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  1. ^Whoops never mind, I won't skim posts next time.
  2. I am making a park right now. But soon I will finish it.
  3. Lighting Rod should be closed for the rest of the season, so they can improve it's reliability, I have never seen such an unstable coaster reliability.
  4. I wonder why only one train. Could be because launch needs longer cool-down.
  5. Funny how it's now HARD to go on a new coaster a month after opening. Should have gotten a B&M.
  6. Since shooting cw's incident in 2003, I think that cedar fair started adding metal detectors at the front gates.
  7. ^Looks like it will be a crowded day at the park today. Wonder if they will be doing fireworks again.
  8. How is the reliability for F/u/l/l Throttle? Not the capacity, just the reliability, because I am looking to see which manufacturer makes the most reliable launch coasters.
  9. Only 2 good coasters. Even KI and KD have a better coaster collection. That's not really fair. Vortex is right up there with Behemoth and Leviathan. Aside from that there's a huge drop off but Backlot, Fly, Thunder Run and Guardian (if that counts) are all good rides. I agree though, they do have a lot of duds. Well, even KI, KD and CP have a better coaster collection if you counted vortex. CW should be CP quality.
  10. Only 2 good coasters. Even KI and KD have a better coaster collection.
  11. Plus with cw's attendance and the removal of Skyrider, cw needs another coaster to balance out the lines.
  12. ^It's not as bad as flight deck or time warp, they should have removed those instead.
  13. What's the edit for? It meant my edit since you posted before me. Without me realizing it.
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