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  1. If it is a problem with all RMC's then it must not be a huge problem because we have gone all theses years without an accident except the Texas giant.
  2. ^I would think that they have some kind of "heat resistant" coating. So the wood can stand some heat without burning.
  3. I don't think a hydrolic launch system would work on a incline.
  4. ^^Whoever thought KI would get a giga after 3 years of Banshee:
  5. ^Oh yeah, what I mean by Double Post is that I did not mean to double post it was an accident so your supposed to ignore it. Im surprised that your allowed to post here and you remember that from over a year ago.
  6. ^Because B&M will be able to invent something to make it work. Cm on rmc, should have got B&M to do your launch. Have you looked at the reliability of Thunderbird?
  7. ^Dollywood says: ....In other words, the launch broke down again. Congratulations Lightning Rod! Golden ticket award for less reliable coaster in 2016!
  8. ^^Except at Dollywood they invite you to ride the 3 great coasters instead of 15. Why don't they just remove the launch and add a chain lift instead? Pick either a coaster that breaks down a lot and is a tad bit "funner" or a coaster that is reliable.
  9. ^You would move to another country just so you could ride 1 roller coaster.
  10. ^^^^Whew! Thank god the most anticipated coaster for 2016 (The Joker) is not having all these problems. If Joker did close and never re-open, they would have bragging rights for the next 50 years.
  11. 1 hour wait is nothing on a crowded day. I guess we were lucky but lsat year we went like 10 times and never once had behemoth over 30-45 minutes and leviathan over 60 minutes. Did you go during the pan-am games?
  12. The only reason to shut all of the rides down, would be for a safety issue.
  13. Yeah, like I don't even count my credits. I go on a ride if it's fun. I don't go on head bashing rides just to earn a credit. Its like going on rides just for going on rides sake.
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