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  1. I believe you can enter the park up to 30 minutes early. Most of the rides won't be open yet, but you can be the first in line for your favorite ride in the morning. It really comes in handy when you want that primo spot at Hurricane Harbor. You won't have to fight too many people for the chair you want to camp out in.
  2. That cannon shot was awesome. I remember the feuding "Hatfields and McCoys" up in the hills shooting across the river at each other. Sometimes they'd "miss" and shoot the river which would cause a spray of water into the air. There was also a mama bear with her cub near a cave. The pic of the beaver near the tree was animated. The beaver would chew the tree and it would fall into the water.
  3. Sounds like fun! Do you know how long the event will last? If I had to guess it would be about an hour. I'd also guess about an hour. The website only says "we’re keeping select rides open AFTER the park closes". When I work tomorrow, I'll check my email for the special event ops memo, which will have the time for sure. HWFan, thanks for checking into that!
  4. Sounds like fun! Do you know how long the event will last? If I had to guess it would be about an hour. I'd also guess about an hour. The website only says "we’re keeping select rides open AFTER the park closes".
  5. This Sunday (May 3rd) is the Ortega Cinco De Mayo ERT. Does anyone know what rides the park typically has available for this event?
  6. One thing to keep in mind is that is Mother's Day weekend. Sunday is a Bring a Friend Free day but even so, should be less busy than it will be on Saturday. I think you'll be able to go without the Flash Pass.
  7. Looks like the new gondolas on the Highland Fling don't have the tail lights the old gondolas did. This should help keep the aesthetics up while keeping maintenance costs down (won't have to replace bulbs).
  8. I'll be visiting the park the third week of June (14-21). Is there a particular day during the week that will be better to visit as far as crowds/wait times? Are Tuesday's better than Monday, Wednesday or Thursday? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Was at the park on Sunday. I must say the Boss gave a much better ride than the last time I rode it. Must be the new wood along the track some places. The Hall of Justice is coming along nicely. It may have been mentioned before, but are they going to leave the side of the building (opposite of Shazam) grey with the old Scooby trees or are they going to paint over it? At first I thought leaving it wouldn't really make a difference, but it does face the train so passengers on the train will see it. Speaking of the train, a lot of props for the Radio Active Rails were still up. The Spillway sign that replaced the rocks on the Thunder River at the waterfall looked good and was a great idea. Not a big deal, but the Highland Fling was SBNO as the gondolas for the ride were sitting in the maintenance area. A new thing this year is the Shopping Pass. Last year I think they called it a VIP package. For $19.99, you get a Limited Edition T-Shirt, Hat, Drawstring bag and 20% off retail purchases. Even if you don't buy anything else, $19.99 for the hat, shirt and bag is a good deal. So, the wife took the bait and walked away with some Six Flags St Louis swag. As this is "new", there are some wrinkles to be ironed out. Specifically, it seems not all cashiers are familiar with making sure the discount is applied. The green sports bottle appears to be a hit. I didn't see too many 2015 red sports bottles and I'm guessing the ones I did see were from the end of last season when they were offered with free refills with the purchase of a dining pass.
  10. A team member at Heroes vs Villians gave me an opening date of May 24th which I thought was odd because that's a Sunday. As far as full capacity, I was at the park this past Sunday and Batman and Ninja were both running two trains. The Boss was running at least two trains. The American Thunder was down to one train. I didn't see the other American Thunder train on the transfer track, so I'm guessing it's out for maintenance or some awesome Got 2 Be hair gel advertising wrap.
  11. They work as a deterrent. Someone thinking of bringing a weapon may not be as eager to do so with the thought of getting caught.
  12. ^^ I'd have to disagree. They had a Jason vs Freddy thing back in the early days of Terror Train that was pretty cool and actually had scare factor.
  13. We rode it twice Saturday night, opening weekend. The first time had a wait of about an hour, the second time towards the end of the night, there wasn't a line at all. I think the attention to detail is much better than last year. The encampment and bubbling pond with fog off in the distance (to the left just past the SkyScreamer) was cool, the newly redone building facades, the glowing tube along the tracks, and the mutant are all noteworthy and how bout that Imagine Dragons remix? It was a bit of a let down though as far as "scare factor". We'll be there tomorrow to ride it again.
  14. ^^ I was wondering the same thing. Of course an announcement like that can only fuel the fires of speculation. Here's hoping anyway!
  15. If they market it as a new ride will it count as an additional credit? HWFan, 4am top secret testing...that's awesome! Thanks for that fun fact!
  16. ^^ Speaking of coasters in reverse, any rumors or idea when Batman Backwards will make its way to Six Flags St Louis? It's currently at Six Flags Over Texas.
  17. I kind of like the idea. It would be more appealing if the price was a little less, like $10 or $15 but one big benefit is it doesn't require a deposit on the qbot device.
  18. Went to the park on Sunday as well. This year there are more decorations and better attention to detail. They have new cornstalks, pumpkins and scarecrow creepers in the Mine Train platform and moved the alien creepers over to the SkyScreamer along with their spaceship. The deadbeats stage incorporates a boat from Scooby and also an old bumper car. Also saw parts of rehearsals in front of the Palace Theater. The dance moves looked new. The music they were rehearsing to was as well. The costumes looked different than last year except for the red and black coloring. On the way out, they had a zombie scaring kids or taking photos with them. The attention to detail on his make up was awesome. He had just bit into a blood capsule and had a nice puddle of blood in front of him which added to the creepy factor. On a different note, Mr Freeze Reverse Blast had a minor technical difficulty which scared a few people away but was resolved in about 5-7 minutes after maintenance got there. Worked out great because it allowed us to pretty much walk right on it. The dead coming to life - kind of hidden in Zombieville near Rush Street Flyer/Boomerang Victims near Log Flume in Gnawlins' Hollow I want to go to Fright Fest, but don't know if I have the guts.
  19. I believe the ride opened in 1991 so 2010 is quite a few years after its debut. I was just curious what happened to the water. Was it a mechanical issue since other rides of the same type still have water in their flumes. I'd have to say the experience is a little different. Floating versus rolling along an empty trough. Ultimately, you still get wet.
  20. Pretty sure when Tidal Wave opened, it had water in the flume. Has it been dry so long no one remembers water ever being there? It could also be that I'm confused. Aquaman Splashdown (Six Flags Over Texas), Splashwater Falls (Six Flags Over Georgia) and Whitewater Falls (Carowinds) had water in their flumes. They are all Shoot the Chute rides by Hopkins. Maybe it's a design flaw where the flumes no longer hold water after a certain length of time.
  21. Water used to go down the drop but the pump went out part way through the season. I not sure if they finished rebuilding it before the end of Tidal Wave's operations season, but it should be back next season. Thanks for the answer! Any idea about the water that used to be in the flume as you round the corner before the drop?
  22. Didn't there used to be water at the top of the lift on Tidal Wave? Where'd it go?
  23. SUCK UP!!! J/K I agree. I see him out chatting with the guests at the park getting their opinions face to face and thanking them for visiting the park as they exit at the end of the day. It is very apparent that he cares a lot about the guest experience and he does the best that he can with what he has.
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