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  1. When I visited Six Flags Over Texas there were a few incidents. First, there was this young girl, maybe 12 years old, who was blatantly cutting in line and screaming cussing at me for telling her "no you can not cut me". An employee witnessed the entire thing so I requested security. He had absolutely no back bone and simply asked the girl to not cut. I made a stink about it and after not letting it go I finally got him to make her leave the line, at which point she refused and continued to cuss. She eventually left and was screaming at me from outside the queue and the employee continued to ignore my requests and her breaking of park policies. Second, at the end of the night there was a 2 hour line for NTaG and instead of closing the line 2 hours early, or running the ride 2 hours late, instead they simply kicked everyone who wasn't in the station out after they had waited nearly 2 hours. In comparison, I will give credit to Lake Winnie, where I also experienced line cutters (a mother and her children... which is disgusting seeing that she is raising her kids to do terrible things and have no respect). I told a ride operator once she and her kids were already on the ride, and a few people backed me up. She proceeded to hold the ride and tell them to leave. The woman refused to leave so the employee called security. Even then, the woman refused to leave. I assumed they would give up and let her ride but instead they had the sheriff who was on-site make her leave, and when she refused he had her forcibly removed from the park and possibly arrested/ticketed for not cooperating (It seemed like that was what was happening). After all of this, the employee thanked me for helping the park with their commitment to their policy and apologized to me for having to experience such a thing. TAKE NOTE SFOT!!!
  2. I have had the exact same experience while visiting from Atlanta. There was steady rain all morning (not dangerous) and it passed. We arrived at the park around 4pm. The sun was out and it was very nice weather, but when we arrived at the gate they had closed for the day, and would be officially closing the rides at 4:30pm. The weather was perfectly fine but you could clearly see Phantom's Revenge running half empty. I love Kennywood but their customer service and overall operations are TERRIBLE. On another visit, the park was packed and Racer was only running 2 trains (which is basically 1 train operation since it is a racing coaster. I was slightly annoyed but what really annoyed me was the fact that they had only one employee who had to open the gates for everyone leaving, then would wait until the train was empty before walking over and opening the gate to let new riders in. He would count them all then he had to check every seat belt for both trains. He did all this VERY slowly as well. I was both annoyed by him and feeling bad for him because they easily need at least 2 people doing that job. I also hate that Kennywood schedules their fast pass of sorts so you can only do a few rides once at the EXACT time they tell you, and they still make you wait forever before telling you where you have to sit. I am also not a fan of them making up closing times or the fact that they close some rides as much as 2 hours before park closing. This caused me to miss out on The Whip and The Exterminator. Also, people smoke in lines at this park soooo much, even in indoor queues like the indoor part of the Black Widow queue. I love Kennywood, but wow they had terrible operations and no commitment to their customers.
  3. It will be much busier during the week for Spring Break than on a Sunday in March (or after Spring Break). Acrophobia is the only 3rd Gen Intamin freefall that scares me. The stand up tilting seats are terrifying and the brakes hit very late during the fall. For a split second on every ride I think they won't kick in haha.
  4. I agree! It is a great seat. I was disappointed they only did the first 2 drops with RMC topper track and never continued that project the next season. The airtime is even more noticable when you aren't being jackhammered in the train. The 3rd and 4th drop are good since they have almost all new wood, but after that it gets a bit rough. I don't like that the ride has 3 distinct sections of super smooth to average wooden coaster to OUCH. I wish they could topper track the whole course because that first quarter of the ride is excellent.
  5. This is pretty much spot on, although I might say hit DDD if you are there at opening, just to get right on it and avoid the terrible line later in the day (that is if it is open first thing in the morning). The best I have ever done is on a busy Saturday in July, GA Cyclone and Scorcher were open a half hour early, I did both of them without a line, was first on DDD, then went to Goliath and got right on thanks to the capacity, then went to Batman and Mindbender and basically got right on. After that I headed to the back and all the coasters there were still running with empty rows. I essentially did all the credits without any waiting on a day that ended up having 2 hour lines. It is true though, if you love classic woodies, head straight for GASM and chances are you can ride it without getting up for a half hour!
