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  1. ^Thank you so much! I honestly have no idea about some of their rides at Cedar Point and Gemini looked pretty interesting on how they seem to race each other. If the line is super long I probably won't do it. I will have 2.5 days there and want to get everything done that I want to get done and lots of re-rides. As for Magnum, I've heard of some mixed reviews of the ride from the restraints to some roughness. But it's a giant coaster over 200 feet and I kind of want to ride it haha. Thanks for the advice!


    You probably won't have to worry about not getting on rides other than break downs, but i would probably try to get everything in on the first day and save the last 1.5 for rerides. Gemini is a pretty fun ride, I'll usually go for the back row. It's not all that rough, the bottom of the first drop is the only real spot. The line shouldn't be a problem either, it's probably the highest capacity in the park so it'll move very fast. For Magnum I'll usually ride back car, middle row or occasionally in the front. I don't find it rough at all and the airtime is definitely worth a ride. Again you shouldn't have to worry all that much about the line, it generally won't get to an hour.


    As for other rides, there aren't really rides that are un-rideable but corkscrew might give you a head ache for a little while. Everything else is worth at least a ride on and the smaller rides don't have very long lines. Check out some of the flats too. Maxair, Skyhawk and Power Tower are pretty fun.

  2. I'm really surprised by Gatekeeper still being on FL+. It's kinda useless being on their with it never getting any line. Rougarou doesn't surprise me that much, but it'll probably will not be needed in a year like Gatekeeper. Dragster and Maverick should be on FL+ IMO. If too many people ride it at once the line quickly gets to an excessive length for paying so much extra. Last time I was their Dragster's FL line was at least 2+ hours, it was overflowing past the entrance!

  3. How about everybody that has a problem with this donate your time and $$$ and go paint, lay gravel something to end this ridiculous rant. While you are at it, head on over to TC and do the same thing as that has been a parking lot coaster for 35 + years with absolutely no complaint.


    Well, Colossus had such a massive structure it was a lot less noticeable. Most of the ground was covered by the supports.

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