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  1. ^ Goliath sure, but Raging Bull is not a coaster you ropedrop. Its capacity and throughput is amazing and generally won't get a longer line than 45 minutes.


    Rope drop Superman, it's guaranteed to break down at least a couple times that day and the line doesn't have very much shade and will be long. It's a GP magnet.


    He says his home park is SFOG. They have a Superman Ultimate Flight there and in my opinion, it is better than the one at Great America. It plays with the terrain better, has a tunnel, just more enjoyable to me anyway. Bull does do a pretty good job of running people through and speaking of running, SUF is typically a coaster people do run for and is toward the front of the park. That's why I would recommend Bull and Goliath since they're towards the back.

  2. With SFoG being our home park, we have decided to skip our annual trip to the two Texas SF parks and instead are traveling to this one and SFStl. This will be my first visit to SFGAm since 2001 and my friends have never been. While my memories of Raging Bull are great, I know a lot has changed and been added since then. (We are REALLY hoping Maxx will be operational by June 8th.)


    We generally do not buy Flash passes but we do have our Diamond Elite two skip-the-line passes. We are also interested in checking out the Hurricane harbor area as well. We will have TWO days - Saturday and Sunday June 8-9.


    Any pro-tips for the major rides?


    After our two days here we will be off to SFStl (my first visit to that park since 2005).


    I'm going to agree with the above post - Raging Bull and Goliath should be your go to's at rope drop. I haven't tried this yet, but I believe their water park has a special Entrance for Diamond Elite. If you can get into the water park before opening you can bypass most the other crowd as hurricane harbor's entrance inside the park is right by Bull. So a quick jaunt from the DE entrance through the water park, to the dry side...right to the glorious queue for the Bull.

  3. The reason why I started the topic about six flags selling their parks which I saw the topic is locked because I wanted to add since you guys are not aware SFOT and SFOG contracts will be expiring in 2027 and 2028. So that means both of these six flags parks will be no more correct? And either be bought by Cedar fair, parques reunidos, herschend, etc. So it would be 2 Six flags parks would be gone from the chain is all of what I’m saying correct? They would not renew the contracts on both parks that’s highly unlikely? All the theming from the dc comic characters and looney tunes characters will be gone from both parks. I’m not being silly but once the contracts are up that’s what happens right?


    Not trying to beat this dead horse, but the way the BlooLoop story is written, the parks could become WHOLLY owned by Six Flags without the mystery partners. This statement here - "At that time Six Flags will be given the option to “acquire all the interest in the respective lessor that we have not previously acquired.”" pretty much says that.

  4. I'm with Zach on this. I get what he is saying but everyone always tends to jump on the "did he just say poor people are criminals" wagon.


    Also "A park with thrill rides is gonna attract more obnoxious teenagers than Disneyland would" is only partially true because a ticket to Disneyland costs twice as much as a season pass to Six Flags does (at $50). Therefore, those teenagers aren't going to spend that money to run amok for a day within the streets of Disney. Instead, they'll spend their fifty bucks on a season pass to act stupid all year long at Six Flags.


    Anyway....did anyone notice the new version of the Six Flags app has an "order food" button on it for the 2019 season?

  5. To clarify, I did not say this guy was an automatic scumbag because he may or may not have money. However, when you invite everybody to the party, there's a higher chance of morons like this being let in with their asinine behavior. The potential for that behavior is increased commensurate with the fact that entrance to the park was cheap, therefore potential personal loss from acting irresponsibly is minimal.

  6. Actually, on the park hours it is listed as 12-5 this week and next and then switching to 11-6 weekdays the rest of the summer. Open an hour later on Saturdays. I think it is probably a staffing and past weather/attendance issue. Usually, it is not quite this hot the end of May, beginning of June and so probably not quite as crowded right off the bat as this year.


    The ridiculous part about that is the park opens at 10:30, the line for the water park forms right then. So people are standing in line for an additional hour and a half waiting for entrance to Hurricane Harbor. If you don't get in that line, you might not get into the water park.


    I think they should let Diamond and Diamond Elite members with reservations for the Diamond Member Beach head straight in once Hurricane Harbor opens. Instead of having to wait in the line. Makes no sense to have to wait if you've got a reservation. That should be accounted for in their capacity headcount.

  7. Same trains Boss has always had. The trains that were under Batman are the same Gerstlauer train that Boss uses except with the enclosed front vs. the open front.


    Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but did the same trains Boss always had not have seat belts? The trains I rode on Saturday did not have seat belts. The front was enclosed as well. Not open like the trains on AmThunder. I'm pretty sure they were running different trains.

  8. This doesn't look that much bigger than any of the other Larsen loopers.


    I thought the same thing at first but when you actually see it, it does look larger than the loops at the other parks. I tried to get a shot of the ride vehicle on the track to put it into perspective but my group was running off to catch another flight on Superman without me so the shot didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

  9. Here's my first ever Mini Trip Report -


    First noticed the Member Entrance is to the left of the flag poles. It's a dedicated group of metal detectors then opens to the ticket reader/finger scan entrances with half dividers. Whizzer was not running for opening weekend. There is a nice display ad set up near Sky Trek for this year's first Holiday in the Park event. X-Flight was running one train as was American Eagle. Goliath and Raging Bull were running as awesome as ever and using two trains. Superman Ultimate flight was up with two trains and was practically a walk on toward the end of the day Saturday. Mardi Gras Hangover actually does look quite massive. Looks like it would be worth a spin.


    The crowds weren't bad, lines for rides were manageable even with one train operations. The lines seemed to be all at the food places. Capone's kicked out stragglers that came in after 7pm on Saturday. Big Lou's has a sign pointing to Italian Beef, but I didn't see where it was or it was closed on Saturday and Sunday.


    My pics aren't the best but here's a few from the trip.


    Big Lou's


    Where's The Beef?


    Firehouse Snacks




    Still Hungover

  10. Guys idk about you but I can’t stop thinking about opening day i’m literally so excited 3 MORE DAYS!! Is anyone else gonna be there for opening day? I was planning on getting to the park at like 9 to avoid the long line to get in lol is that too early?



    I'll be there! I'm looking forward to it. I don't think I've ever been there by 9am but I have been there at 10am when they opened at 11.

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