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  1. Also went to media day and probably got about 10 rides in. Awesome ride. Doesn’t feel as short as I expected. I will say Wicked Cyclone is better based on my tastes in a ride, but Twisted Cyclone is amazing in its own way. I love how the intensity increases throughout the ride. That is not usually the case with RMCs. The area looks wonderful too. Also, the park was absolutely empty (Goliath ran with half empty trains all morning) and that was pleasant since I rarely get to go on a week day.
  2. Batman is one time only because of the way the flash pass entry is set up. Flash pass entry is through the ride exit which is a very confined space. Last year I believe Batman was Gold or Playinun only and even with that limitation, the exit was always a cluster. Flash pass riders have to walk against the stream of people up the narrow exit ramp, then wait at the air gate, then they are moved into another gated off area in the station, then released from there into the back two rows of the train. Those rows are closed off to normal guests but if you wait for third to last row you can easily take any open seats in the last two rows if empty.
  3. Did they mention if they were switching the trains back after they turn them around? I thought they might start using the Cyclone trains on GASM since they are newer and they have individual lap bars. They will probably have to redo the air gates to align with the Cyclone trains so I would assume the Cyclone trains will be permanent on The Great American Scream Machine. I am extremely bummed that we are losing our 3 bench PTCs and buzz bars. The buzz bars made GASM so enjoyable and those ratchet bars are so cumbersome. They really squeeze your legs together and don't allow for airtime.
  4. I'm super happy to see the helix get destroyed. It was nothing but rough and it really killed the pacing as it barely made it through the end of it. I'm super excited to see this turn as it seems like it will make this intense ride even more so than it was before. Its going to be interesting to see how the rest of the ride will be effected by this. I enjoyed the helix and hate the shortened ride length, but yes I'm sure it will make that final return stretch more exciting!
  5. It's disappointing that they are removing the entire helix and replacing it with a single curve. I hate to see coasters get shortened. Especially when so many new coasters are so short. Anyways, at least the final rough section will be fixed. That helix was deadly last summer. Fun though.
  6. I remember this! I also remember questioning my level of coaster nerd-ness because my biggest concern during the episode was seeing if I could spot the park in the background.
  7. So many insane drops out there but a local one for me was the 4th drop on Georgia Cyclone in the back car. Completely murdered your body with ejector airtime.
  8. You're welcome! If they are thunderstorms, the park is very strict and will keep the rides closed way longer than seems necessary. For normal rain, they will usually keep the rides running especially if they are one train ops. Goliath will open back up the moment rain ends. For Dare Devil Dive, Mind Bender and Batman, they may not reopen until the track dries off. SFOG is VERY inconsistent with their policies and how they administer them, so honestly it can be quite a toss up. Other general advice... ride Dare Devil Dive first if it is open at opening (it sometimes isn't). Mind Bender is sometimes on one train ops and if it is the line gets long there as well. Scream Machine is great as long as you aren't in the third row of any of the cars on the train. Batman and Superman can get very long lines. Do not miss Monster Mansion or Acrophobia. The carousel is worth at least looking at because of its beauty and history. Food lines and insanely long and slow in this park so be careful. If you have a souvenir cup, go to one of the 3 Coke Freestyle locations so you can just walk in, fill up, and walk out. Edit: Just remembered Scream Machine and Blue Hawk don't operate for Holiday in the Park which is unfortunate, but luckily just about everything else is up and running.
  9. Rides that tend to be particularly iffy with rain are Batman, Mind Bender, DDD , and Goliath if the rain is heavy enough. Also, the park is quick to put all rides on one train ops if there is a decent threat of rain in the forecast, which can cause for longer lines on days that aren't that busy but still busy enough.
  10. I would love to see Lake Winnie scoop up a ride or two from Lakemont! It's too bad they are removing basically every ride but hopefully they find good homes. I enjoyed the Chance Toboggan and don't get the hate so I hope it is saved. Plus it is a rare classic. I do recall the steel track bowing under the weight of the cars to the point that it was very concerning though.
  11. Sooo Lake Compounce let Boulder Dash get unacceptably rough before fixing it, crashed the trains, Wildcat is still down, the chairlift is permanently closed, and now no free drinks? Cool............ They had my favorite sugar free option of any fountain too.
  12. Didn't the park specifically say they were going to do this job without removing a single tree? Because I see all the trees gone along the back side of the structure...