  6. The operating season used to start first weekend of March, but this past year they started operation on the 3rd weekend of March. March is a great time to go but only expect the last 2 weekends of March to be open. They only do Saturday and Sunday operation other than spring break (check Fulton and Cobb county school schedules), summer, and Friday's during October. The park really is a nice park, but their operations are all over the place. I go at least a dozen times a year and some visits are terrible and others are great. Usually all the rides are open though. It is the slow operations and inconsistent weather policies that can really mess with your visit. March usually isn't very busy, but spring break is terribly busy. Fast Lane is worth it though because the coaster line up is really solid. I don't think their is a bad coaster in the park. - Dare Devil Dive is worth hitting first because the line is so slow (it has a single loading platform and each train is a 6 seat car) - Georgia Cyclone has amazing ejector airtime in the back car, sit in the front of the back car. The begining is RMC topper track and there is new wood after that, but some sections with older track are a bit painful. - Ninja operates pretty well now (I know you've been on it before the SF days). It is a bit of a headbanger but nothing much and I don't understand the hate. I love it. - GASM could use some track work but it has pretty good airtime, both the very front and the front seat of the back car are worth it, both have great but different airtime. - Mindbender is simply amazing, hopefully the 2nd train will be back in operation in the spring. - Scorcher is the only good B&M stand up I've been on (and I've been on all of them except for Riddler's Revenge) - Dahlonega Mine Train is worth the ride, the transitions are rough (I wish the seats were even slightly padded, they are rock solid) but it's a classic and an interesting layout. - Superman is worth riding even if you have been on a clone, it's amazing how much more interesting the ride is with the terrain and tunnels. - Canyon Blaster is a great custom kiddie/family coaster, it's a short but surprisingly exciting ride and you get some good airtime in the back on the first drop (protect your jewels from the T bar though) Other notable rides: - Acrophobia is pretty crazy. The stand up tilting seats make it so much better than the other drop towers. I never have a problem with the comfort of the seats personally other than my legs getting a bit tingly if I put the restraint on too tight. - Monster Mansion is simply a great classic dark ride. It's quirky and well done. One of the best in the chain easily. - Thunder River is possibly the most realistic rapids ride and the rapids you hit at the end are huge. It's my favorite rapids ride. - Riverview Carousel is historic and has a beautiful setting (the hilltop, the trees, the building, the detail), worth at least walking around. - Check out the Looney Tunes Exposition store on the left side of the main street, it's actually a nice looking store inside with some pretty cool themeing. If you do the coasters in the right order first thing in the morning, you can do them all in a few hours even on the busiest day, but if you don't want to run from ride to ride at 10am, get a flash pass. Don't commit to buying one before arriving though. Many weekends before summer and excluding spring break can be managable. BesI really enjoy the food at Miners Cookhouse even though it is still standard park food (Nice indoor seating area anyways, or watch the show will eating at the pavillion outside of it). Daddy-Os has BBQ. Panda Express is also decent if you are trying to stray from standard park foods. All these places have indoor seating (Johnny Rockets and Dee Jay's Diner does too). Some helpful hints: - Georgia Cyclone and Georgia Scorcher often open before the scheduled park opening time, as they often open the gates and the front area as much as 30 minutes early (they do not always do this though). - Dare Devil Dive isn't always running first thing in the morning but if it is, go on it immediately or you will rot in line later - Avoid the long journey of the Batman line by entering the exit/gift shop, heading for the exit ramp, then take the small gate on the right to avoid walking around the Gotham City Park section of the line. - If the park isn't busy, or if rows are empty regardless, 95% of the time they allow you to reride. On GASM and Batman they have designated rows for Flash Pass that are blocked off and often empty. I've managed 10 rides in a row on both coasters when there was an hour+ line I could probably go on and on with this but I'll leave it at this for now. Hope this helps.
  7. I attended the event last night and it was great! First, I'd like to say that Dan, Pat and the entire team from the park involved in the event were so nice and very passionate. As for Rampage... WOW. I rode Rampage back in 2008 and thought it was a pretty good coaster (maybe top 10 worthy for a lot of people that don't have a ton of wooden coaster credits). Last night was a new experience. Rampage was absolutely insane! I've been on almost every wooden coaster on the east coast, Midwest, Texas, Florida and California and Rampage is very easily near if not in my top 5! Anyone who can get down to Birmingham should stop by the park, support it and experience Rampage! Hey it's only and 2.5 hour side trip from SFOG!
