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  1. my favorite coasters are




    1 mystery mine dolly wood


    2 Tennessee tornado dolly wood i love this one i will ride this one any time


    3 space mountain Disney world Florida i rode this one a few times i got sick on this one


    4 super man six flags new Orleans this one is the best due to hurricane Katrina i cant ride it no more


    5 expedition Everest animal kingdom i love this one its a bit scary due to the broken track from the yeti


    6 mountu bush gardens florida nice one i rode this one 5 times due to no line


    7 wild eagle dolly wood my favorite one its fairly new to dolly wood i have tee shirts from this ride


    8 sheikra bush gardens rode this on 6 times the first time was scary but fun




    9 thunderhead dolly wood i rode this one 10 times i had to get my parents to try this one they said nice try


    10 the zephyr six flags new Orleans i rode this one 1 time i wanted to ride it again but the line was to long and six flags is closed due to hurricane Katrina i wish this park could reopen

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