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  1. I was at the park this Saturday to get a few rides on Twisted Timbers and wow was I impressed. The park was pretty crowded so I splurged on FL+ cause I had limited time. I'll share some notes below as well as my rambling review. I didn't take any pictures because the camera on my phone SUCKS.


    Some notes:

    -TT was having some issues with the lift Saturday is seems. It slows down to a crawl at the very top and a little after 12p the blue train got stuck towards the top. I don't know if riders were on the train, but the Blue train was stuck until ~3:30p.

    -On my last ride of the day I was in the green train and when it got towards the top the lift slowed and then CLUNK. The green train stopped at the top. Operators quickly got on the mic and said "WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR POSITION REMAIN CALM." After about 10 mins maintenance arrived and restarted the lift.

    -There is a LOT of restraint checking going on. I saw dispatch times as low as 80 seconds, and as high as 4 minutes. On some rides my restraint was checked 4 times.

    -TT is still in its first month of operation, so I am hoping they get all the issues ironed out soon. Hopefully what KD has learned gets transferred to SV so it has a smoother opening.



    Overall I was able to get 7 rides on TT from 11am-5:30p with FL+, and this includes the long 3 hour breakdown with the blue train. This ride is amazing. Twisted Timbers knows how to provide my favorite thing in abundance...AIRTIME. The three large airtime hills provide great sustained ejector that feel almost as good as El Toro. The hills following the cut back stall are super fun and provide great pops of ejector and they lead into the best airtime moments on the ride. The hill right before the outward banked airtime hill gives really strong ejector and head choppers! Then you immediately get thrown into a super funky outward banked hill that serves great laterals and even more ejector. It reminded me of the outward banked top hat on lightning rod, but smaller, less banked, and more aggressive. The rest of the course has even more airtime, a fun barrel roll, the drunken double turn, and somehow more airtime. From start to finish the ride is just so fun.


    I was able to ride 5 times in the back seat, once in the front, and once in row 2. I think I prefer the front car over the back because all of the air time moments feel more sustained. The back row gives more of a whip effect on the airtime hills which is also great. I don't put too much stock into ranking coasters but Twisted Timbers easily makes it in my top tier of coasters among Skyrush, El Toro, i305, and Lightning Rod. In the LR vs TT fight I think Twisted Timbers just beats out Lightning Rod. LR has the best element between the coasters with the quad down, but TT serves up so much sustained airtime that I think it gets the edge. And in the TT vs i305 category.... who cares! Kings Dominion now has two coasters in my top 5! One is an intensity monster, and the other is an airtime machine so I cannot wait to get back.

  2. Quick question here regarding the Platinum Pass...


    As far as I know the Cedar Fair Platinum pass is the Platinum Pass. It gets you parking at every park, and early entry at every park if they offer it. When I had one in 2015 it was activated at Carowinds, but I was able to get early entry at Cedar Point. This year I activated my 2018 Platinum Pass at Carowinds just cause that's where I was going to be when the sale was going on. I 100% plan on using it for early entry at Cedar Point.


    Hope that clears things up

  3. There is some drone footage I found of Twisted Timbers testing. I am hesitant to post it though because I'm not sure it violates any forum rules. According to the poster he has an agreement worked out with the park management that he can record as long as it's not flown over the park. I tried searching the forums for some feedback on drone footage but couldn't find a ruling. Anyone know the policy on drone footage?


    From the looks of the video it's going through the course at a pretty good clip and should give some amazing air time.

  4. I'm glad that Maverick finally has a buddy in the back of the park for early entry. Maverick was always a bit of a gamble during early entry. It's the most likely to not open at 9 am. It really sucks when you run all the way to the back of the park and find it not working. Then you have to walk all the way back to MF. Hopefully SteVe is decently reliable.


    The thought of spending an hour long Early Entry bouncing back and fourth between walk-on front seat Gatekeeper and Valravn rides sounds amazingly fun because I kind of feel like nobody will be riding them.


    During my visit in 2016 on a cold May morning, Valravn, MF, and Maverick all had issues. Before the park opened I didn't see MF or Valravn cycling, so I knew it was a good day for Gatekeeper. Everyone flocked to Valravn and waited 30 mins for it to open, meanwhile I got 5 rides on Gatekeeper in 30 mins, all in the front or back seat. It's a really good way to start the morning and will be a tempting alternative to running to a likely crowded SteVe.

  5. But yeah, in the end you came out ahead by not riding it. It's a piece of sh*t.


    Put me in the very small club of people that enjoy Green Lantern. My few rides on the coaster were all really fun. I'll even be controversial and say I like Green Lantern more than Rougarou. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though, I liked GASM and Viper when they were at GADV and don't care if a coaster ~rattles~. If we wanna talk about a piece of fecal matter, it's Apocalypse at SFA.