  8. Well, over the weekend I drove some 12 hours to Conneaut Lake Park for Pumpkin Fest and Ghost Lake! (Yes I know that is insane, I did stop at Kings Island to get my Banshee credit and make use of my Platinum Pass though as well!). Overall, I had an amazing experience at the park! I didn't arrive until 5pm on Saturday and it was PACKED. I was really disappointed to arrive so late but the operations were outstanding. They were selling unlimited ride bands for just 10 dollars. All rides were running except for the long time SBNO ones, Devil's Den (because they use it for Ghost Lake) and it appeared that the train was down. They usually only run the Tumble Bug when Blue Streak is down but both were open since it was so busy. As for Blue Streak, they added the 4th car back on the train! The ejector airtime was INSANE back there. It was also running more smooth than 6 weeks ago. I know they have done a lot of track work to the bottom of the hills and there is a lot of new wood in stock behind the lift hill. The line was huge at first and my first wait took nearly 30 minutes, but as 6pm approached the line cleared out, however the operators decided to run it an hour late just to be nice. Ghost Lake was really impressive this year, but again the crowds were huge. The line for Blue Streak at 11pm (It is the final 13th haunt in Ghost Lake) filled the entire line and ran down the midway. I am so glad they had the 4th car back on track. Overall it was just amazing to experience the park during these events with such huge crowds and quality operations. I am so glad I made the trip!
  9. I am most likely going to the park Saturday as well! Keep in mind it will be packed during the day due to Pumpkin Fest (It's so weird to see some 30,000 people at the park for one weekend when I went on a beautiful sunny summer day and only maybe 10 other people were there). How does Blue Streak usually work during Ghost Lake? I know you get to ride it once in the dark as one of the haunts but can you ride more than once? I emailed Ghost Lake and they said 1 ride is free with Ghost Lake and additional rides are $3 but I wasn't sure if they meant during the haunt or during the normal ride hours (10am to 6pm). Also, I wonder if the unlimited ride band from that day applies to riding Blue Streak during Ghost Lake. I assume it doesn't. Anyways, looking forward to visiting!
  10. Arrow figured out the perfect formula with Tennessee Tornado, which of course came at the end of Arrow. I think Arrow builds some fantastic coasters. My personal favorite may be Vortex at Kings Island. I just love their megaloopers. Magnum is also a great ride. Also, I know Ninja at SFOG is a Vekoma, but the Arrow trains from SFGAdv really helped the ride and look great on it. Ninja is an underrated coaster now in my opinion. It is a crazy and unique ride and it really doesn't headbang much anymore. I really hope it sticks around.
  11. Flash Pass works on the following rides (includes all coasters): Acrophobia, BATMAN: THE RIDE, Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, Dare Devil Dive, Dahlonega Mine Train, Dodge City Bumper Cars, Georgia Cyclone, Goliath, GOTHAM CITY Crime Wave, Mind Bender, Monster Mansion, Ninja, SkyScreamer, Splashwater Falls, SUPERMAN: ULTIMATE FLIGHT, The Georgia Scorcher, The Great American Scream Machine, and Thunder River. I have always purchased the Platinum Flash Pass because it gets you straight onto the rides and they often have a special offer with a wristband that allows you to stay in your seat for a second ride (and get assulted by the angry GP who is next in line LOL). You would probably be fine with Gold which cuts half the wait time, then regular is the same wait time (you just don't have to be in line). Flash Pass entry brings you right into the station. Most coasters have their own Flash Pass entry which brings you into the station where you pick your row (so you wait a few rides but get to sit where you want) however they will assign you a seat on the rides with Flash Pass entry through the exit (This has ruined Flash Pass and other fast lane systems for me at some parks) but SFOG isn't too bad. This only happens on Batman (they will place you in one of the last 2 rows), Mine Train (they assign you to the 2nd car) and Great American Scream Machine (they place you in the 2nd or 3rd row of the 3rd car, if Flash Pass is really busy they will hold everyone and dedicate an entire train to Flash Pass). Keep in mind the Flash Pass center gets really busy and the line gets really long if the park is packed so if you anticipate a really busy day, get there early and go straight there when the gates open to the park.
  12. Great TR! I have paid some attention to this park but didn't really know what all it offered so thanks! Vampire looks pretty awesome. So do the giant guinea pigs!!! I was not aware that Vampire had their trains replaced like that. Is the swinging just as good as before? better? worse?
