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  1. the park JUST got two brand new rides (both of them amazing), and they rethemed crazy-legs to Harley Quinn. why expect anything from them for at least a year or two? if bumper cars show up, it's a bonus. . I seriously do NOT get the bitching from some people. sheesh. Why do people think SFoT deserves better? Becuase there's over 5 million people within 50 miles, which is one of the highest numbers of any parks outside LA. Becuase DFW is a massive tourist hub and home to one of the busiest airtports in the nation. Because we were THE Six Flags, the first. We set the bar. In the past decade, we've lost as many coasters as we gained. In the past half decade, we've not gotten any coasters. NTG is great, but there's still holes. Cedar Fair is out there installing amazing new rides and SF is throwing a bunch of crap at it's parks. But, the company is turning massive profits and the shareholders are happy. That's what matters at the end of the day, not what anyone on TPR thinks. Oh and yeh, we are'nt getting bumper cars. That's the demolition permit for the old ride house.
  2. However, you can ride another clone called Batman: The Ride.
  3. Still in the loop to remain open or still in the loop of potential rides to close....
  4. El Paso metro population -830,735. Time to nearest park - Joyland- 5 1/2hours Cliffs- 4 hours SeaWorld TX- 7 3/4 hours SFoT- 9 hours
  5. WOW ! They'll get a Justice League Dark Ride like Over Texas. I bet. Wat due u guys (and gals lol) think? P.S. I love TPR and Robbbbbb Alvery lol!11
  6. has any1 seen dis...? sum1 submitted a proposal to the FAA to build a 1,200 ft observation wheel near the park. Wuld be taller than any skyscraper in US besides NY and Chitown. Wat do yall think any1 kno more? https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=230988992&row=0
  7. HEY Brahs I keep hearing 5:30 is the announcment time but anyone know what time zone that is? Can't wait to see some WICkED coasters man!
  8. whoaa man pretty big stuff right there. Some of the guys in the lines said that the whole school was gonna close man so thats a possible that RVHS is goin away! getting pumped think the park is gonna tear it up in 2015 man! P.S. it's time machine. no doubt.
  9. Almost like S&S put a zacspin in a time machine and put it forward a few years brah!
  10. Nahh wayy brah, that coaster is from RCT3. Not unless they build a clone of Steel Hawg which would be HELLA RAD.
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