to limit staff because of the number of people who are in college or work another job. Taking off time Thursday, or skipping a class to work, doesn't work for many people. They're forced to run a skeleton crew of whoever's available, and I'd imagine the best veterans are many of the ones who can't make it. If this is true I wonder how long MEA Thursday will last... it sounds like they got a decent crowd, but the staffing issues may cause them to give it up.
  10. Every time I post it gets long winded and ranty... sorry about that, I rarely get to share my opinions and get a bit excited when I get a chance. I regard Valleyfair as probably the most fun job I've had, but also the hardest. I got with a great team, took every opportunity I could to spend time with them (Lots of Perkins and Applebees), and it's the only job I've had (out of 6) where I really felt I was friends with my team. And the management was great, they were all very customer focused, and I really felt I could trust them to handle situations well and take care of the customers right
  11. I learned of the 40th from Frazier, he's definitely aware of it and wants to see something special done. If he had the money he'd see something special done, but since he doesn't, he has to wait for Cedar Fair. And CF is realizing the potential in it's smaller parks, because having 4 high profit parks is nice, but having 8 or 12 is even better.
  12. I worked as a monster one night (Didn't really enjoy it, it has it's moments, but I don't find being scared fun, consequently I don't really like scaring people. But a good scream is addicting.....) and really the only rule is "Don't Touch Guests". It really narrows down what you can do, even little things like tapping people on the shoulder are too risky. I'm sorry if this comes off ranty, just hoping to give everyone an insight into the madness that is operating an amusement park. There are probably layers of problems here. First, ride ops are almost never to blame for operational i
  13. From working Haunt last year I recommend going earlier in the day, maybe 2 or 3 in the Afternoon, if not being there at open. You can hit all of the big rides with little stress and limited lines (staffing is often low this late in the year), and be in line for whatever maze you are most excited for right when it opens. If the weather's nice the place gets super busy around 6 (second weekend in October had lines for parking extending down the highway), and the fun decreases from there. The staff is more tired, the lines are longer, but since you've ridden everything you wanted to, you don't ca
  14. The best place would be the former picnic area and antique autos area. This is the area where we were supposed to get a coaster back in '06, but now dinos blocks that area. For fun I dropped Raptor over this area, when flipped it fits like a glove: A smaller inverted, like Talon or Patriot, would fit in even better. Add a flat ride or two, new foods and games buildings, maybe a permanent haunt structure, and you've got yourself a neat new area. Access paths could come from where the Restroom is by Highroller's turnaround and somewhere in Planet Snoopy. Flooding could be a concern, but if
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