  13. I rode Millennium Force in a downpour one time back in 04 or 05...... and yes it was painful but awesome. You had to cover your face to protect from the pain
  14. I visit SFOG around 12-24 times a year for the last 8 years (excessive I know...) and I usually go the most during Fright Fest because of the late hours and coaster riding in the dark! Saturdays in October are usually very busy. Luckily they are open from 10am to midnight so you will be able to do everything if you have the endurance for it I definitely suggest getting to the park about 45 minutes early so you can park and be at the front gate 30 minutes early. They often open the gates up to 30 minutes early. If you don't have a season pass, buy tickets online in advance (the ticket lines can be dreadful). If they do open the gates early, often times only the front area is open and the rest is roped off, but if you are lucky they will have Georgia Scorcher and Georgia Cyclone open. Do those if that is the case. Then wait for them to drop the ropes and go to DDD first (the capacity is terrible so this will be the only time to ride it without waiting hours). Sometimes it isn't open on time so if that is the case, good luck haha. I usually do a quick ride on Goliath after that since the line doesn't get full very fast. After that I suggest you go to Gotham City and do both Batman and Mindbender. My last few visits Mindbender only had 1 train (other train was in pieces) so that line might become unbearable later. Batman gets a long line too. After riding those 2 go to the back of the park and do Superman (another line that gets really long). Scream Machine and Ninja (which never gets a long line) are there as well. At that point if you are lucky you've covered all of the major coasters before the lines get really busy. This only works if they are providing good operations the day you are there though. Acrophobia is one of the most terrifying drop towers, so don't miss that (the line moves slowly but it is worth it for 1 ride I would say). If you have never done a Sky Screamer it is fun, but it isn't any different than the rest really. Both of the parks family coasters are solid rides so do those too. Both have surprising airtime in the back row. Cyclone will beat you up on the 2nd half but the back car has crazy ejector air Personally these are my favorite night rides: Goliath, Mindbender, and GASM. If they are really swamped the day you go and you can't do a mad run to all of the coasters in the morning, it might be worth getting a flash pass, but if you are there all day and can deal with waiting you really don't need one to enjoy all the coasters and do a few multiple times.
  15. The park is owned by a public board of trustees. The old trustees didn't do their job, and new trustees were brought in to replace them this year. They have done a better job so far but unless an outside investor steps in, there isn't much they can do other than try their best to maintain the property and operations while taking steps to avoid the tax sale of the property (Unless they come up with a million dollars they basically need to file for bankruptcy to avoid the tax sale).
  16. Thanks for the pictures! I visited Conneaut Lake Park about a month ago and had an excellent time. They have been barely hanging on for decades. At this point I don't even really blame them, and they are doing the best that they can considering the deep hole they are in. The park setting is gorgeous (even with the run down aspects), the staff is very friendly and invested in the park, they have a handful of great rides and Blue Streak is amazing especially in the front of the last car. So much airtime on those drops! I suggest everyone read into the history of the park and the problems they are facing, and support them. The park itself is great and has gem rides. I would love to see them thrive... I just hope they don't get closed down.
  17. I don't think so either, unless they used that big grassy hill with the huge old tree on it.. across from the Angus G. Wynne memorial, which would be pretty sad since that tree is probably over 100 years old and gorgeous. I just looked at the spot on Google Earth and the ride would probably fit in the spot they are on in the video, but it would be tight and that's without taking space for the queue into account. Still a possibility though...
  18. ^I'm thinking it isn't a coaster either since we already have a taller Euro-Fighter, and 70 feet is just an odd coaster height. The "straight down" statement makes me think it is an Aqualoop set or some kind of flat ride. I just really hope if this is a Hurricane Harbor expansion it has at least 3 notable additions. The last thing I want to see SFOG do is start doing small additions to the water park and nothing to the dry park. Hurricane Harbor is kind of a blessing and a curse in that regard. If it isn't for Hurricane Harbor, any guesses on what it could be? Does that location between Acrophobia and the mine train mean anything? It seems like a place without much room for new additions.
  19. Does anyone think there is a way that at some point in expanding Hurricane Harbor they would be able to make a separate entrance for it from the west parking lot? It is such a hassle to walk from the east parking lot, get through the gates, and walk the entire park to get to Hurricane Harbor. I wish they would do this at some point if Hurricane Harbor is expanded but while it isn't that far between the lot and Hurricane Harbor, all of their backstage facilities and offices are between the two.
  20. Where does it say 70 feet tall and straight down? Is it audio (I'm at work so I played the video without sound)? If that's the case, I completely agree! If it is a Hurricane Harbor addition though, I am hoping it will be more than just a set of Aqualoops. I would like to see an expansion with more than 1 think. A lazy river would be great. If the blueprints were real, they seemed like blueprints of a building structure of some kind. Maybe they were looking at blueprints of an existing structure in the park, and the circular hand motions were just referring to the area of construction. Just speculating here and probably over thinking it, but your guess is a good one!
  21. Carowinds already has a used boomerang, but then again a second one would help with capacity! Plus Carowinds could probably fit at least 3 more boomerangs in the sea of concrete beside Carolina Cobra! In all seriousness, a lot of us are being harsh about Fury 325, but in reality it will still likely be one of the best coasters out there. Amazing addition to the park.
