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  1. ^ I think he means the video. Like what "movie" it shows.
  2. Don't complain about an rmc, just be glad it does not hurt as much as a Vekoma SLC or Zamperla Volaire or any other rough wooden coaster.
  3. Don't you think they should take a brake for a year? They just got Gatekeeper, Rougarou, soft restrains on Maverick, Valravn. The Cedar Point fanboys are like, "Valravn was ok" a month later. "Lets get another coaster for next year " Why can't Cedar Point take a break, they already have one of the best coaster collections out there. Not all there rides need to be perfect.
  4. I think that cedar point will take a year and that we will see mean streak stuff happening in 2018.
  5. It's like a rolleer coastter. With all the down time.
  6. ^Hows the launch, was it worth a launch over a chain lift?
  7. ^already answered. Your posts are really now. Please stop posting like this you are really annoying.
  8. I agree completely. PS: Is this "G Force" of "This style of realism is getting old we only like people who directly copy Robbie" fame? Yes. Are we talking about ne now?
  9. For all you coaster people hoping for a giga. Just be glad you got a coaster at all. Especially a gci. Only a few years since banshee, you are lucky you will be getting one. Many other parks would wish for a gci since they don't get a coaster every 3-5 years. So don't complain about not getting a giga. Seriously you just got banshee, now you want a giga for 2017? Just be happy with what you have. KI already has a solid coaster lineup compared to other cedar fair parks. so just don't complain.
  10. Looks 15fps. not even 30. How long for a good pov?
  11. And to further that point, Cedar Point continues and will always be the top dog in Cedar Fair's portfolio... both from a capital expenditure and income standpoint. Yes, Kings Island might have the higher attendance, but the true metric Cedar Fair bases their investments on is per cap revenue; of which Cedar Point brings in substantially more revenue per guest compared to any other park in the chain. Of Cedar Fair's 11 parks, Cedar Point alone contributes to 25% of Cedar Fair's annual earnings. cw has the higher attendance than both those parks. I think cp only brings in more profit than ki because of hotels. cw would have probably brought in more profit but the exchange rates make it lower.
  12. It just comes to the point, that the more trains you have, the more break runs you need for safety so that only one train is running the course at a time. Or the longer the break run needs to be at the end.
  13. It means that for the coasters that have many trains like ttd spend most of there time in the break run.
  14. What the hell are you talking about this time? Stacking is when all the trains on the course are stopped on the brake run.
  15. ^Which also means waiting in the break run the whole time also know as stacking.
  16. I think a giga would be more practical for 2018, or 2019. It's a very big investment. I think a gci would be a better fit.
  17. Looks like dragon fire had it's 40 millionth rider today.
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