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  1. I get that its upsetting that TGE hasn't gotten a new coaster, but I'm honestly really glad that the park hasn't been flagged. Everything there is so unique, and they seem to take pride in their old story town history by restoring many artifacts from the past. TGE reminds me a lot of Lake Compounce and Canobie Lake Park, and that's a good thing!


    Overall, another solid addition to the park. Sure, its not the overdue coaster, but it's a good thrill ride and great for families.

  2. ^ Wow, I thought I was alone in my logic about PTC trains.


    While I've never ridden Voyage, I feel the same way with the PTC trains in Boulder Dash. So many local enthusiasts would love Millennium Flyers to be used on Boulder Dash and wonder why they weren't purchased with the new Wildcat trains.


    It would take out so much of the intensity of Boulder Dash. Feel like it would lose a huge piece of its vicious bite. I would imagine the same could be said about Voyage based on stats and videos I have seen.


    I love PTC trains, judge me

  3. I'm going to get hate for this but oh well


    I love Wicked Cyclone, it's easily the best coaster at SFNE, and I'm sure all the other RMC Hybrids are unbelievable, but it's getting kind of ridiculous how many wooden coasters are being demolished. There's a certain charm and thrill factor incorporated in a wooden coaster a steel coaster just can't duplicate. On a wooden coaster, the ride will be different each visit. A steel coaster is neutral and doesn't change with the weather. I don't know maybe it's just me.


    I understand some of the rides. Mean Streak, Rattler, New Texas Giant, etc. Those were unbearable. Cyclone was a little rough but even then all it needed was its original drop restored and new trains, not a total make over. That ride was built intense and should've stayed in it's true original form. Crowds would still eat it up today. Colossus may have had an average layout, but it was an icon and a decent ride. I was a lttle confused with that one, but understand the purpose as it was much more marketable and that had another wooden coaster in the park. Roar, however, was absolutely ridiculous. It was a GCI. No need to redo that. Plus, that park no longer has a wooden coaster.


    Just my two cents, but Wicked Cyclone IS unbelievable.

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