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  1. 1. Skyrush 2. El Toro 3. Maverick 4. Voyage 5. Goliath (SFOG) 6. Mindbender 7. White Lightning 8. Goldstriker 9. Phoenix 10. Blue Streak (CLP) Something like that but really the order constantly changes, I am forgetting some probably, and there are 10 more or so that I am completely tempted to somehow add in by swapping out others.
  2. ^ Haha when they already have Excalibur, a far superior and unique similar ride, that would be the biggest bummer ever.
  3. I visited Six Flags St. Louis expecting it to be a smaller version of my home park (and another one of the original 3 parks), Six Flags Over Georgia. I was wrong. Six Flags St. Louis is basically a small awkward hillside version of SFOG, if SFOG had made mostly poor decisions over the last few decades. I enjoyed some areas of the park, and I actually enjoyed their coaster line up (I love weird old school coasters like Ninja and wanted to ride it more! I also enjoyed The Boss) but some areas were so ugly, the layout is awkward, the themeing is completely a mess, and the park is just smaller and more awkward than I ever would've imagined. The employees ranged from really friendly and not efficient to really rude and... not efficient. The clientele was pretty bad too. I still enjoyed the park but I am SO glad SFOG is my home park and not St. Louis. I always have slightly high expectations for other SF parks but each time I visit a new one I am reminded why SFOG is often considered the nicest park in the chain along with parks like Fiesta Texas.
  4. I would probably have to say any GIB or any Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. Batman & Robin: The Chiller was also an amazing combo. I wish we had more of this era of Premier LIM shuttles.
  5. ^Every time I see that I wonder if this expansion was originally planned without the removal of Thunder Road (which I still think was a terrible decision). I mean they are hardly using the space it occupied (so far).
  6. I agree, plus I feel like SFOG is due for their next coaster soon and Hurricane Harbor is small. It makes more sense in my mind to focus on those two options first. I'm sure they do their research but that's how I feel based on what knowledge I have and observations I have made.
  7. Axis Arena PLEASE I will riot too if they touch Monster Mansion. I am already nervous since they completely removed the MonStore (ride photos, museum and gift shop). I loved that place but it just didn't make money like Jelly Belly (I hate the GP!) I would like to see the bumper cars stay. Great classic flat ride. If they did use Axis Arena, our Gotham City, which is already by far the best in the chain, would be even more amazing!
  8. ^As long as they don't touch Monster Mansion, I am fine with that! (although I would prefer a new coaster or a Hurricane Harbor expansion)
  9. So cool to see this completed after so many years! I too want to see a video.
  10. One thing I wouldn't be against is seeing the removal of the slightly awkward Goliath clone, then utilize the space more efficiently. 3 things you could probably add all just by removing that coaster are... 1. A kids area 2. A small Hurricane Harbor 3. A B&M Hyper I feel like all 3 of those could fit into this park and it would make it complete.
  11. Which would make it perfect for a smaller cedar fair park Michigan's Adventure fans/locals rejoice! Hey that would be a much better addition than what the park is used to, and they could really use a thrilling flat ride.
  12. Thank you! She is the original artist to release the song, as well as the writer and composer. I don't know why the Whitney Houston version has drowned Dolly out so much (probably can't hear her over the screams of Whitney Houston). I absolutely love Dolly for her music as well as her image, personality, drive, and of course Dollywood! If only more artists developed theme parks with their millions!
  13. I completely agree, pretty much every classic woodie running PTCs should have the trains you find on Phoenix. The 20 second dispatch time on Phoenix is amazing and consistently met. I still can't believe the train is only stopped in the station for 20 seconds (stop, unload, loading new riders, clearing the platform, checking restraints, and dispatch). It's a sight to see.
  14. I was on a family trip years ago and we drove right past Dania Beach Hurricane and my family refused to stop for 10 minutes to let me have a quick ride. I will never forgive them for that one!
  15. I was hoping it would be something unique to help justify stopping by the park again next season, but that's still a quality addition and I'm sure the majority of the park's customers will love it!
  16. They haven't said anything on social media from what I can tell.. and it's 2:14. I am hoping for someone who was at the announcement to comment on their Facebook or something.
  17. I wish pretty much every water park that doesn't already have one would.
  18. I rode Rampage last October just after the refurbishment and it was running crazy fast and mostly smooth. I know Dan Koch owns the park and has something to do with this as well, but it really did run like the Holiday World woodies, just smoother. There was a notable pothole and a few other kinks but it added to the ride. It ran soooo much better than it did before the park closed down, so I would be completely fine with the same company doing Ghost Rider. I do hope Rampage and Ghost Rider can hold the test of time with their new track work though.
  19. When I watched a POV of Skyrush I thought to myself "That looks really boring for an Intamin, the layout is just the same thing over and over and the airtime and banking doesn't seem to be even half of what Maverick offers" ...then I rode it and was shocked. The back left wing seat still tries to break my body in half in the best way, and the airtime leaves me bruised after just one ride, and I would never complain about that! #1 steel for me!
  20. I don't know why anyone ranks Intimidator at Carowinds very highly. It drags through the entire course, and the MCBR might as well be the end of the ride. The only B&M hyper I have experienced that is consistently exciting to the very end is Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia, with Diamondback at KI coming close to being as good. Both insanely more impressive than Intrimidator.
  21. No. It has a trim near the end of the ride (though I believe for a short time it did have a trim on the drop in it's debut season). Personally I think the ride is absolutely insane and the only other coaster I've ridden with those types of out-of-control transitions is Maverick. "Controlled" and "Predictable" don't come to mind for me with I305. the trim that is currently on it (near the end of the ride) has always been there from day one and is pretty minor. there were temporary trims on the drop that were removed once the first turn was slightly redesigned. in my opinion it's the most intense coaster on the planet. it's a whole different kind of experience from almost anything else. I completely agree! I usually handle coasters really well and wish they were crazier, but EVERY TIME I ride I305 I experience a full black out on the curve and I don't regain sight or hearing until well after the giant airtime hill, at which point my mind is in shock and I experience the first few fast transitions thinking I am dying. I'm not exaggerating... It's completely a terrifying experience for me and I love it but couldn't even get myself to re-ride on my latest visit (My first visit I rode it multiple times but I just couldn't do a 2nd ride when I visited a few weeks ago). Maverick and Skyrush are completely my kind of insane though.
  22. Great pictures! Alpengeist was amazing when I visited. I loved how forceful and fast the first half was, and honestly while the MCBR does bring you to a stop, it doesn't really make the rest of the ride feel that slow to me. I think it mostly feels slower because you are no longer ripping through the course at speeds brought to you by that massive first drop. Love that first drop too. Hopefully next time you ride it you have a better experience. I find every coaster in BGWs lineup to be great except for Verbolten which I think was a huge downgrade from Big Bad Wolf, but it's overall size and theme is still impressive for a family coaster. Let me guess, the reason Loch Ness Monster was only your favorite arrow for the day was because you followed it up with Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds ...I'm going to take a pretty confident guess you are referring to Tennessee Tornado. I am a sucker for Arrow coasters so I love all of the ones from the parks you visited.
  23. I've always wondered if a park could work out a deal to have some kind of custom truck carrying track. So cool to see this actually happen, and it makes a ton of sense for a park like SeaWorld, which brings in visitors from all over the country.
  24. Both of these situations are disappointing and I am glad there were no major injuries. There could have easily been notable injuries. I really enjoyed this park a few months ago and was impressed by the overall operations and some very friendly employees. I hope this is a wake up call and they can pull themselves out.
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