  6. Got my HITP fix this Sunday from 2:45p - 8:30p and had an absolute blast. The temperatures were ~15 degrees colder than Saturday, which resulted in practically no lines. The park was decently crowded from 3-5:30 but really emptied out quick. The operations were stellar and we got a ton of re-rides. As the sun set we consumed a few adult fun beverages and had a blast with multiple rerides on all the coasters in the dark. The best kind of Six Flags day.


    Random Musings:


    Turns out, if you bought a 2018 season pass, they process it upon entering the gate. All they did was scan the ticket, scan my finger, and give me a card. No picture, but hey who cares, it was $72 for all six flags parks.


    Got a chance to ride the Joker 6x and found myself really enjoying the ride compared to when I first rode it. The first ride was the longest wait for a coaster of the day at maybe 3 minutes. Later in the day we got 2 rides on green without getting up, then 2 rides on purple. It's a really fun coaster when the line is short. We averaged 2-3 flips each ride. On one I got 4 flips which was awesome.


    Batman was hauling and giving me grey outs which is always fun. During the night, I'm not a fan of the lights shining in your face for the new video system. It was incredibly disorienting. So beware.


    Only issue the whole day was regarding Green Lantern. The ride went down around 6pm allegedly due to cold temperatures? They were only running one train but the ops said it had something to do with the brakes. Didn't get to ride, but not too mad about it.


    Got my first and maybe only ride on Justice League, it had a 15 min wait, and the ride was just okay. It can't compare to other shooting rides like Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios, but a good addition for gadv.


    By 8pm the skyride had a 1 minute wait, so we hopped on to get the full HITP experience. I really love the park during this time of year with all the lights. Almost makes up for no El Toro.


    Finished the day on Nitro getting a front seat ride, and then 2 rides in row 4 because they were front loading the train. Now I have the soundtrack stuck in my head.



    Joker 6x (3 green 3 purple)

    Superman 3x

    Nitro 6

    Batman 4

    Skyride 1

    Justice League 1

    Skull Mtn 1

    That indoor Mouse 1


    Cedar Fair - please run your B&M hyper models, they can do it.

  7. How beautiful would the boardwalk look with sister Von Roll sky ride on the boardwalk that could take you from Gatekeeper down to Magnum's pretzel turn around..


    Any gondola on the back half of the park would be amazing. I love seeing Cedar Point from up high, but the only opportunities are the few seconds at the top of TTD and MF.


    My dream is a detachable high speed gondola from the Wicked Twister area.... all the way to Frontier Town. It would probably cross over parts of Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, MF, TTD, and help my feet rest.

  8. I'm cracking up at this. It's the most beautiful response to those who wanted LIFT HILL FOOTAGE. Let them all Seethe!


    Probably the best lift hill video ever. There was drama, suspense, a very slow gradual build and ONLY lift hill. 10/10


    Can you elaborate a little more about how "they manually jogged the lift up via the control panel." I didn't know this was an operation mode on cable lifts and I'm curious how it's different.

  9. The timing is strange though. Given their absurd crowd levels this time of year I'm suprised the hotel will be closed for the final weekend. I'm sure if the demand was there at all that wouldn't be the case and it's pretty shocking that it wouldn't be during one of the busiest weekends of the year.


    It does seem a bit strange, but I checked the lodging options for this weekend and there is vacancy in all the hotels, so it must not be a huge issue.


    These weekends probably draw people from <2 hours away that want to drive, wait 2 hours to park, and then wait 3 hours to ride one coaster.


    I love resort development plans like this. It will be cool to see how the whole area transforms over the next few years.

  10. For a major theme park I've been to, Pandora takes the cake on this one. First... it's in Animal Kingdom which might be my favorite WDW park. The whole park is so luscious and textured. Then this amazing fantasy world shows up set into this rich structure. The area is amazing during the day, and a completely different neon world at night (especially after getting a few drinks around the park). Add in the incomparable Flight of Passage, and the area is a slam dunk.


    I'm gonna give a (dis)honorable mention to "The Golden Kingdom" at GADV during its first years. The whole area had a nice jungle feel to it, it had giant tortoises, tigers, a pretty great show, and KINGDA KA. The area connected conveniently to El Toro too. The whole area felt like a new and exciting start for GADV when it opened. Unfortunately years of being in a Six Flags park have turned it into a dead end section to access Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka. I was really surprised how run down Kingda Ka looked when I last visited, especially compared to how nice TTD looked around the same time.


    Editors note: I really like a jungle theme done well

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