  22. I would say if you can pull off both, they are both worth it (both are 2 of the very best Six Flags parks), but only if everyone in your family is excited about it as well and can handle long drives. Like I said before, making it a trip to a few parks would make the drive easier and you would get more bang for your buck. I know that takes more time but it would make the drives more worth it. If you live near Chicago, I'd say add Hershey Park, Dorney Park, and/or Kennywood (there are even more parks within reasonable distance on that drive but those came to mind) if you can on a Great Adventure trip. If you go to Six Flags Over Georgia, I'd suggest Kentucky Kingdom and Dollywood. If you like small classic parks, Lake Winnie is right along that drive and it's a great park with a John Allen woodie, a homemade 1927(?) boat chute right into the lake, and a rare Fly-o-Plane. Beech Bend is along that drive too and they have a great GCI woodie. Even Holiday World is only like an hour off course. Now I want to go on a road trip to SFGAm and hit all these parks
  23. I wish I was more excited about this! It's a great addition. I guess my excitement has leveled out a bit since we basically already knew what the park was getting. I wish it was an Intamin but for a B&M this looks promising and regardless of forces and airtime, the speed and length alone will make this a great ride! I just hope it is more forceful than Intimidator. The turnaround looks great and I am happy to see some room for airtime in those return hills. Is anyone else sad to see the old front gate go? I am a huge fan of their entrance and this just seems like a boring Cedar Fair entrance that has no rhyme or reason. The interaction with Fury 325 will be impressive though! While I wish it was an Intamin, I'm glad it is a giga and not another wing coaster. This will definitely be worth the 3 hour drive from Atlanta a few times next year, especially with a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass!
  24. It really depends on how much you want to go honestly. Also, take into consideration how much your wife and children want to go and if they care for long drives. Personally I have driven over 12 hours to go to many parks, but when I drive from Atlanta to Cedar Point for example, I usually make sure I hit all the parks along the drive to justify the distance and make the most of it. For Six Flags Great Adventure I would say it could be worth it, and if you have the time, stopping at Hershey Park would be a good option too if you haven't been. There is a lot to do for everyone in the family. Other great parks along that drive would be Cedar Point (which I assume you've been to if Six Flags Great America is your home park). Also, Kennywood is a great classic park. As for Great Adventure itself, the park is pretty big with a good selection of coasters. El Toro alone is worth the visit in my opinion. If you do decide to go to Great Adventure, I suggest checking out the new safari too. I checked it out a month ago and was really impressed! It is huge and the tour takes an hour, with a stop along the way that can easily turn it into a 2 hour experience. Basically halfway through they give you the option to get out and experience the animals up close. You can stay as long as you want. It was one of the longest and most realistic safari experiences I've been on at any park. Overall it is a big park with a lot to do and you could easily stay for 2 days or even 3 if you do the water park as well, but it isn't a resort park like Hershey so the experience is similar to driving 12 hours to go to Great America, just with different rides and the safari. I have made the 12 hour drive from Atlanta to Great Adventure 3 times, so for me it is worth it, but I don't know if my family would feel the same way! Six Flags Over Georgia is closer for you, and that's my home park (I go between 12 and 24 times every year) so I can hopefully give you good insight on it. Once again, for me it would be worth the drive, and the park has an excellent line up of coasters. It doesn't have the biggest coasters, but they have a lot of quality coasters. I would say Goliath is the best B&M hyper in the country, just my opinion. Mindbender is also fantastic. Scorcher is a small B&M stand up, but I think it provides a great ride compared to the rest of the stand up family. The only weak coasters in their line up are Ninja and GA Cyclone. Ninja gets a lot of hate but I think it is one of the best Arrow coasters. GA Cyclone will beat you up a bit in the 2nd half but it's still a great ride with amazing ejector airtime in the back. If you do water rides, Thunder River is a great rapids ride and it is very realistic! It looks like an actual river from many angles. Monster Plantation is now Monster Mansion and it is basically the exact same ride, they just renovated the entire course and all of the animatronics and renamed it to market it to the public. Hurricane Harbor is fun but without lines there is no reason to be there for more than an hour or 2. Without crowds SFOG is definitely a 1 day park. The crowd is decent but not the most appealing crowd. It has gotten better than it was 10 years ago. It's a good park for coasters and it is one of the nicer, more classic and authentic feeling Six Flags parks, but besides the solid coaster line up there isn't a lot to do in terms of flat rides, shows, etc. Like I said, whether or not you go on the trip really depends on your own willingness, and that of your family. Hopefully this helps though! They are definitely 2 of the best Six Flags parks. If you have any particular questions I can probably help as well.
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