  13. Ride length makes a big impact on a ride for me, and I feel like many other people feel the same way. I have no doubt Twisted Cyclone will be amazing, but personally, ride time is a major factor. I just don't like really short ride experiences, especially if the line to get on takes 2 hours. Twisted Cyclone will be a great ride, and the length is not going to change, but it is unfortunate to see them cut it short when it could have a really cool final lap with wacky small hops and tricky track work. That's something I really loved about Wicked Cyclone.
  14. The themes here are so interesting, classic, and classy. I absolutely love it! The park and hotel will look amazing!
  15. I was reading about this yesterday and it really bummed me out. I've always wanted to visit that park even though it isn't really a destination park at all. It's just sad when any park closes down.
  16. I feel like people exaggerate the whole B&M rattle thing so much, but I have to say I could only ride Fury a few times in a row because it was so jarring to my brain. I can ride the roughest craziest wooden coasters without issue but can't handle too much of a new B&M giga due to rattle ...go figure.
  17. This is probably reading too far into wording but the park uses the term "attraction" ...singular not plural. We will never know until it is announced or leaked but I am assuming just the RMC which is plenty good enough! Wouldn't scoff at more though. I hope the rails are teal or electric sky blue shade. Something similar to the old Cyclone handrails.
  18. ^Doesn't the park still have their scrambler in storage? Shake Rattle & Roll was one of the best scramblers I have ever been on. Forceful and I also loved the indoor setting and show that went with it. I was extremely sad when it left because it was in my opinion, one of the best attractions in the park.
  19. ^I could see them adding some kind of family attraction to Hurricane Harbor in addition to the RMC. I don't think it is particularly likely but there is no reason to say that can't happen. HH seems like it could use an expansion considering the demand it has and the fact that it is relatively small.
  20. This is a WEIRD list, and I think most would agree it isn't very accurate, even though best is subjective. That being said, 51 out of 100 ain't too shabby!
  21. Unless the park is that very profitable, which I doubt considering its close proximity to SFOG, there is no point in keeping a park like that open. If a company is profiting off of a park, they're going to invest in it and it doesn't seem like they're investing in this park much at all. This park should get a coaster before SDC or Dollywood even considers adding one. Wild Adventures almost 4 hours away from SFOG, the same drive time as it is from SFOG to Dollywood. Wild Adventures dry park doesn't get that busy outside of the family attractions, which is why they haven't been investing in thrill rides. The water park does extremely well and they have been expanding it rapidly. I think the park is just fine and there is a decent chance we could see River Battle move there. Also, whether or not the park is profitable has little correlation to how much money is invested in it. Plus, Wild Adventures has had a lot invested into the water park, quality of operations, and beautification of the property. I'm guessing those all have a better ROI for them than large thrill rides.
  22. I have an out-side the park video of this, if you're interested. Ha! I arrived to the park at 20-till closing, and was turned away at the gate at 7:42p. So mad. Instead of riding, I stood between west parking and west ticketing and watched the last hour's worth of cycles. I heard a bunch of cheering, saw some flash-photography, assumed it was the last one, and started the video. Next train was empty, done for the night. Mixed emotions with all that. That's really unfortunate! Either an hour or 30 minutes before closing they stop letting people in the park (not sure which). I have managed to go in anyways with the right excuse and enough persistence.
  23. The park offered ACE members the final ride and that is why they were being held at the end of the line just before closing, and I appreciated having a way to be on the last public train! Cyclone has always been one of my favorites since I was a small child so it was great to have the final ride. Very bittersweet. I'm embarrassed to say it made me a bit more emotional inside than I anticipated.
  24. SFOT has received many major attractions over the last few years so I don't understand the complaints. They've overall received a bit more and for the most part larger additions. I love both parks. I probably love SFOG a bit more but they are probably the best two parks in the chain. I amuse part of the reason SFOG hasn't received a coaster in so long is because they desperately needed flat rides and more family attractions. They have plenty now. Also, the park has been able to ride off the success of Goliath for a decade and it is still very highly sought after by the general public. I'm honestly surprised the park even got Dare Devil Dive considering the draw Goliath was still holding among thrill seekers.
  25. ^This is almost certainly the date they will use so that it can still align with their huge Labor Day sale which is the first push and largest discount for the coming year's season passes. I'm still so sad but the announcement will be really exciting! I can't wait to hear the name, see the logo, and hopefully see a full POV.
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